1. M

    Sold 2013 T5.1 DSG Tailgate LWB Camper conversion. £28500

    T5.1 140Bhp LWB HighLine Shuttle tailgate with DSG automatic, converted to a camper 108,000 Miles - Austops pop top with red scenic canvas and fold down bed board + memory foam mattress, Evo Designs cabinets with over bed storage and led lighting. Dometic twin gas and sink unit with 10l onboard...
  2. Carl1974

    T5.1 Removing silver strips on grille.

    I’m looking at replacing the silver inserts on the grille for green to match the strip below, I’ve noticed that some of the silver has started to flake. I purchased a roll of green but how would I fit it if the silver strips have clips?
  3. Carrosserie lio

    t5 transformation

    hello everybody my t5 conversion , home made initially van 2 seats , whitout rear glass now
  4. G

    Retrofitting Xenon headlights T5.1

    Hi everyone Please delete if this is not allowed here. I was hoping to retro fit Xenon headlights to my T5.1. I understand I need to fit front and rear level sensors. A headlight range control module and auto lights and rain sensors with different headlight switch aswell as a upgraded BCM. I...
  5. S

    For Sale T5.1 Rear seats 2+1

    I have rear 2+1 seats for sale from my Dec 2014 T5.1. They’re in great condition as, although I’ve had the van from new, I’ve only had passengers on a handful of occasions. All floor brackets (which need a clean but are all working) and seat belts included. Removed last year and stored...
  6. T

    T6 Multivan Interior into T5.1 Transporter

    Hi everyone, first post on here. I’ve had a look around and can’t quite find the answer I’m looking for. Is it possible to swap everything from the B-pillar forwards (dash, steering wheel, door cards, seats and maybe even headlining) from T6 Multivan into T5.1 Transporter? And if it is...
  7. M

    Instrument cluster update?

    Hi, I've got the latest 3D instrument cluster on my T5.1. it all works great, but I've noticed that the graphic of the van does not show when the tailgate is open? the light etc still comes on in the van and thus I know its not anything wrong with the switch or mechanics. Is there anyway to...
  8. B

    Sold 2011 T5.1 P/V DSG with Tailgate - £7.5k

    Long MOT (Dec ‘22), 197k Full Service History, Only 1 previous owner before me, Tailgate DSG (Please note wheels are the silver VW steels) £7500 Location: Fife, Scotland
  9. PukkaT6

    Sold T5.1 Sportlines. £625

    Genuine VW T5.1 Sportlines Load rated for T32 but will fit all T5 and T6 models. Diamond Cut Slight wear but doesnt not detract from looks. All tyres are a minimum of 5mm 4 years old and balanced ready to go on Location: Warrington Can potentially deliver but van goes back 1st March. £625
  10. veearrsix

    Cold feet, well foot

    Does anyone else have an issue with the footwell heating. The heater works fine, blows on all speeds, but when set to warm the footwell, there seems to be more hit or coming out of the dash vents than the footwell vents. Also, I only seem to be able to warm up my right foot, as a cold draught...
  11. D

    T5.1 Power sliding door button flashing?

    Hi everyone. New to the forum but hoping there’s someone with knowledge of the auto sliding doors here. I have a t5.1 high line with auto sliding doors and recently the offside door power button flashes intermittently when driving as if to warn it’s open. It sometimes fails to open then if...
  12. S

    Fitting swivel base

    I am trying to fit a double passenger swivel base. I have read loads of posts on this but still not clear on a couple of things. Ithis is in relation to the cables in the seat base. I am happy to tuck the multi coloured connectors under the floor but I have quite a few fuses and relays under...
  13. A

    Alternator replacement T5.1

    Does anybody have a procedure for replacing the alternator on a VW T5,1. I have seen a video of pulling it out through the bottom but this is not really feasible. I have also seen a video with full bumper and radiator removal (Radiator in service positive) which looks a of work to replace an...
  14. J

    Bluetooth symbol flashing on dash [resolved]

    I’ve just installed a new head unit in my T5.1 and everything seems to be working, however the Bluetooth symbol keeps flashing on the dash (see video if I’ve managed to successfully embed it!). Has anyone seen this before and have any idea how I can fix it? Thanks.
  15. S

    Newbie. First Camper, first post.

    Good morning all. Just a quick comms check really to make sure I’m doing things correctly. Just bought a ‘14 plate T6 LWB.
  16. BlayneKinley

    P0016 - crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor correlation error

    Evening all, I’ve had a search and not really found anything relatable to my issue. I’ll start with some van details below (forgive me for owning a T5.1 on the T6 forum but this forum offers much more valuable information and is a lot easier to navigate). Transporter T5.1 2015 High line spec...
  17. W

    Roof Spoiler. Where To Buy??

    hi i live in west lancs i am looking to buy silver roof spoiler anyone local selling one any tips welcome i have vw 2012 caravelle willvanstar
  18. D

    KBA 47745 16” alloys from T5 on T6 T32?

    I’m about to order a T6.1 4Motion Startline. Currently I have a T5 (t30) and would like to swap the T5 16” alloys to the new van. All the wheel sizes are the same, so should be no fit issues, but I can’t find a definitive load rating. The T5 alloys are marked KBA 47745, which should be for a...
  19. Carl1974

    T5/5.1 decals, T6.1 style…

    Added these last week which I got from wagen_werks, just something to change the look on the front.
  20. A

    T5.1 barn doors not showing open on display

    Anyone got low or midline dash and barn doors - easy question - does the dash show an open door when the barn door is open?