1. Ali-G

    For Sale Audison 8” Subwoofer.

    I have for sale an Audison 8” subwoofer complete with carpet covered enclosure. This was fitted under a single captain’s seat fitted with a swivel. The sub was recently removed from my van by Jason at Absolut5. I can’t find the model number but Jason has told me that they are around the £190...
  2. B

    Alpine Halo 9 Sub Out RCA

    Hi all, I installed a Halo 9 in my T6 today. The amp only picks up sound if the RCA’s are connected to the “front speaker out” RCA’s and nothing when connected to the “Sub Out” RCA’s. Thing is I want to LPF the front speakers so the Sub handles most the bass. Any ideas why the Sub Outs wouldn’t...
  3. B

    Underseat Sub - RCD360

    Has anyone connected a sub to one of the RCD360 Apple CarPlay head units (Moody YSM Facebook). It has the standard OEM connection but don’t think it has a sub out.
  4. Montecha

    For Sale JL 10 Sub-woofer

    Genuine single Passenger seat base recently removed from 2016 T6 Kombi. ( I have fitted a lower Sportscraft base ) good condition, a couple of marks as per the pictures. £125. I‘m also selling a JL 10 Sub, that I have also had to change as it’s too tall for the lower base, good working...
  5. C

    FREE Sub woofer box

    This sub woofer box was made by Absolut 5 for their signature package. It fits under the front bench seat. The top piece where the speaker sits is damaged but could easily be used as a template to fit a different size speaker or could be repaired very easily. Collection from RM13 or you can pay...
  6. B


    I've just let my T6 go, sad day :cry: but before it left I removed my Kenwood KSC-PSW8 underseat subwoofer, suitable forT6 models with 2 x front seats, but can't see any reason why it wouldn't fit under the double passenger seat either. Includes head unit adapter to avoid any cutting of wires...
  7. Bynxy

    Dash mounted bass speaker

    Has anyone replaced the top storage on the T6 dash and fitted a dash mounted bass speaker and if so what did you use as, it would be an ideal location now that I have fitted the Alpine Halo 11 seing as the screen is in the way!
  8. S

    Alpine Subwoofer actif PWE-S8

    hello everyone I just purchased Alpine Active Subwoofer PWE-S8. and i would like to install it on my t6, i don't see rca on my radio! could someone help me? thank you
  9. MikeT6

    For Sale Chrome Cup Surrounds / Standard Side Repeaters and Sportline Cab Light with LED

    Few items for sale to make some room….. Sportline Eibach Springs from my T32 T6, approx 18k on them and great condition Now Sold. Custom Underseat Sub Box with Pyle 800w Subwoofer and Vibe 400.1 Microamp Now Sold. Chrome Cup Holder Surrounds £12 posted Standard T6 Cabin light with LED main...
  10. Keaney

    Van-X dash-speaker or sub?

    Looking at the van x top speaker console, has anyone actually used a speaker in it or sub to some success? Debating installing one along with wireless CarPlay in their glove box thing
  11. W

    Sub install with RIB bed

    Hi all, I’ve upgraded my head unit and front speakers and added and amp to power. It sounds great but is missing depth especially at low volume. Figure it being a van (camper conversion) means I’ve a big space to fill. Looking at adding a proper sub (not the slimline all in one units) but not...
  12. saronica

    Does anyone know what this is? [Solved]

    Does any one know what this little box does, it looks like it says ‘Pioneer’ on it but I am not sure. It’s not on a T6, I was looking at some form of stop gap till the new one arrives.
  13. T

    No aftermarket head unit? No problem…

    Afternoon, A while back I looked at the cost of upgrading the factory head unit or components. After reviewing multiple options I decided to try a route I have gone before on a few factory systems. I spent a long time looking unto active subs, and I wanted to maximise space and not have huge...
  14. Jontheone

    T6.1 multivan speaker wires.

    Hi all. Just bought a T6.1 multivan and I want to tap into the front right door speaker to run a sub wire to the boot. Can someone please confirm the colour of the front right speaker wires please. I have read a few threads and there is varying comments. My plan is is use the 12v in the boot...
  15. Brindle

    Sold 12 JL sub and enclosure for under Kombi seat.

    4Ohm 12” JL sub and custom enclosure for under rear Kombi seat. This is a 12” 12W0V3-4 sub in a custom built sealed enclosure that is build to the exact correct volume specifications, but still allowing it to fit under the rear twin Kombi seat. The box is made from 18mm MDF which has been...
  16. T

    Anyone fitted Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Factory Sub?

    Hi I was looking at the kit to fit a Kenwood sub under the passenger seat, they are VW accessories Kenwood KSC-PSW8. It is one unit that has a built in amp. it comes with the wiring to fit it.
  17. GordyT6

    ICE Upgrade????

    Looking at swapping front speakers. Without stripping door first does anyone know what sizes I need to be looking at? Also any recommendations? Ta peeps
  18. Gavinsky23

    Help - wiring up sub woofer to amp

    Hi all looking for a bit of help. My kombi had a hertz amp, sub and rear speakers fitted when I viewed it. After purchasing and converting, the converter removed the sub as it was under the now swivelling passsenger seat. I’ve now found a place for it and thought I could just connect it up to...
  19. RyanGerry

    cable size for sub-woofer?

    I recently managed to get hold of a kicker under seat sub and few other bits, I ordered some power cable but as you can see in the pic it’s not the same size as the one fitted to the original adaptor. Does anyone know what size cable this is so I can order some more?
  20. cbrblade

    Under seat subwoofer box

    Hi All wanting to fit a hertz hx 250 under passenger seat,any recommendations on which box to use