1. EcosseExile

    Towbar Mounted Storage Box

    Good morning, Does anyone use a towbar mounted storage box with their van? I'm after one to keep wet/dirty camping gear in, to free up space when travelling. Ideally it would drop down like a bike rack to allow opening of the tailgate. Does such a thing exist or have I dreamt it
  2. JTT6

    For Sale Sliding storage any offers

    I built this about a year ago but my requirements have changed so no longer suitable. The van has a caravelle conversion and it mounts to the rails. Could be mounted for ward or flush with tailgate. Any interest considered. Located near Portsmouth, will need collecting.
  3. L


    Hi all, I'm at the planning stage for converting my Transporter Kombi into a camper and am pondering over the idea of storage. Looking at the pricing of including airline style cupboards and underbed storage are pretty pricey but I can see the advantage of having it. I had a California Beach...
  4. t6blo

    Kombi 3-Bench Seat storage ideas?

    Anyone bought or built some kind of under seat storage that fits either side of the 3 seater Kombi bench? Could technically extend to the right side wall as my van only a single slider. Thinking of some storage accessible from the front or rear, somewhere to mount rear speakers and maybe (if...
  5. N

    Worktop storage solutions

    Hello all, New to the forum here and great to see such a lively community. I’m taking my family on a four week trip to France in August (eek!) in our VW camper. We have two young sons and I would like to make better use of the worktop surface area whilst we are on the move. I would like to...
  6. T

    Over window shelf

    Hi everyone, So our SWB T6 camper has this type of over window shelf but it stretches a bit further back than the window. I really hate it because it just ends up as a dumping ground and also nothing is contained or strapped down so stuff has to be moved before heading off anywhere. Does...
  7. Toufic_13

    Barn doors outer storage

    Hello everyone! I am looking for storage solution(s) for the outer part of my barn doors. (Similar to the photos attached) All I found is the sherpa ladder. Anyone has any recos? Thx!
  8. C

    Cab storage ideas?

    Hi all, first post.. Having scoured the internet and this forum for something, I've come up stuck. I currently drive a T6.1 with bulkhead and 2 seats in the cabin. Without having to spend a fortune, does anyone know of some storage solution unit which will sit between the the chairs? I have...
  9. T

    For Sale California Ocean sliding window blind cupboards

    £20, used but fully working, collection only KT19
  10. T

    Found Window bags van-essa California camping or similar

    Hi Just trying my luck to see if anyone has any window bags which are gathering dust? Looking to cram even more into the van and these look like a good way for me to do so. Made by van-essa, California camping, bus boxx and a few other brands. Thanks
  11. T

    Window bags for LWB shuttle ?

    Hi I’ve had a look at the various window bags available but I’m struggling to find anything for the LWB shuttle. A company called lazy campers offer some at a eye watering price but can’t see any other options. Can anyone comment on if the SWB ones will fit ok (I’ve got the blinds some...
  12. bytejunkie

    Camper Storage ideas

    first up, i reckon this has probably already been covered, but not found a thread with a search. I'm looking for ideas to help make better use of the storage spaces in our van. so we've got the big space in the kitchen unit adjacent to the rear seats. behind the sliding doors. SWMBO and I...
  13. N

    Best online shops & tailgate storage?

    Hello, just bought our first T6, very excited. A few questions, which are the best online shops to look for gadgets and accessories please? Also, I want to make a free standing table, will the tailgate be strong enough to attach it to for travelling?
  14. F

    Modifying under bed access door

    Hi everyone, Been using the forum for a long time and always finding helpful info and suggestions, so thought I’d put this one out there. I have a Caledonian conversion which came with a Blade 2 bed. Due to the beds design the storage underneath it could be better, but is restricted further...
  15. R8N XX

    Found Vanorak.

    Anyone have one for sale thanks
  16. Brindle

    Kombi Storage ideas

    Hi, Absolutely loving the new Van in my life, but I have a couple of niggles I’m still figuring out the best way to address. One of these is storage, especially for the second row of seats, I have twin sliding doors so I can’t attach anything to them and for the kids, particularly on a long...
  17. Jollyvan

    Sold Travelin lite Centre Console

    Travelin Lite Centre Console . Very good condition £60 delivered to UK mainland or collect Derby T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Centre Console Storage Unit (FREE travel cup)
  18. T

    Storage for day to day use - dog, bike, shopping

    Hello, our T6 conversion is used as my everyday van as well as camping. we have a Cocker spaniel puppy and a 6 year old. Day to day I need a dog crate, shopping and a bmx behind the front seats and between the backseats. Our seats are to the rear of the van so we have no boot space. We have 2...
  19. Texxaco

    Will these fit under the Kombi rear seats?

    Evening All, Looking at putting some storage under my Kombi’s rear seats and wondered if anyone has retrofitted these? Cheers for any help.
  20. Superowls

    Cab storage ideas

    I've added a few bits to the van, mainly for storing bits to save me losing them so thought I'd share them on here incase anyone else could use similar First off I didn't like the dash top cup holders and I use the drivers side one as a phone holder so bought the oem ashtray for the passenger...