1. P

    Little annoying heater pannel issuise t5.1bcm

    T5.1 has been basicly power/ earths to power heater pannel air direction flaps , But the air circulation iss illumation all the time 1 is there anything I can check from the heater pannel wireing ? Or bcm I’ve problerly missed / Which illumination wire is used from the bcm to power back...
  2. Dandy

    For Sale T5.1 Sportline wheels. £700

    18”sportline alloys for sale,immaculate condition, plenty of tread in the tyres
  3. Skipperjonce

    Sold Kombi Highline. £14,750

    Selling my VW T5.1 in gorgeous night blue. £14750 No Vat I've owned this van for the last 7 years and it's been an excellent family vehicle. Selling now as moved onto a newer van. This is the factory Kombi Highline with twin side loading doors and tailgate. Features include: Full VW main...
  4. J

    T5.1 to T6.1 facelift - sidelight problem

    Hi all I have done t5.1 to 6.1 facelift and put the diodes between pin 10 and pin 4 but when I put the side lights on they come on and go off and then don’t come back on even if I turn the light switch off and on again. The only way they come back on is the turn the ignition off and on again but...
  5. T6 dork

    For Sale T5.1 Caravelle headlights

    very good condition from my old T5.1 Caravelle (2013) these were taken off at 39,000 miles and dry stored £100
  6. vintage_racing

    For Sale Kombi 2+1 seats with belts & brackets

    Kombi 2+1 seats for sale, recovered in black. Twin seat folds flat and has Isofix, single seat tilts forwards. All belts included, and floor brackets. £750 Location: Surrey
  7. A

    Heater problem

    Hi, I’m a fairly new T5 owner, mines a Danbury Royal camper 61 plate LWB. I bought it in February. The heater was working fine then. The main heater from the dash is giving out cold air until you turn the temperature dial to the highest setting. Then it’s full heat. The fan is working fine. It...
  8. Andries003

    [HOW TO] Full T5.1 to T6.1 Front Facelift

    Good day everyone, This is my attempt in writing a full guide on facelifting a T5.1 front to a T6.1 front with parking sensors, oem LED headlights and fog lights. For this guide I am assuming you'll be using a painted front bumper with separate fog light trim parts and not the cheap plastic...
  9. Andries003

    T5.1 to 6.1

    Good evening, This week I will be facelifting a t5.1 front end to a t6.1 front end including LED OEM lights. Is anyone interested in the process and parts involved, in that case I'll document it. I have already done the rear end tailgate with OEM led taillights and an adapted wiring harness for...
  10. Flyingspanner

    Location of relay J180 [Resolved]

    Hi I’m looking for the relay location for the rear aux fan on my brothers T5.1GP shuttle. Factory manual has it in position 11 of the relay plate behind J519 BCM but not populated. Van is RHD
  11. S

    T5.1 Retrofit cruise control

    Looking at fitting cruise control to my 63 reg any advice as to where or who to deal with.
  12. T5 Byron

    Engine noise - Top end knocking/tapping, gases coming from oil filler.

    T5.1 2.0 TDI 100k CAAB We only use the van for trips, and I've noticed a tapping noise that's got gradually worse over the last few months. On checking under the he bonnet to try and locate the sound I opened the oil cap, and it was immediately clearer/louder. There also what looks like...
  13. Robs1000rr

    DRL feed for additional LED lights

    Hi I have a bonnet light bar I would like to tap into the live feed to the drl lights so it comes on when they do but not sure what colour wire I need to spice in to . If anyone can let me know or even provide a picture of location that be great. Thank you
  14. N

    California t5.2 in China

  15. R

    Wanted T5.1 Passenger Captain Seat

    As above really.
  16. S

    Sliding door deadlock issue (T5.1)

    I discovered an odd issue with the deadlock for the sliding doors on my 2011 T5.1 Caravelle. Manual doors but with silent close. Twin sliders. Lock or lock normally with key fob. All good. Deadlocks work as expected. Lock or unlock with the interior lock. All doors locked but no...
  17. G

    LED / Xenon headlight level-sensor cable route

    Hello everyone has anyone retrofitted Xenon or LED headlights to their vans and have fitted the front and rear level sensors plus associated wiring. The real level sensor does the cable for this run under the van from rear to front or does it enter the van via a grommet somewhere and travel...
  18. L

    Education on haldex required please!

    Hello Gents, I am preparing for a project and at the moment wether buying an all wheel drive T5 or try fitting the whole all wheel system from the donor car is the question. What are the capabilities of the older I guess it is the first generation Haldex system fitted on the early t5's? What...
  19. Adever121

    T5.1 Gear box rattle

    Any help appreciated, Issue arrived recently developed a rattle on my t5.1 5 speed 102 kombi, rattle only started recently after new luk dmf and clutch, rattle/noise only seems to occur when decelerating in second as soon as your in 1st or 3rd or 4th,5th its gone depress the clutch it goes took...
  20. z1ts

    Sold 2015 Caravelle DSG 4Motion 180PS BiTDI, Blue. £24k

    Lovingly cared for T5 has to move on for its successor (a shiny new to us T6 :waving: ) Full details here:- Volkswagen, CARAVELLE, 2015, DSG, 2.0 BiTDI, Blue | in Gloucestershire | Gumtree