1. Tourershine

    T6 Forum VIP

    So, not a business in the usual sense, but still a valid review for a very valuable service. The VIP Membership feature of this forum is worth the £12.99 for the lack of pure morons in the sales section alone, but obviously you get many other benefits for your £12.99. Ok, so my latest...
  2. Pete C

    And we are back - normal service has been resumed

    Thanks Pauly. Pete
  3. Tourershine

    Happy New Year You Horrible Lot.

    2 years and 2 months as a member of T6F I've gained loads of interesting information and learnt lots of lessons good and bad. I've made some life long mates, and had some pretty amazing 'favours' done for me, along with returning them favours happily. Despite the same questions being asked day...
  4. Pauly

    Announcement T6 Forum Shop Closure

    The T6 forum shop has now been closed Unfortunately i do not have the time to operate the shop anymore so we have been forced to close it I will still be making custom bits for people and doing wiring looms etc but no longer supplying VW parts in general, i will review this in time and may...
  5. L

    I Don't Want To Pay With Paypal

    I want to subscribe but it will only let me do it through PayPal. Is it possible to do it the normal way with a debit card?
  6. Dellmassive

    For Sale T6F Monochrome Stickers

    Right you lucky people . . . . . The Boss has let me release these Special-Edition-sticker-sets to you all. They are Black or White vinyl transfer, so just the black (or white) bits stick. (the white is a backing card and the front has a clear plastic application layer that peels off when...
  7. Andyman

    Where Did That Year Go!!

    just had a notification that PayPal has paid another year subs to this forum, can hardly believe I’ve had my girl for over a year now! And I love her as much now as I did then Thanks to all in the last 12months who have given help and advice
  8. Fish

    For Sale / Wanted Posts

    If members have created one of these threads, could you please make any changes that are required. If sold or no longer for sale please request a change or removal via the ‘report’ button. If you have found something you were after or wanted then please indicate this. Lets try to keep this...
  9. Crispy68

    T6 Forum Shop.

    Has anyone had trouble getting in touch with the T6 Forum shop? I have e-mailed several times about an order I received which was utterly wrong! Nothing heard my end, however I don't live too far away from Plymouth so will pay them a visit and hope they are in. RUBBISH!
  10. F

    Facebook T6 Group.. Post Approval?

    Hi all Just wondering if everyone thats a member of the Facebook t6 group needs to have their post approved, or am I special? Seems rather pointless as any reply to an existing question doesn't need an Approval.
  11. Tourershine

    For Sale T6F Colour Stickers

    Oooooo, put me down for a Team Black @Fish
  12. 20180922_092125


  13. P

    This Forum Is Great

    This forum is great. I'm so glad I joined. Great help and information to help decide on options. I found the t25 forum great as well for the weird and wonderful things a old air cooled van could chuck towards you with problems. I Just wish I looked sooner if there was a forum but I have only...
  14. 8balladdict

    Is there an app for this forum?

    Hi All, Is there an app I can use with this forum, such as Tapatalk or similar? Finding it very frustrating having to login eveytime I open up the link on my iPhone! TIA