team two-tone

  1. J

    Two tone swamper

    Any two tone swampers out there? Basically we have a swamper style camper and the other half wants it painted two tone, which was always her idea before we went swamper. Now, I like the rugged look but not sure it goes with a mixed colour scheme. Any pics and thoughts?!?!??
  2. K

    Sold 2016 T28 LWB 102PS Highline Camper. £32000

    For sale. 2016 t28 conversion. Highline blue motion Euro 6. 135357mls full and comprehensive service history Inc new EGR 2022, new water pump and cambelt 2021, new brake pads and front discs reb 22. 3 keys. One previous owner. Fortana Red/Candy White. Vamoose poptop with bed and led lights...
  3. H

    Two Tone paint. Original or repainted?

    I've just bought a 2017 T6 Multivan HL, 4Motion with two tone paint. Blue/silver on top. The dealer said they had resprayed the bonnet due to stone chips which is fine by me, but they didn't refit the bonnet correctly which still needs to be fixed. I'm trying to work out if the two side front...
  4. M

    Recommendations for two-tone paint job in/near Kent please

    Hi everyone. We've bought a Ravenna Blue T6.1 and yesterday dropped off at the converters. We'd been quoted £4k for a two tone respray - Ice Blue / Candy White - but, the paint shop have come back with a 3-4 week timeline for doing the work. The convertors are recommending they do the...
  5. JTomoT6

    Tangerine Dream

    Hi all, Transporter and VW newbie here from the Grimsby area. Just bought a 17 plate shuttle to haul my tribe around (5 kids and 2 dogs) coming from an X5 it's certainly a bit different . Previous owner did a lot of the upgrades I'd have been looking at anyway, lights, repeaters, side bars...
  6. Steve1978

    Wheel wheel colour? Team Two-Tone

    I’m getting a copper bronze and candy white respray. Can’t decide on wheels though. Gloss black Bronze Bronze and black Other…
  7. marsie

    My two-tone camper

    This is my 2017 (67) t6 highline. Bought to replace my 2007 2.5 4motion. It started life as a deep black 204 dsg 4motion but after a ding to the rear tailgate ended up with the bottom half in nardo grey and a 90%done camper conversion (just got to sort a rock and roll bed now. The last image...
  8. nobbyq

    wrapped half black half white ?

    anyone done it ?
  9. T

    here is my t6 base vehicle

    As per request, here is my t6 base vehicle. The 2nd pic is the 2-tone change I will do. Probably duco rather than 3M vinyl.
  10. R

    Does anyone have a two tone running BFGs?

    Looking at what appears to be an unusual setup for my new, currently its a standard candy white with 16" highline alloys and the standard tyres. I want to go two tone (wrapped), probably orange, mint green or pale blue but I want BFGs too not only for the functionality for fields etc but also I...
  11. Jon B

    Sold 2019 T6 T28 102PS - Professional conversion £42,450 ONO

    Selling our much-loved Two-Tone VW T6 – Owned since 30th Oct 2020 - Just reduced the price to £42,450 as we have now secured our new van with a good discount and would like a quick sale - van is listed on Autotrader in the Motorhomes for sale section - gives a protected contact No to call if...

    New member two tone

    New to forum Had the van a month or so now, more pics to follow if this has come out alright
  13. Andysmee

    Two tone with barn doors - where to split?

    I've been looking into how people deal with the problem of two tone paintwork/wrap when you have barn doors. With a tailgate it's easy, and there's a natural line that is pleasing to look at, but I'm not 100% on the normal approach to barn doors - to split at the top of the tail lights, or...
  14. needsmust

    Two-tone my orange T6.1 with white?

    My orange T6.1 Shuttle will look great with tinted windows and 16" steelies when it arrives. Should I wrap the top half in white to ape the groovy old T2 bus? (2 tone paint is a £2880 option on the Caravelle and you can't get orange) If so, to go beneath the windows to cover handles, or just...
  15. Loz

  16. M

    Noobie to Team Two-Tone.. with a twist.

    Hi all just thought I’d post a few pics of the van, I’ve got a T6 trendline, fully converted, smoked sequential indicators and rear lights, LED headlight conversion and remap done by revo. Is there any north east members around, would love to bring my family to a meet sometime Soon. Absolutely...
  17. S

    Two tone T6 - Candy White & ??... Ideas??

    So.... we’ve got a Candy White T6 and tiring up of being mistaken for a white van man!! (Or woman in my case!!!) looking for ideas for two tone (leaning towards spraying)... thinking of retro Dove blue (looks like it can still be sourced??) or more modern Indium grey.... Thoughts / ideas / pics...
  18. J

    Two-Tone T6 CamperVan

    Finally picked up my conversion yesterday, really happy with it,
  19. CaliChris

    Time I Said Hello!

    Hello! Well, been lurking on here for a couple of months, sold my T5.1 Cailfornia SE in October last year and replaced it with a 2019 T6 California Ocean. Great forum, enjoying reading up on stuff and seeing what others have been up to! Thanks. #TeamTwoTone
  20. J


    This is mine and the wife’s first ever VW Transporter, it’s being converted at the moment can’t wait to have it finished in March. The van is basic but after it’s finished should look lovely. The wife had a very beetle a few years ago in sundown orange and wanted the van half and half, it’s...