1. A

    Alternator replacement T5.1

    Does anybody have a procedure for replacing the alternator on a VW T5,1. I have seen a video of pulling it out through the bottom but this is not really feasible. I have also seen a video with full bumper and radiator removal (Radiator in service positive) which looks a of work to replace an...
  2. J

    Bluetooth symbol flashing on dash [resolved]

    I’ve just installed a new head unit in my T5.1 and everything seems to be working, however the Bluetooth symbol keeps flashing on the dash (see video if I’ve managed to successfully embed it!). Has anyone seen this before and have any idea how I can fix it? Thanks.
  3. S

    Newbie. First Camper, first post.

    Good morning all. Just a quick comms check really to make sure I’m doing things correctly. Just bought a ‘14 plate T6 LWB.
  4. BlayneKinley

    P0016 - crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor correlation error

    Evening all, I’ve had a search and not really found anything relatable to my issue. I’ll start with some van details below (forgive me for owning a T5.1 on the T6 forum but this forum offers much more valuable information and is a lot easier to navigate). Transporter T5.1 2015 High line spec...
  5. W

    Roof Spoiler. Where To Buy??

    hi i live in west lancs i am looking to buy silver roof spoiler anyone local selling one any tips welcome i have vw 2012 caravelle willvanstar
  6. D

    KBA 47745 16” alloys from T5 on T6 T32?

    I’m about to order a T6.1 4Motion Startline. Currently I have a T5 (t30) and would like to swap the T5 16” alloys to the new van. All the wheel sizes are the same, so should be no fit issues, but I can’t find a definitive load rating. The T5 alloys are marked KBA 47745, which should be for a...
  7. Carl1974

    T5/5.1 decals, T6.1 style…

    Added these last week which I got from wagen_werks, just something to change the look on the front.
  8. A

    T5.1 barn doors not showing open on display

    Anyone got low or midline dash and barn doors - easy question - does the dash show an open door when the barn door is open?
  9. D

    T5.1 tailgate wiring loom part #

    Evening all.. can some please give me the part number for a t5.1 tailgate loom. My 2013 transporter had originally barn doors but I've done the conversion to tailgate. I need the blank handle and the loom. Can someone help please
  10. jt999

    Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

    Hi all, I had a flashing coil light come on, plus the engine management light - ran a check on VCDS and tried to clear but it came back right away, so tried Carista too and same problem. A shortened version of the VCDS output: 4 Faults Found: 4911 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; B1 S3...
  11. K

    Sold NOW SOLD Single Captain passenger seat £550

    For sale single front captain passenger seat with arm rests. Bought to use in my van but changed my mind. Includes arm rests, base and all plastic trims around. No rips or tears as had seat covers on but a few age related marks. Collect from Newcastle NE5. £550 Ps I know it goes in the front….
  12. A

    T5.1 barn doors - locking issue

    Ok so I have a T5.1 with barn doors central locking via remote fob (or key) works fine including the barn doors I have fitted the switch to lock the doors in the drivers door but when I press it is locks the door and then just unlocks it again. same thing happens doors lock and unlock...
  13. VW camper

    EGR issue, vote please

    I'm looking for a vote for my van 5 years it's T.5.1 year 2014 ( I'll be be buying also a T6 soon) The T5 has Egr issues usual the BS. My question to all feel free to Express your selfs, WOULD YOU RECODE/ BLANK THE FAULT OR replace the fittings ETC for 800euro +
  14. R

    DRL Fuse

    The DRL on our 2012 T5.1 has stopped working. The bulb is OK, but I have no idea where the fuse is to check if it has blown. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  15. TheKeymeister

    Indirect TPMS reset menu on T5.1

    I know this isn't exactly T6 related, so apologies in advance...but this is the forum I'm most active on nowadays so thought best to post here... It's well documented elsewhere on how to enable indirect TPMS, 03-ABS Brakes, coding, then activate byte 12 (for T5.1) or byte 15 (for T6) bit 4. It...
  16. TheDumbOx

    Tail lights and side lights not working mystery (T5.1) [Resolved]

    Hi all so I'm hoping someone can help before I rip out the interior and call in the infamously grumpy auto-electrician*. Also, I know this is the T6 forum and mine is a T5.1 but I couldn't see the electric forum on the T5 section. Feel free to shift to more appropriate place. So, neither my...
  17. W

    T5.1 bumper grille wanted

    Hi all I’m looking at sprucing my bumper up on a 2015 t5.1 but can’t seem to find this part the long lower grill for any other than a t6 and was wondering if anyone knows if the t6 fits the t5.1 or can point me in the right direction of finding one. thanks
  18. F2JON

    Sold T6 front end

    august the 9th my van is going in for a full re paint and T6.1 front end facelift (excluding bonnet ) so if anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs a t6 front end, wings , bumper, h4 headlights , gloss black painted grills etc then let me know, I also have a travelinlite sportline front...
  19. T

    Are t5.1 and t6.1 same wheel fitment ?

    Am thinking of putting banded steels on 17 inch and n to my t5.1 2014 campervan wondered if there all the same fitting? Running 20s on skinny tyres on low suspension and am going to Scotland thinking might be more comfortable?? Any advice would be appreciated
  20. J

    T5.1 Rain sensitive wipers not working

    HI, I've just bought a 2015 T5.1 and after lurking on here for a while this is my first post! The rain sensitive wipers aren't working (I can do single wipes or wipers on full, but no intermittent or rain sensitive wiping). I've done the usual google searches and tried a BCM Hard...