1. z1ts

    Sold 2015 Caravelle DSG 4Motion 180PS BiTDI, Blue. £24k

    Lovingly cared for T5 has to move on for its successor (a shiny new to us T6 :waving: ) Full details here:- Volkswagen, CARAVELLE, 2015, DSG, 2.0 BiTDI, Blue | in Gloucestershire | Gumtree
  2. A

    For Sale 2014 T32 Highline Kombi DSG, Leighton Vans Carlex build, lots of extras

  3. O

    Sold 2011 T5.1 T30 140PS Kombi twin-door. FVWSH. PRICE DROP £23,000 No VAT!

    Volkswagen Transporter Factory Kombi ! Factory Twin sliding with tailgate. NO VAT!! Was £26,495, price drop to £23,000!! Volkswagen T5.1 2.0tdi 140 6 speed manual Metallic Olympic Blue HPI CLEAR 2011 T30 model 68,500 miles Full VW history Recent Major Service and Cambelt at VW Brand New...
  4. B

    Wanted T5.1 Cab Headliner

    Hi - looking for headliner to suit 2015 T5.1 - preferably in unmarked condition (don't really want to re-cover). In Scotland preferred or posted - but can arrange courier. Many thanks
  5. 7

    Was 2012/13 a change over year ?

    Hi I have a late 12 plate 5.1. was it a change over year ? Some parts I look up show up to 2012 and some parts already fitted from 2013 on ?
  6. T

    T5.1 electric window kit

    Hi all, Please can someone help me. I’m trying to fit my electric windows but there doesn’t seem to be a good video or a description. I have a rough idea through the instructions but I don’t know 100%. I also have the one touch up and down and open and close from the key fob. Please can someone...
  7. A

    No near side front indicator light - T5.1 2010

    Hi, wondering if someone can help. I've no power coming in to the n/s front indicator. All the rest of the indicators are working fine. The external light warning light on the dash has also shown up. The van is a camper and I recently fitted T6.1 rear lights upgrade and included fitting reverse...
  8. Jay586

    Sold 2015 T32 140PS LWB Highline Twin-Slider P/V. £18,250

    My mate is selling this van privately. It was the delivery van for his business, light deliveries of fruit and veg. Lovely bloke. North Wales, near Colwyn Bay, just off the A55. 2015 Volkswagen transporter £18,250 VAT INCLUDED 2015 Volkswagen Transporter Van , driven 88000 MILES VOLKSWAGEN...
  9. T

    T5.1 Side lights - 0.7v vs 12.2v

    Hi all, I'm having problems with my t5.1 passenger sidelight, checked the voltage and it is only reading .7 of a volt drivers side reads 12.2, any advice much appreciated.
  10. W

    Finding part for rear barn door

    The retaining things is missing from my passenger side barn door, any idea what it is called and more importantly, where I get a replacement from?
  11. B

    T5.1 Retrofit power-fold mirrors

    What is required to install power fold mirrors to a vehicle? I’ve got a donor vehicle that currently has power folds and mine doesn’t. Is it a relatively straight forward swap or not? Thanks
  12. M

    Newer T6 PDC sensors to T5.1

    Hi, I’ve got to replace my rear bumper on my T5.1 and would like to fit the facelift (2012-2015) version to update the look of the van, I have PDC sensors and ideally would like to retain this by fitting the newer style more flush sensors in the new bumper. The connector on the newer style...
  13. lukeadams

    T6 Kombi 2+1 rear single seat doesn’t fold [Resolved]

    I have a T6 kombi with 2+1 rear seats, I was under the assumption that all t6 kombis rear seats fold, however, only my double rear seat folds with the single just tilting. Any advice? Is there a way of buying a folding single seat and moving my leather seat pads over?
  14. S

    Early year T5 upgrade

    I'm looking for a T6 kombi, 150 T32 DSG tailgate. £35k!! What if I purchased an early T5 with above specs? Much cheaper. I'm going to upgrade front with more stylish aggressive front anyway. New wheels with air suspension. I maybe talking 2012. Find the lowest mileage T5. I'm not wanting to...
  15. O

    T5.1 MULTIVAN Multimedia HEAD UNIT upgrade

    Friends. I cannot live with stock music. Planning to upgrade speakers and add sub. But, I have multivan and shape of console trims does not give opportunities. Wanted to install RDC360 android head unit, really great device with stock look. But it will not fit by dimensions, lol. Any other...
  16. Amymax18

    Sold 2015 15 T5.1 Highline Kombi / Day van, 48k miles, manual 140bhp

    Hi All, now my T6 is ready to go I have my T5.1 up for sale. Link here to advert on marketplace Link Van is located in south west scotland. Low mileage kombi / camper 48269 miles 2015 15 plate Full service history, rear tyres and brakes replaced approx 1000 miles ago, all receipts present...
  17. M

    T5.1 caravelle - number-plate lights out and bulb warning on dash

    Just been to the shop in the van, bulb out warning on the dash . No nunber plate lights. Any idea.
  18. L

    Just purchased my first transporter!

    Hi guys, I've just purchased my first transporter! It is a 2011 plate T28, i've read this is a common van to convert - which isn't my plan. I've got a wife and 3 children, the "boot" space is a necessity! I look forward to asking you all lots of questions! Luke.
  19. D

    T5.1 kombi tailgate interior release [Resolved]

    Hi, hope I’ve posted in the correct section. My van is frying my brain. The interior tailgate realise switch has never worked since I’ve owned it. I thought it was a switch after wiring checks so ordered another and that one was pre opened which also didn’t fix the issue. So got one more...
  20. rolla

    VW T5.1 being upgraded to T6 4motion running gear

    Well thats an intersting start here .... just as the title states .... so my 15plate T5.1 has a knackered DSG box, n/s stub axle moves up/down, massive clonk/bang out of park etc ... vibration in high gear at low speed .. swishing sound from a dry n/s diff bearing... I couldn't find the same...