1. K

    Thinkware F770

    Having read up on front and rear dash cams I'm just about to order the Thinkware F770.. Anyone know of any deals on it at the moment?
  2. S

    Dashcam: Blackvue vs Thinkware

    Hello again. So, I think we may have a completely addicted family (which might be a good thing). I set my husband the task of finding a company who will install a Ghost security system and he has... ... but they also do dashcams. Front and rear. They have a few different different options...
  3. A

    Thinkware F750 To 770

    Just came across some info that I thought was worth passing on. It's known that the rear camera is the same in both these models, but it's also been discovered that the 750 and 770 are hardware identical, with the only difference being external cosmetics. This means that it's possible to upgrade...
  4. Y

    Thinkware Rear Camera - After A Little Help Please

    Started installing my Thinkware F800 rear camera today. I have fed the camera through the rubber conduit between body and rear hatch but am stumped as to how to feed the cable through to the rear wiper area where I am going to mount the camera. Tried various ideas but none worked - for anyone...
  5. Y

    Thinkware Dashcams - a question

    I have a Thinkware F800 Pro just waiting for me to fit. Quick question - the ideal is to have the camera lens as close to the centre line of the windscreen as possible. But the Thinkware design doesn't lend itself to this for RHD. Potentially I could locate mine directly underneath the...
  6. Y

    Thinkware F800 Pro

    Am thinking of buying the Thinkware F800 Pro - front and rear cameras, to fit myself. Does anyone know of any discount codes, special offers, etc on this set up currently that they would be willing to share (PM if you'd prefer)? TIA ;)
  7. kieran

    Thinkware 770 battery backup ?

    So I've been running the Thinkware 770 for a few weeks now , cracking bit of kit by the way . Problem is i can be parked up for a couple of days and the low voltage cuts off after a max of 20ish hours . Low voltage set to 12v which i think is a little low ? Is there a battery i can connect so...
  8. VanMan48

    Thinkware Dashcam Voice

    Is there any way of turning off the voice and chime that starts up every time I turn the ignition on? Ta!