springfield wheels

  1. Rex911

    For Sale Springfield Alloys & Tyres

    Set of 18" Springfield alloys in immaculate condition - no kerbing at all. Complete with Bridgestone Blizzak 255/45 18 tyres with. 5/6 mm all round and the standard fit Bridgestones with 4mm all round. Pics below show that there are no chips or kerb rash. I will wash them when I get back from...
  2. B

    Sold 18” Springfield Alloys VGC

    As per photos, no curb rash. See updates below.
  3. R

    What are these? [Springfield]

    A nice 70 plate shuttle in my place today. Thought the wife had treated herse AGAIN. But what are the alloys.? Palmerston.?
  4. S

    Sold Springfield alloys 18 inch with tyres

    Set of 4 genuine springfields complete with covers and winter tyres. Need to clear space due to house move. Good condition but obviously winter tyres would need removing or just use them as is. Rare wheels £900 ono collected from Scunthorpe Steve
  5. Navyboy75

    Genuine Springfield Alloys vendor

    I'm looking at a set of the VW Springfields for sale on a well known selling site. Before I take the plunge is anyone on here selling a set? I would post in the wanted section but I don't think I have the rights to do so.
  6. octaneJ

    Found Toluca/Teresina/Springfield alloys

    Anyone know for any sets for sale??
  7. A

    Found 18" Toluca or Springfield Alloys

    Looking for a set of Springfield or Toluca alloy wheels. or other 18'' wheels
  8. R

    Found 18" Toluca or Springfield Alloys

    After a genuine set of VW 18" Toluca or Springfield alloys, preferably with tyres. Thanks
  9. ehuplad

    18” Tyre recommendations

    Hi All, I am trying to spec up the types to go with a set of Zitto 935 18's. They are 8.5J wide. Custom Vanz and others are using 255 45 R18's is this the best spec, or should I consider something else? Also which brand-model do people recommend, I am inclined to go with the big brands but...
  10. Tourershine

    Sold Mint Springfield Alloys.

    I have a set of mint Springfields for sale off a mates Edition T6. They are unmarked and come with all the original caps and an extra set of the genuine VW Dynamic centre caps. Basically a set of VW centre caps that float like the Rolls Royce caps. They look pretty cool, but if that's not...
  11. S

    Wheel Identification [Springfield]

    Hi, Could anybody help me with either the VW name, or the part number, for this wheel? CFB6F9A4-309F-44DE-921B-33719A86F4EB by Stamford posted 7 Sep 2019 at 00:23 Thanks
  12. CFB6F9A4-309F-44DE-921B-33719A86F4EB


  13. Oleg

    Sold 18’ Alloys

    genuine 18’ wheels with tyres 255/45/18 very rare alloys in excellent condition just fit new tyres on it £1400
  14. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  15. B

    Sold 18" Springfield Alloys

    Selling these as I've downsized to 17's van has 50k on it so not claiming they are perfect but no vibrations or any sign of major damage. Will show as much on the pics as possible. Lots of pics as I am being fussy as these are expensive wheels, not 100% perfect and don't want to mess anyone...
  16. Chrisaus

    Sold Springfield Alloys Black 18inch

    Rare Springfield black alloys 18inch Conti sport 5 tyres Covered 1000miles £1500
  17. I

    Sold 18" Vw Springfield Alloys & Tyres

    Hi All, for the interest of members I am selling a set of 18" VW Springfield Alloys that have covered around 9K miles and have the original VW supplied Hankook tyres fitted. I am selling via ebay and the listing ends on Monday evening, Location Swindon
  18. Chrisaus

    Sold 18inch Springfield Alloys For Sale

    Springfield alloys for sale 3 in good condition 1 has slight mark on it Will need two new tyres soon Priced accordingly £1000 Will get better pictures 07960643215 Regards Chris
  19. Chrisaus

    Found Wanted Springfield Alloys

    Hi looking for Springfield alloys black prefer Regards chris
  20. G

    Sold Rare 18" Springfield Alloy Wheels With Pirelli Tyres

    I'm selling the genuine VW 18" Springfield alloy wheels that came on my 2017 van. I know these are rare and sought after, but I prefer the look of the slightly larger BBS XA wheels that I swapped them for. All in good condition, with 245/50/R18 Pirelli Tyres. (Three tyres almost new, one more...