1. Brindle

    For Sale 12 JL sub and enclosure for under Kombi seat.

    4Ohm 12” JL sub and custom enclosure for under rear Kombi seat. This is a 12” 12W0V3-4 sub in a custom built sealed enclosure that is build to the exact correct volume specifications, but still allowing it to fit under the rear twin Kombi seat. The box is made from 18mm MDF which has been...
  2. T

    Anyone fitted Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Factory Sub?

    Hi I was looking at the kit to fit a Kenwood sub under the passenger seat, they are VW accessories Kenwood KSC-PSW8. It is one unit that has a built in amp. it comes with the wiring to fit it.
  3. H

    T6 ICE Upgrades - Eton, amp, sub?

    Hi All, Hoping someone will have some help and advice. Looking to upgrade my current speakers (standard OEM) in my van. I'd like something decent, with good clarity and good sound - not all bass! I'm also looking at adding a passenger seat sub. I've seen a few things saying about the Eton...
  4. J

    Want to upgrade speakers - Halfords? need some advice

    Hello all, newbie T6 owner here with my first post. We have just purchased an ex AA 2016 T6, with a view to adding a basic conversion at some point when funds allow. One of the first things I would like to do is to upgrade the audio side of things. I was thinking of getting it fitted for me, as...
  5. Gavinsky23

    Help - wiring up sub woofer to amp

    Hi all looking for a bit of help. My kombi had a hertz amp, sub and rear speakers fitted when I viewed it. After purchasing and converting, the converter removed the sub as it was under the now swivelling passsenger seat. I’ve now found a place for it and thought I could just connect it up to...
  6. RyanGerry

    cable size for sub-woofer?

    I recently managed to get hold of a kicker under seat sub and few other bits, I ordered some power cable but as you can see in the pic it’s not the same size as the one fitted to the original adaptor. Does anyone know what size cable this is so I can order some more?
  7. cbrblade

    Under seat subwoofer box

    Hi All wanting to fit a hertz hx 250 under passenger seat,any recommendations on which box to use
  8. W

    Help with under seat sub

    Hiya I wired up my jbl nano under seat sub today But I can’t seem to get any power to the sub I got a skipton harness so I wouldn’t have to cut into the t6.1 wires any help would be great
  9. W

    Underseat sub install - anything else needed?

    Hiya I’m looking to install a under seat sub on my new t6.1 is there any other cables or anything I need to install with the head unit that came with it ? thx
  10. cbrblade

    Todays freebie

    Got this off a mate today for free :) are they any good
  11. S

    Fitting an Amp to a Shuttle with rear speakers

    Anyone give me a heads up on how I get a line out for an amp on my Shuttle, it already has rear speakers, but I'd like some extra bass in the rear ideally in a separate box/amp set up. I want this removable as my van goes from Dayvan with Slidepod,to 9 seater,to stripped out as a bare van...
  12. S

    Focal speakers being fitted this weekend - amp or sub next?

    I'm getting some Focal speakers fitted by a local ICE specialist this weekend on my 17 plate Kombi. I'm happy with the head unit for now but am looking to do a few more upgrades as funds allow and was planning on having an amp fitted as the next stage. The company fitting the speakers are...
  13. K

    T6.1 speaker & tweeter upgrade

    After 2 days of surprisingly little swearing, I have all the wiring done inside my t6.1 for an Amp in the near future ( big job got canceled! ). Absolut5 Jason has recommended the hertz mille pro 2 way speakers for the doors but I'm seeing if anybody has any other speakers to check out...
  14. smilie121

    Sub woofer location + options for live feed

    I have a decent under seat sub woofer that sadly does not fit under the drivers seat - mainly because my leisure battery is there So I was thinking I could mount on the outside of the front seats (that swivel) to retain storage. Using some matt or foam to minimise vibration. I am yet to...
  15. X

    Dashcam live from sub woofer live??

    Can I take a feed from the sub woofer ignition live wire or battery live wire to power the dashcam? Any issues? Thanks
  16. bullracing

    ICE Advice. HCCA 10" 2ohm amp suggestions

    I have a 10" HCCA sub sat on a shelf for about 5 years and I think its time to use it. Pretty sure its dual 2ohm. Can anyone suggest a good amp? I cant find the specs now but I think I need an amp/monoblock 1500w 2ohm capable. I have been out of the game for too long. It seems the new Class D's...
  17. Yzfr1

    Who runs an under seat subwoofer?

    Just as title says. Who runs an under seat subwoofer and if you do what size.....8" or 10". I have STD stereo and just want to fill the bass that's missing. Don't need to be competition winning bass....just enough to fill the lower end the STD system can't reach.....on a budget. I have speakers...
  18. J

    Sub Under Seat?

    Hey all, so considering the Sub woofer under bench seat option but a little hesitant as to how good it would actually sound under the seat?? Any experience? Is it worth drilling the seat housing??
  19. Skyliner33

    Where To Put A Subwoofer?

    Im looking for ideas for where to put a 10" subwoofer. No room under either seat. Drivers has leisure batter and dc-dc charger under it plus some other bits and pieces. Passenger (single) has the consumer unit for the mains hookup. In the rear there are caravelle rails and a 3 seater sliding...
  20. Minimucks

    Passenger Swivel Seat With Sub

    Hey guys, I've browsed the forum for my answer but can't quite find it. I'm planning on fitting a sub under the passenger single seat. Then before summer I'll throw a swivel base on as well. My seats are heated. First question is what's the best swivel to work with a sub? Height not really an...