1. C

    Alpine roof dvd interference

    Just installed a alpine roof dvd, but having a issue when the van is running I get loads of horizontal lines going across the screen, but when the van isn't running all is good and crystal clear. Do I need some sort of relay to stable the current if so which one would I need links would be...
  2. T

    Hello people what size tv are people putting in there vans?

    Hello people what size of tv are people putting in there vans ?
  3. B

    Motormax dvd headrests

    I have Motormax headrests fitted in my T6 and want to remove them as we don’t use them and want to fit seat swivels. However I am unsure of the wiring and if the seat backs will have to come off to remove the headrest. I don’t have user manuals or installation guides And there absolutely no...
  4. RyanGerry

    Headrest IPad Holder - what are people using?

    Looking at buying some iPad holders for kids, what are people using ?
  5. Gareth Edmondson

    Going in at last.......

    After two years of owning a 2018 T6, we've finally got around to booking it into Platinum Conversions in Swansea. Not for a full camper conversion as we have a caravan but some aesthetics to make it a nicer day van. Hooray. Two questions which have raised themselves.... We are having a...
  6. S

    Projector Mounting to roof

    Hi, I have today brought a projector and want to fix it to the underneath the upper bed (pop top), any suggestions. Ideally small, but needs to be able to move. T
  7. Skyliner33

    Broadband Recommendations

    Thinking about trying to get a better deal for my broadband. I currently have a package deal from Virgin Media. (Broadband, Tv and Phone.) However I hardly ever use the landline phone or the TV box. I'm thinking therefore of (binning off the TV box and landline) getting a broadband only deal...
  8. Barley53

    Exterior Tv Aerial Socket

    Hi all, I'm looking to install an exterior tv aerial socket on my t6 camper. I'm happy using the external Avtex stick-on aerial, I'd just like to be able to avoid having to trail the cable through an open window. Any tips regarding components, location and general installation method gratefully...
  9. Jay

    Drop Down Monitor.

    Has anyone of these. Going to need something to keep the kids entertained on long drives. Ideally need one with the ability to stream from phone etc.
  10. HDMI Dash Socket

    HDMI Dash Socket

  11. M

    Drop Down Screen Ignition Live & Perminant Live

    Hi. Please accept my apologies if posted before but I cannot seem to Seek the answer I need. I’ve wired a drop down screen requiring an ACC (ignition live), a B+ (permanent live) and an earth (I’ve earthed to the top seat belt bolt on drivers side) I understand the difference between ignition...
  12. cowlsy

    Half Decent Ipad/tablet/lcd Tv Bracket

    For months I have been researching what the best set up would be for watching TV in the van during these cold winter nights.... (yes I know to many the whole idea of TV is verboten) There’s lots of threads where people have got either Cello or August LCD set ups which they are happy with, but...
  13. bullracing

    For Sale 12v Cello 19" Tv/dvd/sat/tuner/usb

    Im going a different route now. I have a 12v Cello 19" TV purchased last year. It has DVD, USB and has a built in TV and SAT tuners. Comes with remote, swivel wall mount and with the original stand. Very economical, I think roughy 15w but jumps to 35w when you use the DVD player. The 12v lead...
  14. R

    Need To Hire Sporty Looking T6 For New Television Series

    Hi There, My name is Ryan and I am working on a brand new television series for the BBC Without giving too much away, the show is a UK Wide Roadtrip format featuring two presenters who were recent runner ups on a big Talent show for BBC. We would love to use a sporty looking VW T6 as our...
  15. Mocko1962

    Tv Stowage Position For Travel

    Anyone got a good method of keeping the tv fairly secure when traveling other than unsightly bungee chords .. I've made my tv non quick release removable from the swivel bracket and was checking the best position of TV when driving .. 22 inch fixed on veedubs wedge shaped bracket and articulated...
  16. Jongall

    Shuttle Dvd Screens

    Hi guys, I’ve currently got two xtrons screen/dvd units in my shuttle powered off one 12v feed from fuse box. After much moaning from the kids I have just brought two more for the back row and wondered is I could just split the power again or would it overload? there is no amp/watt info in user...
  17. Eli

    Sold Usb Amplified Tv Aerial Dta 245

    I ordered one from a company called Daffodil, Royal Mail claimed it had been delivered when it hadn’t so I spoke to DAFFODIL to advise and they sent me out another one. The first one should have arrived on Friday and it magically turned up on Monday even though Royal Mail said it was signed for...
  18. moomin-j

    Sold Gallant Tv/monitor Headrest Mounting Bracket

    For sale Gallant TV/Monitor headrest mounting bracket. Bought new pre conversion, but never used. Brand new and unopened box. Looking for £20.00 Available for collection from Busfest next wknd or collection from WF5 9TQ Wakefield, Mon - Fri office hours only. Will not post.
  19. Barley53

    12v Tv Powered From Usb?

    Hi all, I've just bought a 16" Avtex telly, I get that I can run it off the 240v when hooked up but I'm not sure how to run it when on the road. There's what appears to be a cigar lighter in the cabin, and a couple of usb ports running off the leisure battery that I've been advised will power...
  20. Grim Reaper

    Anybody Use A Projector In Their Van?

    With the advent of small LCD/LED projectors I've been wondering if anyone has installed one yet for their in-van entertainment. I've seen an LCD projector that is less than 10cm x 10cm x 3cm that might just fit in the overhead tray in the roof lining, putting a roll up screen in the middle of...