1. L

    T5.1 rear lower bumper defuser

    Hi. I have a T5.1 sportline. Trying to get rear bumper add on like a defuser or apron of some description. There seems to be quite a few options for the T6 but people the bumper profile is slightly different. Has any one bought or have any ideas. Cheers
  2. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  3. Jimmi

    Battery draining on T5

    My friend has an 04 T5 she bought while renovating her house to move stuff about and still has it 5 years later. Apparently it keeps draining batteries, a local guy told her it’s the interior light causing the problem and “fixed it” but the fault has returned. Any ideas what this could be? I...
  4. A

    Whats it worth T5.1 LWB kombi

    I'm now waiting for my new T6.1 kombi to arrive and so looking at options of getting shot of old one. Its a 2010 LWB 140 with twin sliders. I've had it from new and has full VW service history. It will have a full MOT. I would say mechanically its 100%, bodywork could do with some TLC. Its...
  5. Rich Green

    T5.1 Led bulb lighting query

    Hi guys I’ve just replaced my two main bulbs for LED in the T5.1 I see there is also the indicator lamps and one more small lamp In the corner. Any ideas what the smaller lamp is called and would this need upgrading to led also? Thanks in advance.
  6. N

    Split charge relay mounting under drivers seat query

    I'm just about to install the cabling for the split charge relay from the main battery to the the underside of my drivers seat. I have ordered a proper battery tray for my leisure battery. (the battery is one that will fit height wise ok under the seat). But, the slight confusion I am having is...
  7. T

    For Sale vw t5 california front seats {black leather }

    a pair of cali swivels retrimmed in black leather used but good condition £1650
  8. R

    T5.1 front bumper compatibility a T5

    HI there guys one of our transporters is a 58 plate t5 shuttle, what I,m trying to find out if a t5.1 bumper is a direct fit or do I need to do any adjustments. only wanting to replace the front bumper, or would I have to replace the whole front end. regards paul......…..
  9. R

    Wanted vw t5 sportline wheels.

    HI there guys have any of you guys got a set of vw t5 sportline alloys with or without tyres .must be very clean and without damage please .colour isn,t important but condition is.i have a t32 so tyres must be load rated too.can and will travel for decent undamaged wheels .I,m in Glasgow area...
  10. Wafu

    Newbie in Cornwall.

    Thanks for accepting me on to the forum, I look forward to many a good read. I’m new to the T6 but have had a few in the lineage, from my first T4 LWB to my latest T5.1 Caravelle below...
  11. L

    Need Connector Assignment of Onboard supply control unit for BCM upgrade and CCS on MFSW Project

    Good Evening to All, I planning to retrofit upgraded BCM ( 7E0937090D PQ25 0762 H82) and CCS from steering wheel on to my T5.1 Could someone help me to get a pin assignment of a never model T6' BCM T73a, T73b and possibly the T41 connectors? I seams there ware various slight changes so I...
  12. Jules_UK

    T5.1 front bumper DRLs...

    so fitting my Travelin lite DRL kit over past couple of days, instructions pretty good, ones for there fogs kit better, and i had/have a few fitting issues.. panel fit by arabianjules, on Flickr ...so here i think long self tappers to over come this. cut out was tweeked to what the...
  13. T6 Cubby Hole

    T6 Cubby Hole

  14. P

    Project 400k

    Hi everyone! My first post as I need some of your expertise! Technically I own a T5.1 (don’t evict me!) but I am in the process of doing a T6.1 conversion and full respray of our 2014 LWB highline. I did read about body coded parts? But I really need some help with electrical stuff. Ideally I...
  15. Mrcl

    T5.1 Racking

    Hi all! My first thread on here but been trawling through this site for years, so hopefully doesn’t flop! We (me & dad) have built bespoke racking in the cargo area and thought I would share as I can’t really find much about this on here or other forums, mainly just the premade stuff (correct...
  16. S

    Removing Tailgate interior window surround in T5 Shuttle?

    Hi, I've a 2011 T5 Shuttle with tailgate. The rear brake light at the top of the tailgate is broken, so I need to replace it, but to do this the interior window surround trim needs to be removed first to get access to the light securing screws. There are no visible fastenings. If you can tell...
  17. K

    Retrofit T6 Caravelle Interior In T5 Kombi Help !

    I’ve purchased a t6 caravelle highline interior, to fit in a t5 kombi,. I understand that the a pillars and tailgate won’t fit. I started with the headliners, then working my way from front to back with trim, I’m at a loss with the c pillars and what these are fitted to. There are no pre...
  18. E

    T5.1 Washer Bottle Pump Motor Fuse Location And Rating Please

    Hello ALL, Annoying Newbie saying Hi and asking his first, probably, already answered elsewhere question ! Sorry in advance if someone has covered this before but I am not very tech savy and couldn't find anything ? OK so what I am looking for is the location and rating of the fuse that...
  19. A

    Genuine Sportline Alloys Or Not?

    Hi guys, are there any experts on here that know about genuine sportline alloys? I've seen a set just wanted to clarify if they were genuine or a cheap replica? Thanks in advance, Ashley
  20. P

    T5.1 Sportlines

    I’m pulling my hair out here. Really want a set of these as they are my favourite, by far. Can’t find them for a sensible price anywhere, other than the odd second hand pair showing up the other end of the country. I’ve tried searching on here but only posts that are 5/6 years old seem to have...