team mojave

  1. LPollard

    Mauve interior

    van nice and clean
  2. LPollard

    Say Hello To Sandy

    Say hello to Sandy nice and clean and ready to get dirty again.
  3. Img Above

    Img Above

  4. IMG_4936


  5. Fidget

    Finally Took Some Pics Of Mine.

  6. Bendub

    Two-Tone for my Mojave Beige

    Hi I’m thinking of jumping on the ever increasing bandwagon of having the two tone split colour on my kombi. It’s currently Mojave beige. Would be interested in which colours people think would look best with it? Ben.
  7. Nomad Dude

    Hi Thanks For Letting Me Join

    Hi all just got my first T6, now retired, hoping to go travelling looking to do the NC 500 later in the year.
  8. J


    hello all, just thought I’d say hi I’ve just picked up my T6 after many years of owning a T5. I’m looking at carrying out some minor mods so I’ll be asking for some advise along the way. Thanks
  9. drew_greenday

    Mojave conversion

    I've had a t5 swb and a t5.1 lwb, both converted. The lwb was a poptop and units where the swb was more of a part conversion. I picked up 'hutch' two weeks ago from a vw centre in Newcastle. He is a 140 highline dsg in mojave. He's got factory fitted tailgate window and nothing else! Conversion...
  10. chriscroft

    Team Mojave Beige

    Go Team Mojave Beige :D:whistle: