team two-tone

  1. J

    Here It Is At Last - Well Almost

    Flew to Sydney to see our newly converted Bamboo green and candy white tdi400 4motion on Wednesday. It will be delivered to a friend’s house near Newcastle once registered in my name for us to collect on 21st. Just love it.
  2. J

    It’s Started!

    Please forgive the excitement but I received these images of our van this evening from Skyline Campers, Sydney.
  3. N

    First 2 Nighter With Our New Camper, How Exciting.

    Small matter of no tent pegs solved by very helpful neighbours. Thank you again. Now looking forward to longer and further adventures
  4. kevin kenyon

    Just A Quick Hello

    now i've scraped the membership money together ...after buying my van i'm now a new member hello to all T6 OWNERS
  5. camping robin hood bay

    camping robin hood bay

  6. J

    Drove 800kms To See The New Van

    We drove to Sydney during the week to inspect our new bamboo green and white 4motion van. The cabinetry will be brushed aluminium and the floor a light wood look vinyl It really is something else. Early August can’t come soon enough.
  7. J

    Well It’s Happened!

    We received confirmation today that our two tone bamboo and white van is in Sydney. As we live in Brisbane my wife and I will be driving to Sydney next week to see the van and discuss the fitout. We have received excellent service from Skyline Campers Australia. I’ve been reading the forum...
  8. Yetibeard

    Two Tone - Options For Silver - Spray/wrap?

    Hi, I'm thinking of (like many others!) jumping on the two tone bandwagon! In your own opinion, what look good with silver? And wrap or spray prices please!! Thanks
  9. Tanzi

    Reflex Silver Help

    Interested in colour change or 2 tone for my shuttle, any suggestions/ pics of what looks good with silver or do I bite the bullet and change the lot?
  10. Lewis4005

    Newbie After Some Help

    Hi people, I am new to Vw scene, just purchased a 2014 panel van converted to a Kombi, absolute mint body work interior also great, pictures belowd,only issue no rear belts fitted, seats are in the chap never used it as I am intending, I.e taking the tribe out. Was wandering if anyone can help...
  11. tommo

    Frankenstein! T5.1 to T5 facelift

    Hi all, Alex from Italy, this is Frankenstein, "Franky" for friends :D is a 2012 T5.2 140bhp LWB...converted in a T6 2017 model... with a very very hard work! here a little gallery of the work in progress. in dec 2018 i bought this van from Brema in Germany, a little bit rusty...
  12. Bendub

    Two-Tone for my Mojave Beige

    Hi I’m thinking of jumping on the ever increasing bandwagon of having the two tone split colour on my kombi. It’s currently Mojave beige. Would be interested in which colours people think would look best with it? Ben.
  13. V

    Heritage Coloured Caravelle

    Hi there, In the T6 volksie bus range, some of the buese were painted in a heritage two tone colour i.e. red/white, blue/grey, blue/white, etc. Has anyone experienced any issues where the two colours come together i.e. where the strip may have overlapped, paint peeling, etc.
  14. Lee newton

    Got My New Toy

    So happy with my new t6 camper just can’t wait to get out on the road
  15. AlexPL

    Wrapping. Two Tone. How Much Vinyl Is Needed?

    Hey, Quick question with regards to how much vinyl is needed to do the top half of a LWB T6? Anyone did it? Don't want to buy to much vinyl :) Thanks in advance!
  16. ChrisKites

    Removing the Rear Bumper [Guide]

    Hi guys, I'm new around here. Just received my first Volkswagen Campervan. It's the T6 California Beach. First thing I did was taking the exterior and interior cockpit trim apart to wrap the van in a two tone color. I got stuck at the rear bumper, I just couldn't seem te get it off. So I...
  17. Jo B H

    Show Us Your Two-tone Cali’s.

    Hi. I’m a new member. I love the two-tone varieties. I almost went for a T6 solace design conversion, white over purple combo but decided on a California. I’ve had my grey over black now for nearly a year. Anybody else chosen the two-tone.
  18. 13737598_10153800043073181_3362125716041818742_o


  19. Vinci

    T6 Highline PV to mobile office

    I started with a white 150 Highline pv and had Slidepods convert it to my mobile office with a SCA roof. Vanshades and numerous lights, power points and an inverter, plus leisure battery and wired in dash cams front and rear. No kitchen (yet), but a plug in Webasto fridge and diesel heater...
  20. PukkaT6

    Team Two-Tone.

    Given as we dont sort of fit in anywhere I think a new team needed creating. Hopefully it will help people decide on colours and styles and lets be honest it will the the most colourful team by a country mile.