1. Jonesy68

    Headrest DVD screens

    Can anyone recommend some headrest screens. I'm looking for something that has a remote and Bluetooth heads sets so the kids can watch and control the screen without my help. Will be having the leisure battery fitted soon so will want these running fron that. Cheers
  2. P

    Television ICE install - recommendations

    Hi I've recently purchased a 17 plate T6 caravelle, I'm looking to have some rear entertainment fitted....drop down dvd, in headrest screens and playstation etc. Can anyone recommend an installer who specialises in vw ?? Thanks
  3. C12jwalls

    Drop down dvd cable

    Right looking at installing a drop down dvd player to keep the kids happy. How and where do you pick up the required power cables from to power it up from. Would like the easiest way if possible. Rear roof panel will be coming down due to I've ordered a halo roof from plyworx. Thanks in...
  4. Tourershine

    Thinking of moving to Sky Glass?

    I recently moved into a bungalow that I've spent months renovating. We decided early on, that we didn't want a dish on the outside of the house, so Sky Glass was the perfect answer for me, being a long term Sky customer. The idea of everything in one unit really appealed, and even though I'd...
  5. BoroBoy

    For Sale Kuma TV Bracket.

    Brand new, still in box. This is tilting/ swivel tv bracket suitable for 17 - 37 inch LED tv’s. £20 delivered.
  6. Brindle

    For Sale Xtrons CM121 HD flip down screen

    Installed but unused for a weekend (it’s a long story) Xtrons CM121 HD flip down monitor. Mint condition, original box, manual, remote etc etc. Great but of kit, I have one already installed in the Van so this is just sitting in the garage. Collection from Cannock area highly preferred...
  7. MarkW-T6

    Sold Lift Off TV/Monitor Headrest Mounting Bracket

    Headrest mounting bracket with quick release to remove TV. £40 posted. Full description: Lift Off TV/Monitor Headrest Mounting Bracket

    For Sale Philips Monitor with bracket.

    Hello, switching the van up a bit so decided to see if anyone wanted this 22inch monitor and bracket for their van… simply fits to the van with two threaded inserts (I can fit them for the buyer) we use it with a hdmi cable to connect to the iphone, iPad etc for sky tv, Netflix etc I think...
  9. Brindle

    Help with Xtrons wiring

    Sorry if this is basic stuff but I want to be sure. Planning to install an Xtrons flip down monitor at the weekend. There are 5 power related wires coming out of it but I’m confused as to why there are 2 fused wires also whether both door control wires need to be connected etc? Can anyone...
  10. Phil Harris

    Sold Cello 20” TV/DVD & Avtex Carry Case & Brackets

    As new 20” Cello TV/DVD, with Avtex hard carry case, two brackets. One that needs to be screwed in and second is fitted to headrest for easy removal. Oh and an aerial. Hopefully photos show the quality. Looking for £150 for the whole bundle, buyer collects. Near Daventry Any questions...
  11. H

    Any in van TV experts out there?

    Installed in my van I have a flip down DVD/ TV, exterior blaupunkt aerial and a free view box (see photos) . I also use a Roku streaming stick on it as well. Everything works fine except the free view.Sometimes I can get a poor picture on the free view but not often generally it doesn’t work at...
  12. Dom76

    Flip down tv on caravelle ceiling

    Hi All, I’m picking up my new caravelle on Friday and the shopping list is currently being compiled, we have a couple of trips planned post lockdown and to keep the kids entertained I would like to install a tv / DVD player on the ceiling between front seats, firstly do you guys know if the...
  13. Stay Frosty


    Right, watched this glossy film last night and feel old, confused, a bit deaf and if I'm entirely honest a bit depressed, as if I've just failed a test of some kind... anybody?:unsure:
  14. Texxaco

    Xbox via Flip down screen.

    Question for the sparkles, can this be done. I see there is an Alpine flip down unit with an HDMI input which makes me think that’s the screen side sorted. It’s the XBox and power which is where I get stuck. Thoughts, has anyone done it? cheers Pete
  15. P

    Caravelle table conversion

    Hi all. I'm a seasoned Air cooled owner and have just bought a T6 Caravelle exec. I'm wanting to convert the little slidey around table unit onto some kind of infotainment console. TV, games machine, ports & sockets, some kind of wireless router. I presume I'll need to install a leisure...
  16. S

    Projector in a standard van (not a pop top)

    Anyone got any images of a projector set up in a van at all - preferably none pop top but any ideas welcome? Ta
  17. J

    Sold Viewsonic projector

    Hi For sale viewsonic projector and ezcastpro. I had this set up in my van but now have a tv due to my lay out. Only used a hand full of times great piece of kit. Comes with a hardcase and ezcast which I have never used. I used it through a USB c to hdmi cable and played films through my...
  18. C12jwalls

    Alpine roof dvd interference

    Just installed a alpine roof dvd, but having a issue when the van is running I get loads of horizontal lines going across the screen, but when the van isn't running all is good and crystal clear. Do I need some sort of relay to stable the current if so which one would I need links would be...
  19. RyanGerry

    Headrest IPad Holder - what are people using?

    Looking at buying some iPad holders for kids, what are people using ?
  20. Gareth Edmondson

    Going in at last.......

    After two years of owning a 2018 T6, we've finally got around to booking it into Platinum Conversions in Swansea. Not for a full camper conversion as we have a caravan but some aesthetics to make it a nicer day van. Hooray. Two questions which have raised themselves.... We are having a...