1. AJCConversions

    For Sale AJC Conversions SWB T6.1 Ascot Grey Camper!

    2022 "72" VW T6.1 SWB Campervan 2022 "72" VW T6.1 SWB Campervan £59,995 A brand new conversion just finished at AJC Conversions in Glossop of the highest spec. a vehicle ready for years of adventure and ready to drive away the same day! The van is based on a SWB 110PS Manual in Ascot Grey...
  2. Ploots


    Hi all I just wanted to say how happy I am with my steering wheel I've bought from @SSCUSTOMWORKS, I've been after a flat bottom steering wheel without mfsw for a while now and he popped up on the forum the other day, a couple of messages back and forth and I placed my order, it arrived the...

    For Sale Reupholstered steering wheels gear gaiters and custom badges

    Custom Steering Wheels, Gear Gaiters and Badges for T6 T5 and T5.1 Prices dependent on custom choices, stock available or made to order for specifics requirements. Many colours and combinations, discounts for full matching sets. Reupholstered steering wheels Custom stitched Gear Gaiters...
  4. AJCConversions

    AJC Conversions, Derbyshire

    Hi all, Brandon from AJC Conversions, i thought we better get involved with the T6 forum and show off some of the things we have been producing in the workshop on the quiet. We used to be very active on T4forum, forgive me if that's a swear word on here lol. All of our furniture is hand made...
  5. LomondCampers

    Lomond Campers

    Hi folks, I've just joined under my business name having been a quiet member for many years after seeing some members struggle for campervan services in my area- Central Scotland. I have a small business called Lomond Campers converting Campervans including the T6, so hopefully I can be of...
  6. Dav-Tec

    Dav-Tec -Who we are & what we do!

    Hi guys and girls, My name is Chris and I own and run Nottinghamshire-based Dav-Tec along with my wife, Tracy. We've been running around 14 months part time with a view of going full time as the business grows. I am an Electrical and Automation engineer by trade and have over 15 years...
  7. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Deals and Limited time offers.

    Hi guys n Gals. Chris at Dav-Tec here. We are now a Metatrak installer and we're running a promotion at the minute. Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser and a Metatrak S5 tracker including installation and first years subscription £700 this combo normally retails at £850. We're essentially doing...
  8. W


    Hi all, been looking at bed / storage options for the Kombi and came across these guy's. Anybody have one or experience with them, as on the face of it looks very flexible. Cheers
  9. K

    The Van Cave

    A big Thankyou to Chris for his work in replacing my suspension today, a beautiful smooth ride back to Dorset from the Yeovil area where he is based. Very professional and courteous service. I had discussed the changeout with Steve at CRS and he put me in touch with Chris at The Van Cave who is...
  10. V

    For Sale (eBay) Discount Vango Awnings

    Hello! We are My Tent or Yours based in Liverpool and this is our first post on the forum! We work with Vango reselling their sample stock awnings and have a variety of models and sizes in stock at the minute. Most of the items have been used in photo shoots so have only been put up once and...
  11. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Vans Updates!

    Hi All, Ian here form Eclipse Campers. I thought I’d start this post to provide updates to the work we do and what we see in our workshop. This is not a chronological list of works but a sample of what we do. We are based in Yeovil Somerset and have been trading over 10 years. We undertake all...
  12. revdecal

    VWT5 Upgrades

    Has anyone dealt with these before? Placed an order on the weekend but no responses to email or phone?
  13. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Campers

    Hi All, this is not a review as such but just an update for those coming to visit and existing customers. We have recently upgraded our workshop so it may look different to Google. An entire new roof and front elevations have been installed thoroughly modernising the look of our business...
  14. BognorMotors

    Team Bognor Motors #bmvs

    We took a brand new cherry red T6 150DSG and added the following, for one of our long term rental customers; Supermetal Cell Alloys Sportline Front Spoiler World of Carbon Lip H&R -40mm Springs Black sidebars Black Mirrors and badges Front red trim We’ve loved building this, we don’t get to...
  15. F

    Trade VIP/VIP??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and found it somewhat confusing to navigate through it. I'm trying to find info on the VIP Trade benefits as I'm not entirely sure what option to take. I'm currently working for a conversion company and we're branching out into new ventures in terms of buying and...
  16. BestBoy

    Suggestions for online upgrade vendors

    Hi Just purchased a basic as basic start line LWB , love it to bits - I need to fit reversing sensors , alarm system and reversing sensors , can anybody recommend where I can purchase on line , I can fit myself . Any suggestions ??
  17. M

    Sold VAN FOR SALE - Something a little different this time.

    Hi everyone. Looking for a practical 6 berth camper / day van? Weve got a super new van for sale, something a little different. Pop and have a look on our facebook page (websites being spruced up a bit at the moment so its offline) Click the link below and behold "Buzz"...
  18. Absolut5

    Thankyou for the support

    I like to thank many on here who has supported us through these tough times We shut down when the Government announced the lock down and not knowing when we could possibly re open I love my work and I am a workaholic and find it hard to be away from it. However thanks to you guys you kept me...
  19. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  20. LeightonVans

    Team Leighton Vans.

    Let's see your vans guys Hopefully this thread will helps customers of Leighton vans to chat and potential customers to ask any questions to help with their purchase or rental