third brake light

  1. Paynewright

    Barn door brake light quality?

    Hi My 2018 barn door van has now cracked both of its high level brake lights. First one (drivers side - door rarely used) changed a few months ago. Passenger side one has also now cracked through the red outer plastic lens! Anyone else had this? Out of warranty but feel like sending back to VW...
  2. T

    Tailgate third brake light vendor

    Got a litre of so of water in the rear tailgate. Suspect it's coming in through the cracked high-level break light (seems like a common problem). Need to replace it but cannot find anywhere who sells them for a T6. I can find loads for T5 (apparently it's a different fitting for a T6), and loads...
  3. M

    Sold Smoked High Level Brake Light

    Brand New T6 Smoked High Level Brake Light. I brought this in error and held onto it before realising that I'd ordered the wrong one. Its as new, complete with protective film on the front, £45 posted
  4. 9

    [Guide] Reversing Camera OEM Cable Routing

    Hi, Currently installing a pioneer ND-BC8 reversing camera to my T6 Transporter, Looking for advise on picking up a reversing feed in the cab area Regards Jon
  5. cgtmiles

    Sold Smoked third brake light NEW

    Unused travelin lite smoked third brake light for sale. As new condition as I decided against fitting after changing my plans for my rear lights. £45 delivered. See travelin lite for more details and better photos
  6. RedUn

    Found 3rd Brake Light Tailgate

    After failing to take mine out in one piece does anyone have a spare knocking round? Would go dealers but they are closed... Cheers Rich
  7. goldeneye243

    Third Brake Light with Reversing Camera

    Just wondering how tricky it is to fit the OEM reversing camera in a tailgate kombi? I'm going to have it converted into a camper fairly soon - Is it better to wait until then, or go ahead and do it? Also any opinions on whether it is worthwhile doing it or if the reversing sensors are good...
  8. Para J

    T6 Tailgate 3rd Brake Light

    Hi all anyone had trouble with their high line brake light. Mine the seal has gone and the light fell out. Para J
  9. eauto

    Water In Bottom Of Tailgate

    Today on closing the tailgate I heard water sloshing around, on investigation I found two rubber bungs on the lower edge of the tailgate, when I removed these about a litre of water drained out. Has anyone else had this problem, and should I leave the bungs out so the water can drain?
  10. T6dder

    Fitted my LED Tail-Lights - Smoked

    Thought I would share a photo of my new LED tail lights I fitted a few weeks back. These are the smoked / tinted models which look great on my Blackberry T6. They blend into the body colour perfectly. I have to also say a big thanks to @Pauly for writing some great instructions on fitting...