torque settings

  1. S

    Vossen torque

    Any Vossen users out there have any idea on the bolt torque setting to use? 140nm just doesn't feel enough (read somewhere), just worried about over cranking em. Cheers.
  2. K

    EGR torque settings

    Hi can any one help me or point me in the right direction looking for torque settings for Egr cooler and pipes ect and rear and front brake caliper discs ect thanks
  3. B

    torque specs - crank pulley

    Can anyone confirm the torque setting for the main crankshaft pulley bolt. On a 2016 180bhp engine, cfca engine code. Was replacing the crankshaft seal while doing the timing belt. The manual I have says 180nm + 135° which is fecking tight!! Wanted to check it wasn't an error.... Also not sure...
  4. N

    Torque Settings for sliding door

    Hi I've just discovered that the top roller part on my sliding door on my T6 California Beach is loose and rattling about! Could anyone tell me what torque the two bolts holding the upper roller guide to the door should be torqued to? The bolt in question is marked with the dot in the...
  5. djg87

    Suspension bolt torque nightmare

    Hi everyone Fitting solow coilovers next week and have been gathering the required tools and getting as much info as I can but when it comes to torquing up the front pinch bolts (t32) and both the upper and lower rear damper bolts I keep coming across different figures everywhere I look. Even...
  6. F

    20” wheel nut torque

    what tourque setting do you do your wheel nuts to? my wheels are 20s
  7. Peter007

    Torque settings for aux belt tensioner and idler please :-)

    hi everyone, hope your all well :D i'm changing my aux belt, tensioner and idler as a precaution as there's a slight noise from them that i don't like... :eek: what's the book torque values please for; bolt holding tensioner to engine block? and idler pulley bolt? the other idler comes...
  8. cy294

    Torque: Seat Belt bolt - B pillar.

    In the process of replacing the cab door seal and have started to take the B pillar trim off. Any ideas what torque setting the bolt needs to go when fitting it all back? Thanks all.
  9. cy294

    Torque setting for disc to hub

    Hello all, I'm in prices of changing the discs and pads and have gone to tighten the bolt to secure the disc to the hub. In a thread on the forum it says 20nm. However my torque wrench only goes as low as 28nm. Will the extra .8nm be ok if I tighten it to 28nm?
  10. G

    Wheel bolt torque conical vs ball seat

    Fitted aftermarket wheels to my T6 and confused what torque is needed for the wheel bolts. The oem wheels and ball seat bolts were tightened to 180nm which I understand is vw spec. However the aftermarket wheels are using 60 degree tapered / conical wheel bolts which the tyre fitter suggested...
  11. Dave Lawson

    ARB bush torque settings

    Can anyone help me out with these?
  12. B

    Injector torque setting

    Gents Does anyone know the torque setting for the clamps that hold in the injectors, T28 T6 late 2015. When I bought the van the rocker cover was damaged and to change the rocker cover you have to remove the injectors. Cheers Baz
  13. Pauly

    T6.1 VW T6.1 Earth Points 05/2019

    Diagrams/Listing For All Earth Point Locations Includes earth point reference number and relative torque values VIP Membership is required to download this document Below is a sample image of part of the document Please see the linked wiring diagram for more info on equipment earthing
  14. Pauly

    T6 VW T6 Earth Points 2016

    Diagrams/Listing For All Earth Point Locations Includes earth point reference number and relative torque values Also check out the earthing concept literature which may be handy in conjunction with this document VIP...
  15. Shaun Witts

    Brake Caliper Bolt Torque Value?

    I am wanting to paint my brake calipers while they are new and clean. To do this job I will want to remove the brake pads, Caliper & hanger (not as far as disconnecting the hose though). Can anyone tell me what the correct torque settings will be upon re-assembly? Thanks.
  16. Stripy

    OEM Wheel Bolt Torque

    I changed my wheels today, fronts to the rear and rears on the front diagonally (any other people still do this) . only took me most of the day as the wheels were welded on, I'm glad I didn't have to change a wheel on the motorway!!!. I have a standard set of Devonports does anyone know what ft...
  17. sofakingwrong

    Alloy wheel stud Torque settings

    hi sorry if I’ve missed this but searched and couldn’t find it can anyone tell me the torque settings for standard Davenport wheels? Thanks
  18. TransporterTim

    Torque setting for top mounts

    hi guys just fitting my eibach springs does anyone know what the torque setting for the nut that holds the top mount in is? Thanks