1. P

    Projector screen

    Hi folks. I've yet to commit to TV/video entertainment for my van. So far I've mostly been getting by watching saved movies on my little Huawei tablet. I'd like a non handheld solution. Ordered a large Honor 9 tablet (12") from Amazon Marketplace but returned it as when mounted behind...
  2. M

    Sold Cello 22" 12v/240v TV with built in DVD plus sound bar £150

    I have a Cello TV/DVD player for sale i it comes with a cello sound bar plus fibre optic cable TV aerial and a bracket which mounts to the B pillar immediately behind the drivers seat.The bracket attaches to two factory pre-drilled holes intended for the handle for vans fitted with two sliding...
  3. t6blo

    Sold BONTEC Monitor Wall Mount for 13-42 Inch Screens, Gas Spring Wall Monitor Arm

    I bought 3x of these recently for a project - which has now been cancelled. I have kept 1x to use for something else, so now have 2x of these up for grabs.... Can be used indoors around the house, in the office or in the campervan. You'll need some RAW plugs if fitting to brick, plasterboard...
  4. t6blo

    Sold Cooler Master 27” GA271 2K QHD 2560x1440 100Hz 1ms Widescreen Monitors

    I have 3x of these bad boys up for grabs because I never learn and repeated a mistake I made about a month ago! (just ask @JOG :confused:) Cooler Master 27” GA271 2K QHD 2560x1440 100Hz 1ms Widescreen Tilt Stand Will run off 12v too so could be used in the van with an Amazon Fire Stick for...
  5. Dom76

    Mounting TV to ceiling..

    Hi All, I’m picking up my new caravelle on Friday and the shopping list is currently being compiled, we have a couple of trips planned post lockdown and to keep the kids entertained I would like to install a tv / DVD player on the ceiling between front seats, firstly do you guys know if the...
  6. Mkgolfnutters

    Sold For sale: Avtex 21.5"12v TV L219DRS-PRO £210.00 ono

    This tv is ideal for touring in your campervan/motorhome/caravan - it has barely been used. Full widescreen LED screen with integrated dvd/cd player. It comes with it's own stand, a headrest support and bracket, remote control, Avtex aerial and aerial cable. Still in original box. Collection...
  7. Garv

    Sold TV 12v brand new never used Avtex 32" tv Model:L320TRS-V2

    Avtex TV model :L320TRS-v2 Never used still boxed Shelf stand and wall mount bracket included All other accessories included see photos Bargain @£250 retail £400 without wall bracket Collection from Stafford
  8. Bluey22

    Screwing items into the bottom of a pop top bed/base

    Hi, (first post alert :) ) Any insight into how suitable the pop top bed is for being screwed into (no pun intended). It already has grab handles screwed onto the bottom, and I’m wondering if I can screw additional items into/onto the bottom. Nothing substantial but maybe a mount for an iPad...
  9. damo1023

    Sold Avtex 219DRS-Pro 21.5” 12v TV + Custom Veedubs Bracket. £230

    For Sale Avtex 219 DRS Pro 12v tv with integrated DVD player. Custom Veedubs B Pillar Tv Mount Excellent condition but comes unboxed, I'm only selling as I am upgrading to a projector in the pop roof when i...
  10. C12jwalls

    Lines running on my drop down dvd player

    Hi, I've installed an alpine drop down dvd in the rear for the kids. If the engine isn't running its fine but once started it has lines running across it. The wiring comes from the fuse board in the centre console beneath the gear lever. Bottom passenger side. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  11. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  12. lukeadams

    How to remove overhead dvd player

    So I’ve bought a t6 with an overhead alpine 5300 DVD player installed. The connection seems to be intermittent so looking to remove and check connections. Does anyone know how to remove safely? Thanks
  13. Jonesy68

    Headrest DVD screens

    Can anyone recommend some headrest screens. I'm looking for something that has a remote and Bluetooth heads sets so the kids can watch and control the screen without my help. Will be having the leisure battery fitted soon so will want these running fron that. Cheers
  14. P

    Television ICE install - recommendations

    Hi I've recently purchased a 17 plate T6 caravelle, I'm looking to have some rear entertainment fitted....drop down dvd, in headrest screens and playstation etc. Can anyone recommend an installer who specialises in vw ?? Thanks
  15. C12jwalls

    Drop down dvd cable

    Right looking at installing a drop down dvd player to keep the kids happy. How and where do you pick up the required power cables from to power it up from. Would like the easiest way if possible. Rear roof panel will be coming down due to I've ordered a halo roof from plyworx. Thanks in...
  16. Tourershine

    Thinking of moving to Sky Glass?

    I recently moved into a bungalow that I've spent months renovating. We decided early on, that we didn't want a dish on the outside of the house, so Sky Glass was the perfect answer for me, being a long term Sky customer. The idea of everything in one unit really appealed, and even though I'd...
  17. BoroBoy

    For Sale Kuma TV Bracket.

    Brand new, still in box. This is tilting/ swivel tv bracket suitable for 17 - 37 inch LED tv’s. £20 delivered.
  18. Brindle

    For Sale Xtrons CM121 HD flip down screen

    Installed but unused for a weekend (it’s a long story) Xtrons CM121 HD flip down monitor. Mint condition, original box, manual, remote etc etc. Great but of kit, I have one already installed in the Van so this is just sitting in the garage. Collection from Cannock area highly preferred...
  19. MarkW-T6

    Sold Lift Off TV/Monitor Headrest Mounting Bracket

    Headrest mounting bracket with quick release to remove TV. £40 posted. Full description: Lift Off TV/Monitor Headrest Mounting Bracket

    For Sale Philips Monitor with bracket.

    Hello, switching the van up a bit so decided to see if anyone wanted this 22inch monitor and bracket for their van… simply fits to the van with two threaded inserts (I can fit them for the buyer) we use it with a hdmi cable to connect to the iphone, iPad etc for sky tv, Netflix etc I think...