1. LakesT6

    Sold T5 Genuine Sportline Alloys + Tyres

    Set of 4 T5 Genuine Sportline alloy wheels with matching 255/45/R18 103 tyres. Wheels themselves are rated to 860kg. Good condition all round with just the odd small mark from use, I bought them new from a VW dealer 12 months ago. Roughly 5-6mm on all the tyres. No longer available from VW and...
  2. mommabear

    T5 Wont shift into 5th or reverse -

    Guys Me mates T5 is no longer going into 5th or reverse - before I start making a mess - any more experienced suggestions?
  3. Plastic Cow

    Pimping The TransVelleCali: T5 to T6.1 Swamper Look

    Hi, I’m a new member, gratefully received by, I believe, an old hand (Thank You); it was suggested I send some pics: This is a £1k banger T30 Transporter with full windows and 9 seats in Sand Beige and dents in every panel, including the roof! It had done 320,000 on the original motor and now...
  4. S

    T6 to T5.1 front end: Will it or won’t it fit?

    I love my new van but am I the only one that thinks the 5.1 has a better looking front end. o_O
  5. Pete24

    DRL not working after fitting LED bulbs

    Hi all, We have a 2015 T5.1 and a few months ago I fitted some LED bulbs to the DRLs and side lights - they must have been cheap crap as they have given me a couple of issues. First off, one of the side light bulbs failed (as did the same bulbs in the rear number plate light!), so I have just...
  6. B

    For Sale 16” steel wheels and tyres

    selling on behalf of a friend 4 wheels with hankook tyres 205/65/16 all look pretty good collection from Hayes or Hemel Hempstead £100 ono
  7. Dave Lawson

    Sold 18 inch Spotline Alloy Wheels

    Fully refurbished and powder coated Shadow Chrome, £450. Can be supplied with budget tyres 255 45 18 103xl, not brand new but not far off, 500 miles maximum, £550.
  8. Rich Green

    Cup holder T5.1

    Does anyone know if this would be able to be installed in a T5.1 dash? They all state T6 so I’m guessing it may not be so straight forward?
  9. Rich Green

    Steering wheel upgrade to T5.1

    Hi guys I have fitted a replacement steering wheel to my T5.1 does anyone know how simple it is to connect it up to get the buttons working and have them lit up? Any advice/diagrams would be appreciated.
  10. nikmartin1

    Earthing advice on T5 needed

    When I got my T5.1, it was already insulated and carpeted around the body. I know there are factory fitted earthing points at various points around the van (I used the one under the drivers seat for my main link for the split charge relay). But I'm struggling to know where any other may be. I...
  11. S

    Sold T5.1 For Sale

    VW T5.1 in mint condition, been well looked after.18 inch genuine sportline alloys, lowered on van/slam coilovers, re-map,towbar.Kenwood head unit with Apple connect and reversing camera.Rock and roll bed, curtains and table.Full VW service history, 10 months Mot,97000 miles. £15000 inclusive of...
  12. B

    T5.1 to T6.1

    Hi all just wondering if any owners on here are T5.1 that have been converted to a T6.1? I'm about to start my conversion but wanted to know what issues others have encountered. Mine is a caravelle so I will be changing the tailgate ect to.
  13. Rich Green

    T5.1 Could anyone recommend a good headlight LED bulb replacement

    Hi guys. Could anyone recommend a good headlight LED replacement for my T5.1 I currently have a set fitted but the back of the lamp is so big it’s almost impossible to get lined up correctly.
  14. Martin Gibson

    Sold T5.1 Sportline wheels £600

    Advertising these for a friend that has one of these old things lol. They are in really good condition,been ceramic coated and have Eagle F1 asymmetric 255/45/18 tyres on them. The photo is just one i got from the internet but if anyones interested, then i can get some photos of the actual ones...
  15. A

    Ply lining same from T5.1 to T6.1?

    I’ve got a lwb t5.1 kombi 2010 with twin sliders, now just ordered a new T6.1 same spec lwb twin sliders. Can I use my internal panels to make the ply ones for my new van? Are they the same shape or are they different?
  16. L

    T5.1 rear lower bumper defuser

    Hi. I have a T5.1 sportline. Trying to get rear bumper add on like a defuser or apron of some description. There seems to be quite a few options for the T6 but people the bumper profile is slightly different. Has any one bought or have any ideas. Cheers
  17. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  18. Jimmi

    Battery draining on T5

    My friend has an 04 T5 she bought while renovating her house to move stuff about and still has it 5 years later. Apparently it keeps draining batteries, a local guy told her it’s the interior light causing the problem and “fixed it” but the fault has returned. Any ideas what this could be? I...
  19. Pawter

    Whats it worth T5.1 LWB kombi

    Hi team. I hope everyone’s ok during these times, itching to get on a campsite I am! I know these threads are a paint but my friend is hoping to buy the van below but he’s not sure how much it’s worth.If we can have some suggestions I’ll take an average ☺️ Thanks in advance - keep safe: One...
  20. Rich Green

    T5.1 Led bulb lighting query

    Hi guys I’ve just replaced my two main bulbs for LED in the T5.1 I see there is also the indicator lamps and one more small lamp In the corner. Any ideas what the smaller lamp is called and would this need upgrading to led also? Thanks in advance.