1. A

    Storage behind front seats

    Hi - I am trying to find a storage bench /seat that goes in the gap between the (non swivelling) front seats and the rnr bed - Im sure there must be something and I’m looking in the wrong place - sorry novice at this
  2. B

    Behind Driver Storage

    Hi all, So I am in the process of converting my van. Carpeting and bed etc done. I will soon have an L shape set up from van furniture for the bed. I am trying to find options for what can go in the gap behind the driver seat before the bed. I don't want to have a hob nor sink. Just storage...
  3. VanBlanc

    Beach Storage Extraveganza

    Had our Beach since February and have done a few trips, a mixture of camping and cottages. Going forward it has to be more camping than cottages for spontaneity, cost and our 2 dogs. You might recall that we have been through a T5 and a T6 conversion and a Crafter conversion so we should know...
  4. EastHighlands

    Advice on a T6 LWB with rear garage

    After some long consideration we're finally considering taking the leap with a VW Camper Conversion. Our family cycles a lot, visiting races/events most weekends and really like the idea of being able to travel & store (up to 4) bikes inside the vehicle rather than on a rack. The security...
  5. N

    Reverse Pop layout - Storage idea's

    Our T6 has reverse pop roof with 2.5 double mattress , and a rear loo and kitchen layout , two captain seats in front and 2 RIB seats ( both make into single beds) our question is with space being at a premium ( obviously lol ) what do other owners of this layout use by way of bedding and...
  6. sipep

    Bed board options (storage idea)

    Hi. Before I purchased my t6, I looked at a bongo.. one thing I liked about the bongo was the when the poptop was up, there was was a storage area towards the cab.. I am getting my pop top fitted in two weeks and told them that I would sort out the bed board as I am doing the carpeting...
  7. F2JON

    Rear storage holes

    Has anyone with a day van done any cubby holes in the rear quarter ply for storage of nik naks when in bed ? I saw a van at camperjam but forgot to take photos , Pics please.
  8. C

    Storage on back bench rock n roll Ned

    Hi, Wondering what people do around storage on the back seats of the rock n roll beds. I normally stack stuff up on the seat and then carefully close the tailgate and hope it doesn’t fall out when reopening it! As the seats aren’t that wide the stuff at the top normally tumbles out! I thought...
  9. Dogleg T6er

    For Sale A pair of wheel arch boxes

    Wheel arch boxes for sale. Carpet lined as shown (light grey). Made these myself for my day van, but now converted it to a camper. They were very handy for stashing stuff, but now surplus to requirements. Prefer to be collected but I could package up and post if required (at extra cost, and...
  10. MarcoUK

    Storage idea

    Hi all. I have in my T6.1 LWB a bench/bed from Ply Guys ( Schiehallion) and I'm waiting for the "kitchen" cabinet to arrive (Bruich Meadhan). I am looking for a solution to store our two soft bags (clothes, towels etc) and shoes (usually 2 pair each of hicking boots, MTB shoes and normal...
  11. P

    What to do with shopping bags?

    Does anyone have any bright ideas on what to do with shopping bags? Got a T6.1 Kombi and whenever I get home from doing a food shop the bags have slid around and released their contents all over the gaff. I've been looking to find a solution, but haven't come across anything that really seems to...
  12. Dahnhiller

    Just Kampers Sliding Door Storage

    So I've just seen that JK are doing a sliding door storage unit for £50 less than the Kiravans model. I'd be interested to know if anyone has fitted it yet, and if anyone knows what the difference is compared to the Kiravans model?
  13. EcosseExile

    Towbar Mounted Storage Box

    Good morning, Does anyone use a towbar mounted storage box with their van? I'm after one to keep wet/dirty camping gear in, to free up space when travelling. Ideally it would drop down like a bike rack to allow opening of the tailgate. Does such a thing exist or have I dreamt it
  14. JTT6

    For Sale Sliding storage any offers

    I built this about a year ago but my requirements have changed so no longer suitable. The van has a caravelle conversion and it mounts to the rails. Could be mounted for ward or flush with tailgate. Any interest considered. Located near Portsmouth, will need collecting.
  15. L

    Under Seat Storage - Kombi camper

    Hi all, I'm at the planning stage for converting my Transporter Kombi into a camper and am pondering over the idea of storage. Looking at the pricing of including airline style cupboards and underbed storage are pretty pricey but I can see the advantage of having it. I had a California Beach...
  16. t6blo

    Kombi 3-Bench Seat storage ideas?

    Anyone bought or built some kind of under seat storage that fits either side of the 3 seater Kombi bench? Could technically extend to the right side wall as my van only a single slider. Thinking of some storage accessible from the front or rear, somewhere to mount rear speakers and maybe (if...
  17. goldeneye243

    High level storage options

    Just wondering what options there are for high level storage in the van (ideally without reducing visibility). My van has got a full width rib bed (and pop top) and is often full of bikes or camping equipment on the floor area, but there is some space above windows on the side and back that...
  18. N

    Worktop storage solutions

    Hello all, New to the forum here and great to see such a lively community. I’m taking my family on a four week trip to France in August (eek!) in our VW camper. We have two young sons and I would like to make better use of the worktop surface area whilst we are on the move. I would like to...
  19. T

    Over window shelf

    Hi everyone, So our SWB T6 camper has this type of over window shelf but it stretches a bit further back than the window. I really hate it because it just ends up as a dumping ground and also nothing is contained or strapped down so stuff has to be moved before heading off anywhere. Does...
  20. Toufic_13

    Barn doors outer storage

    Hello everyone! I am looking for storage solution(s) for the outer part of my barn doors. (Similar to the photos attached) All I found is the sherpa ladder. Anyone has any recos? Thx!