1. K

    Chrome coloured door mirror covers / caps

    Our T5.1 came with door mirror covers fitted.. chrome coloured. Look like they're double sided tape stick on. They're not really our 'cup of tea'. Anyone know how to remove them? Thanks
  2. mel9703

    For Sale 2015 T28 102PS Highline Camper. £26k

    Hi all, I am selling my T5.1 *Price £26K *Year 2015 *Manual *Engine - 2.0l. 102BHP *Service - partial, cam belt and water pump replaced at 32000 *Mileage 55k *Mot March 25 *Air con *Cruise control *reimo elevating roof bed *SEAT & BED SYSTEM(WITH EEC CERTIFICATE- EC DIRECTIVE 76/115/EECFOR M1...
  3. paradigm

    Sold 2014 T32 LWB 180PS BiTDI DSG Sportline Kombi. £21,500

    Hi all, I'm putting my T5.1 Sportline 60 up for sale. 180, yes, but a beautiful brand new engine/turbos etc and all the necessary remedial work to ensure there's never a repeat! 2014 VW Transporter T32 180 Sportline 60th Anniversary Edition - LWB, DSG with Twin Sliding Doors and tailgate...
  4. S

    For Sale T5 Sportline wheels. £750 Glasgow

  5. W

    T5.1 Heated rear window

    Hello guys, New on here so apologies if this has been covered. Got my first T5.1 and although has a rear window it isn’t heated. Auto elec trying to install the wires and set up switch but cannot find anywhere to get the wiring diagram, obviously as this is retro it isn’t available on my reg...
  6. S

    Sold T5.1 Sportline wheels, black. £680

    Hi, I have a set of 4 18 inch Sportline wheels for sale at £680 for the set collected. All fitted with 255/45 R18 103Y XL Uniroyal Rainsport 5 tyres that have only done approximately 3,000 miles and have 6.5 mm tread on them. They are load rated 860kg so are T32 compatible. 2 of the wheels have...
  7. B

    Milton Keynes Newbie - needs help with Electrics :-)

    I have a 2013 T5.1 - having some issues with my rear indicators. Works fine with the hazard lights, but flashes dimly as a turn signal. The bulb warning light comes on in the instrument cluster and the cluster right turn arrow flashes at double speed. All the other bulbs (front and side...
  8. N

    Newbie converting a T5.1

    Hi all, looking forward to learning some tips and tricks to help convert our 2016 T5.1 Neil.
  9. T

    Problems fitting alpine halo 9 in T5.1 dash infill

    Hi im just fitting a halo 9 into my t5.1. I bought the fitting kit below but i cant seem to work out how they intended the head unit to sit in the cut outs as there too big? if i used the metal mounting brackets that where fitted to my other head unit the plastic facia then clashes and cant be...
  10. G

    OEM Heated seats and Aftermarket wiring + switch

    I have Caravelle T5.1 leather front captains seats in my T6, these are factory heated. I've already taken a punt with a T5.1 heater control unit with heated seat buttons but it didnt control the heating direction properly in my T6 (fiddling and recalibration with VCDS didnt help). And i've come...
  11. cabela

    Rear PDC problem

    Started the van the other week and had the message on infotainment system show park assist not available and screen not showing anything from rear sensors. When I start up it beeps continuously for about 3 seconds then goes off and again nothing from the rear sensors. It’s a DSG T6. I plugged in...
  12. C

    T6.1 - T5.1 suspension swap

    Can anyone tell me if the front and rear suspension from a 2020 plate T6.1/T30 will fit a 2014 T5 please. Thank you guys Creamytash
  13. W

    T5.1 Sportline wheels on a T6.1

    Hi. I always liked the T5 Sportsline wheels like the one in the picture. Would these fit a 2020 T6.1 T30?
  14. S

    T5.1 sliding door bottom-spring

    Hi all opened the sliding door today and the bottom spring locating thingy self destructed not a clue how it works or the part number but need one asap i think its the one at the bottom on the pillar that went awal Simon
  15. K

    Bike rack / rear light clash on tailgate

    Hi Folks, Fitted a bike rack today, noticed RH rear light clearance fine, however LH rear light not! Any thoughts on any next steps? Many thanks
  16. P

    Is there a possible t5.1 bcm daigram

    Linbus output / and possible grey steering as struggling getting paddles to work or illumation on buttons
  17. P

    Dsg shifter differences - T5.1 / T6?

    Is there any dsg differnerce in terms of the dsg selector travel for the cable ? Or cable length ? Or on the pivot were the cable moves up and down on? From the t5.1/ t6 dsg selectors ? Reason I ask as some know I’ve fitted a rs3 7 speed dsg in the van , If I set the cable it’s like cables...
  18. P

    T5.1 Electric Window motor help

    I've a old 2006 transporter but I have a t6 dash installed I think the t5.1 electric motors will fit on std t5 windows . ? I also have t5.1 highline bcm instilled mainly used for the heater controlls to move the heater flaps ( yes long story ) I'm assuming the t5.1/ t6 window switchers are the...
  19. Skipperjonce

    Sold 2013 T5.1 140PS SWB Highline Kombi Twin-Slider. £13995

    Selling my VW T5.1 in gorgeous metallic night blue. £13995 No Vat I've owned this van for the last 7 years and it's been an excellent family vehicle. Selling now as moved onto a newer van. This is the factory Kombi Highline with twin side loading doors and tailgate. Features include: Full...
  20. P

    T5.1 tailgate loom part number

    Hi all, would anyone happen to know the part number for a T5.1 tailgate wiring loom with electric handle / latch? I have purchased a bare tailgate and trying to gather the internal parts Thank you in advance