1. Q

    What storage have you made in your van

    Hi any storage ideas that have been made by yourselves ? Photos please
  2. J

    Rear storage / bed for caravelle converted LWB Kombi

    I'm about to have my LWB T32 Kombi converted to Caravelle rails with a triple bench seat. It has got me thinking about the best way to make the most of the rear space behind the seats. Currently thinking about building a box out of phenolic ply, with a large lockable drawer and a double skin...
  3. andys

    Roof bars, boxes and other storage solutions

    It's become more and more apparent that I'm outgrowing the T6 and need to move to something bigger, but I'm really not that keen on any of the alternatives that I've been considering (as well as having to splash out another £20-40k on top of the T6 which is not very sensible when I'm a year or 2...
  4. T

    Kombi Wheel arch storage

    Hi All, New to T6, looking for tidy storage options for my kombi, preferably over rear wheel arch's, that doesn't take up too much space and can easily be removed. I there such thing? Planning to keep MTB bits and jerry can for water and prevent it all sliding about. Also interested to see...
  5. DSCN6231.JPG


    Rear roof locker in Reimo high roof on T6.
  6. DrB

    Storage suggestions for underneath RnR bed

    Would love to hear of any nifty storage solutions to organise (and store more!) under the rock n roll bed and when accessing the rear of Van Diesel. Photo attached so you can see the access we have. Thanks in advance!
  7. robbiebrown34

    What to go for when a little extra storage is needed?

    Hi Everying. I've got a detachable towbar on my T6 conversion and I want to use it for a little extra storage but I'm torn between various solutions and wondered if anyone has any advice/gotchas before I take the plunge. Basically we're going away for almost 3 weeks at the end of August and...
  8. StormUk

    Cupboard organisers

    What do people use inside there cupboards to stop everything moving around and rattling? Can you buy organisers or something like that or do I just fill them all with expanding foam beforw leaving? Ha ha
  9. Ethan Andrews

    VW OEM storage panel off side?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if VW do a dedicated storage panel / card. That will fit in the panel immediately behind the driver. This is for an LWB T6 with only one sliding passenger near side door. It’s funny how we all love our VW’s. Yet pop in to my local VW commercial parts dept. And I am...
  10. Garny999

    Thoughts on Overbed Locker

    Hello, I am close to ordering the furniture for my conversion and fancy the evomotion designs 5.5 swb. My question is, what do you guys think of the overbed locker. Is it something you would recommend or not. Its about £100 extra option. I have sliding rear seat so do have the option of...
  11. W

    Ovano Bed & Drawer

    Hi all, been looking at bed / storage options for the Kombi and came across these guy's. Anybody have one or experience with them, as on the face of it looks very flexible. Cheers
  12. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle seat storage boxes

    Hello,i know this has been done before but i wondeted if anyone has any updated ideas on this. We recently fitted a Caravelle rear seat/bed and need some storage boxes to fit in the three underneath compartments. Vw ones are ridiculously priced and never seen second hand and also will never seen...
  13. Rob_EMTB

    Non-permanent organisers / storage for rear

    Anyone got any recommendations for some kind of organiser / storage solution for the back of the van? Shopping sliding about all over the place at the moment. Ideally something non permanent / lightweight. Cheers rob
  14. R

    Custom Storage - Single Rear Cupboard?

    I'm in the process of planning my panel van to day van conversion and have been looking at a few storage options. One thing I am considering is a single storage cupboard over one of the wheel arches in the rear. Something like this Has anyone gone down this route?
  15. Paynewright

    Plastic Crate

    hi, Been in B&Q and Homebase recently and looking at their large plastic crates with lid - 100+ litre capacity. This would be to go behind row 3 seats in a SWB van. Just wondered if anyone else has put one in, to carry stuff and generally stop the shopping etc escaping all around the van...
  16. stuart-t6

    Westfalia storage bags

    Help.. I have seen these, does anyone know where I could buy them please
  17. T

    Underfloor Drawers?

    Hi, Does anyone have any/know of plans for a 2/3 draw underfloor setup for a LWB Transporter? Either 2 0r 1 for the rear and 1 for the side. Thanks
  18. T

    Underfloor Slide Drawers Plans?

    Hi, amyine know of plans for either single or dual rear drawers and a side drawer to fit a LWB t6? Thanks.
  19. T6180

    Rear Draw Unit

    I'm looking for a draw unit like below, this is an infinity customs unit but they want £1450. Does anyone know of any other companies or individuals who could make me something similar?
  20. B

    Tow Bar, Back Box And Bikes

    Good evening all. New to the camper game and recently took delivery of our T6 highline with tailgate. Just about to have a tow bar fitted and unsure as to what combination I should have for the extra storage and bikes. So far I've seen the Westfalia cargo box as well as the Thule easy base...