tailgate conversion

  1. N

    Barn Doors to Tailgate converter?

    I have recently purchased my first T6 van to convert and plan on getting the rear doors changing to a tailgate door first. Could any one advise of anywhere I can get this done? I live in the Bristol area but happy to travel a bit further out if need be. Im finding it very difficult to find any...
  2. N

    Candy-white tailgate conversion: part supplier

    Hi there, I’m looking to convert our 2016 Candy White T6 with barn doors to a tailgate, but I’m struggling to find the necessary parts. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can locate a tailgate, bumper etc. I’ve already looked on eBay. I’m located in South Leicestershire. Thanks.
  3. C

    Fitting an electric tailgate?

    Hi everyone I’ve just bought an electric tailgate to replace my barn doors but have been told that I won’t be able to get it working due to my van not having a module or something? Van is a t6 highline dsg if that’s makes any difference, If anyone can give me any advice it would be greatly...
  4. 1460aaron

    For Sale VW T6/T5 Transporter Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door

    VW T6/T5 Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door £400 - Location - Derby This was removed from my 2017 Transporter as is was no longer required. It was an upgrade for a disabled customer who previously owned the van. The lift was in full working order when removed from the...
  5. R

    Any One With Wiring Diagram For T6 Tailgate And Barn Door Loom ?

    Could do with a wiring diagram for t6 rear end as iv stupidly done a tailgate conversion but now need to do the loom but cant find a single sole willing to help, so now needing the diagram to give it a bash myself : (
  6. A

    How Hard Is It To Convert To A Tailgate?

    Hi, wonder if you can advise how hard it is to convert barn doors to a tailgate. The van is already converted .. by Bodan's in Shrewsbury. Stupidly we didn't realise how hard it would be to find a bike rack with barn doors so exploring changing - we are not DIY people so would need to pay...
  7. Deaky

    T6 Custom brackets for Electric Tailgate Retrofit 2020-01-02

    Custom bracket required if you want to retrofit an electric tailgate and keep your existing lid
  8. R

    Change Of 2 Rear Doors To Tailgate On A T6 Need Help How To Wire And Prog This Anyone Done This??

    hello i New here :) need some help here, i think it was straight forward to convert from 2 doors to tailgate but, there i was wrong, i need to prog the bcm module, and maybe i need to rewire some wires?
  9. J

    Retrofit T6 Tailgate to T5

    hi there sorry if this has been asked before I have recently changed my barn doors on my Vw transporter t5 2007 to Vw transporter t6 tailgate is there any one able to tell me how to wire up electric handle to operate tailgate plz . All lights working just the lock to do but am stuck lol . I...
  10. LambethBoy

    Found Caravelle Door And Tailgate Panels (see Pic)

    Looking for these two panels. Or if anyone knows who has them in stock. :thumbsup:
  11. U

    Tailgate Locking Mechanism

    Heya folks, I've just got my tailgate on replacing the barn doors but I'm now looking at the locking mechanism... can anyone advise me on where to get the correct one... I was thinking could I use the barn door one or is there a specific one for the tailgate?.... Any help appreciated?
  12. Littleblackflash

    BCM Connector pins and numbering system.

    Hi All Finally I'm trying to run a wire from my tailgate conversion to the BMC. I've run the wire, removed the BCM and opened the black connector. What I can't see is where pin 23 is in the connector. Does anyone have a diagram showing where the pins are? Thanks in advance
  13. U

    Tailgate Hinges

    Heya, can someone help me regarding hinges for t6 tailgate conversion... I recently bought a tailgate conversion kit and unknown to me it dosent include the hinges (i find this strange!)... I got the metal plates for the struts and other plates to cover what appears to be the where old plates...
  14. U

    Barn Door To Tailgate Lights

    Can anyone tell me if you need different rear lights for a tailgate?... I've recently purchased a tailgate and after checking it out resting against the bumper to see how it looks/fits it seems the headlights on the barn door i currently have are more round edged whereas the tailgate i have...
  15. Littleblackflash

    Tailgate Conversion Brackets

    I've converted my van from barn doors to a tailgate and I need some brackets for the gas struts. Over a month ago I ordered and paid for some at Vagnostics, but I've never recieved my parts. They are not returning my call, answering emails so I need to order some from somewhere else. Does...
  16. Littleblackflash

    Coding HVAC for new heated rear window

    After fitting a tailgate with a window to my PV, I've set about getting the heated rear window to work. The HVAC controls need to change to one with the switch for the heated rear screen so I've brought one off a Golf on Ebay for £10. It only took a few minutes to fit and all the AC functions...
  17. Littleblackflash

    ‘Light Out’ warning on after tailgate conversion.

    I've converted my barn doors to a tailgate with LED lights. But I have a orange warning for bulb out on the instruments. VCDS scan showed no fault codes. If I go into 17-Instruments and go into measured values, what should I be looking for? The only concern I've found is "Status on input...
  18. Littleblackflash

    Changing To LED Rear Lights - pinout

    I’m converting my van from barn doors to a tailgate which means I need to change my tail lights. This is how I changed mine to LED lights. Removing the lights is simply 2 screws but the wiring plug is different. You don’t need to crimp or cut any wires to make the conversion. Start my removing...
  19. Littleblackflash

    Found Tailgate tail lamps

    I've a tailgate to fix to my van but the only missing part I need are the rear lights. I would like LED's but my funds will probably only stretch to standard OE lights.
  20. Ads_Essex

    Barn-door To Tailgate Conversion

    HOW TO TAILGATE This is a guide to replacing the barn doors on your T6 with a tailgate. The conversion is in itself simple, with the parts being bolted on, and falls in to three elements - having the parts present, having the tools available, and having the electrical system altered. Parts...