tailgate conversion

  1. HoopDub

    For Sale 2018 T28 84PS Startline Panel-Van, Air-Con, Lined, ICE. £16k

    2018 VW Transporter Startline T28 2L Diesel BMT. 1 previous keeper. Candy white. 5 speed manual gearbox. Air conditioning. Power steering. Stop start. ABS. Parking sensors front and rear. Collision assist. MFD. 155k miles. will have 12 Months MOT. I have no history. Timing belt and service...
  2. T

    BCM issue with tailgate conversion

    Looking for help, I bought a 2018 T6 and have had the barn doors replaced with a tailgate. However..... the autoelectrician is struggling to get the correct feed for the tailgate handle. He tells me that a specific feed is required to be powered for just 10s or so and no matter how much he...
  3. HoopDub

    For Sale T6 tailgate candy white

    I bought this tailgate conversion last year. It has been sat in my shed since. To be honest as much as i prefer the look of the t6 tailgate, the barn doors are way more practical for my needs. The tailgate is candy white, factory green tinted screen, rear wiper, oem reversing camera. Pair of...
  4. S

    Tailgate Conversion kit

    Morning, I've just bought a T6 with barn doors. I want to convert it to a tailgate, where do I get the best kit (hinges, struts, cowels etc) Also, Im looking for a pre-used tailgate, is there a site that you guys know of for parts etc Thanks in advance, Stacey
  5. HoopDub

    Tailgate strut mount pictures

    Greetings fellow humans. I am on the scrounge again. I am looking for a T6 or 6.1 owner to take some pics of the lower gas strut mounting for vans with a tailgate. I know most have a plastic trim over the bracket. Im trying to work out how the bracket is mounted to the van. Any help appreciated
  6. P

    T5.1 tailgate loom part number

    Hi all, would anyone happen to know the part number for a T5.1 tailgate wiring loom with electric handle / latch? I have purchased a bare tailgate and trying to gather the internal parts Thank you in advance
  7. HoopDub

    Found T6 tailgate hinges

    Im looking for a complete set of t6 tailgate hinges and bolts. Also any other fixings van side i need to complete a conversion from barn doors. I have already got a tailgate, struts, lights, corner trims and bumper. But nothing van side, guides, ball fixings etc
  8. P

    Retrofit heater rear window and wiper

    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched the forum and cannot find the information I am looking for. I am about to convert a 2013 T5 from barn doors to tailgate. The tailgate is from a sportline and has a heated window and wiper I would like to use. I understand...
  9. H

    Sold T6.1 Tailgate (with damage) £350

    Here is my T6.1 Kombi tailgate that is damaged it was hit by someone and they drove off so I've had it back from the repairers to try and get some of my money back The damage in my option is repairable in the right hands. I'm asking for £350 collection only in Stourbridge
  10. P

    Found T5 Tailgate for barn door conversion

    Hi all, I am looking for a tailgate, rear bumper, rear lights and panels to carry out a barn door to tailgate conversion. Ideally in reflex silver but beggars can not be choosers so if you have anything or you know of anyone breaking a van then please let me know. My van is a T5.1 but would...
  11. Two7Five

    Sold Tailgate / Lid

    Having replaced the tailgate on my highline for one without a window I now have for sale a few months old, immaculate indium grey t6.1 tailgate complete with rear window. It’s bare aside from the glass and a wiper arm/motor. It’s immaculate. I forgot to take a photo before boxing it up (in...
  12. DanRaistrick

    T5.1 Barn Door to T6.1 Tailgate tail-light issues

    Hello all, I've just about completed my T5.1 to T6.1 conversion - however i'm having some trouble with the rear side lights and was wondering if anybody has experienced similar? Everything works apart from the rear side lights - now i did have the rear lights repinned incorrectly on the first...
  13. M4rc

    Tailgate conversion shopping list

    I’ve just collected all my parts for a tailgate conversion today & drop them off at the spray shop for painting correct colour. The tailgate has already got hinges and tailgate struts with it. I’m aware I’ll need some bolts & spacers for the tailgate hinge to fasten it to the van. Can...
  14. M4rc

    What are my Barn doors worth

    I’ve managed to source what I need to carry out of tailgate conversion on my van. could anybody tell me how much I would be looking to get for my barn doors, bumper & lights? Indium grey, 2016 with parking sensors, & barn door spoiler TIA
  15. D

    T5.1 tailgate wiring loom part #

    Evening all.. can some please give me the part number for a t5.1 tailgate loom. My 2013 transporter had originally barn doors but I've done the conversion to tailgate. I need the blank handle and the loom. Can someone help please
  16. Berger

    Sold Full tailgate conversion incl loom.

    Full tailgate conversion absolutely everything needed to swap from barn doors to tailgate as seen in pictures, includes genuine 6.1 leds never been fitted the plug adaptors for them including extra pins, a custom made loom by vw specialist for tailgate to plug and play (including cables back to...
  17. Sharpe

    Sold T6 Glazed tailgate - light dent damage

    Thought I’d offer up here first before going on eBay. Had my tailgate replaced through 3rd parties insurance after a light rear ending . There are light dents either side of the handle location. Paintwork is not marked. The tailgate is stripped of all parts as these obviously were fitted to my...
  18. Pauly

    T6 Barn Doors Wiring Diagram 2018

    Wing Door Circuit Diagram Covers rear door locking unit, heated glass and wash wipe system VIP Membership is required to download this document
  19. L

    What rear lights do I need pls

    Hi all I’m getting the parts together to convert my T5.1 2015 barn door van to a T6 tailgate What rear lights do I need please Once I have all the parts I’m looking for a competent person to complete the work in Northampton if anyone can help thanks
  20. andyrap

    Retrofit T6 Tailgate to T5.1

    Morning everyone. I have to admit this one has me beaten so far! I‘ve read up what I can but haven‘t found any definitive answers for how to make this work. I’ve just changed my 5.1 (2010) tailgate to a T6 one. I thought the latch would function in a similar way to the 5.1 and kept the 5.1 loom...