1. Pedro20001

    For Sale Barn door full width threshold with screws and caps

    Hi all, I have a full width barn door threshold trim in very good condition with screws and caps. £15 which will be donated to charity (RNLI lifeboats). Collection from Either Nottingham NG58SP or Derby DE65 6DW.
  2. Stuiemc

    For Sale T6.1 Standard Parts Clear Out

    Need to free up some space in the garage whoch included a bunch of standard T6.1 parts removed when doing our conversion. Not expecting much back for anything so just make an offer. All parts have been removed from a T6.1 Highline panel van with pretty much with delivery mileage. - Top and...
  3. TeeCeeJay

    FREE Full width barn door threshold cover.

    Free to collector. A1/A14 junction area, Cambs. Full width barn door threshold cover. Ideal for work van which often come with only a short protector piece. Rough cosmetically, but would still do what it's supposed to.
  4. S

    For Sale Kombi side & rear threshold

    Having now completed our camper conversion I have most of the removed Kombi bits to sell. Removed from our 2017 T6 SWB Highline Kombi. Edit. Just the rubber floor, step and boot threshold left. Any interest? I'm open to offers. Based in Cardiff.
  5. S

    van furniture oak floor to cab finishing strip t6 kombi ideas

    Hi all, I have just come to fit my new van furniture oak floor, which looks lovely but, as it is cut from an 8 x 4 sheet ( I'm guessing ) it isn't long enough to meet the front cab floor, this leaves an annoying very unsightly gap and massive toe stubbing potential when going from front to rear...
  6. Jwardy23

    Sold Barn Door full length threshold cover

    Collection or potential drop off, just don’t have a box big enough. Bought from travelin-lite a while back, then changed for a different brand one (can’t remember) which is slightly bigger (to cover up a f**k up with my flooring:rolleyes:) Survived moving home but can’t find the screws or caps...
  7. N

    Tailgate floor trim blanking pieces T6.1

    Hi - new highline 6.1. Tiny snag. I was a bit surprised that the recesses for the bolts/screws that secure the plastic trim strip across the rear of the rubber floor aren't blanked off. They were on my beloved T5. I noticed it when I picked it up but the rep said they aren't normally blanked...
  8. G

    Sold Threshold strip - kombi OEM - £20

    As above. Taken from kombi, perfect for rubber flooring in rear. Collect from Cheadle near stockport. Got twin slide rubber mat for 50 too if interested. Cheers
  9. Skyliner33

    Caravelle threshold cover Part No.

    I am trying to order a Caravelle tailgate trim piece. However my local VW centre can only find the Kombi one. For s0me reason on his system the Kombi seems to come up for the caravelle. He says he needs a Caravelle reg number to look up the part. I cant find anywhere that seems to be selling...
  10. alangiff3

    Trim between cab floor and cargo floor

    Hi all Any ideas on what I can use to trim the join between the rubber cab mat and the ply floor with vinyl in the camper part of the van? Thanks
  11. P

    Tailgate dust cover

    Is there such as thing as a tailgate dust cover? For the bit which closes/ locks the tailgate and fills up with yuck.....vw equivalent of belly button fluff!
  12. catfood12

    Full width tailgate opening plastic OEM trim

    Mates I see some vans with the full width plastic trim on the tailgate threshold on the floor. My PV, and many other vans' photos on here, have the cut down central trim around the latch keep only, but plastic nut inserts either side for a full width trim. It looks like there's bits missing...
  13. Skyliner33

    Looking For Aluminium Trim For Front Edge Of Floor

    Basically like the strip in this pic. Any ideas especially with links appreciated.
  14. Boot cover

    Boot cover

  15. D

    Sold Kombi Tailgate Threshold

    Item removed from 2016 Highline Kombi at 20000 miles due to camper conversion with raised California floor. Complete with polystyrene backing and screws. £25.00. Collection or delivery by Parcelforce for an additional £13.50.
  16. Gavandi

    Rear Plastic Sill Screw Hole Covers

    @Pauly kindly pointed out at Busfest, the dust gathering in the screw hole recesses of the rear plastic sill protector. (cheers !) Tried to find them on VanX but only black ones. My sill is grey. Anyone any ideas/clues where to source them from - not VW - as I've only 2 arms and 2 legs and 2...
  17. Jack T

    For Sale Tailgate Full Width Threshold Cover

    Genuine VW threshold, brand new only taken out of packaging to check fit. Just what you see in the picture no foam, fixings or caps. £30 collection from near York If not p&p would be £8.50 mainland uk. 33174395-95D2-472C-A38B-E33192F6A962 by Jack T posted 26 Aug 2018 at 14:31
  18. Coradia63

    Caravelle thresholds for side step/tailgate

    Does anyone know if the T5 caravelle side steps and tailgate threshold is compatible with the T6? Im going to be fitting the caravelle rails and need the deeper steps but can only find ones advertised for T5's also anyone know the best place to buy new ones other than a VW dealership? Thanks