spigot rings

  1. A

    Land Rover steels

    hey, I've ordered a set of the white discovery steels for my t6. Will I need a set of spigots, if so, can you tell me which to get, please? thanks
  2. X

    help with spigot rings for bk racing 20 inch wheels

    i am trying to fit some 20 inch BK Racing 861 BP Black Polished wheels https://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/bk-racing/861-bp-/black-polished/20-inch/volkswagen/transporter/t5-t6-t28-t30-t32 i got them from ebay second hand and there all good, but what size spigot ring do the bk racing...
  3. LordGozer

    17” wheels don’t fit

    Looking for some help please. I bought my van with 18” wheels and have decided to go back to 17”. I have bought some 17” Devonport wheels but they will not fit on the hub. The diameter of the centre hole is smaller than the 18” wheels so they only sit on the outer rim and not flush against the...
  4. T66RUB

    20 Range Rover Alloys - Tyres?

    Just had my mrs 20 inch old Range Rover wheels (stormer) powder coated ready for summer. Has anyone fitted these to a t6? What will I need to fit these? Spigot rings, spacers, longer bolts? There seams plenty of options on 40/20 tyres or do you go for a 35/20? Any info appreciated thanks
  5. Luke howells

    OEM alloys and Wheel-Spacers

    I've been searched for some new alloys and had some people tell me all different widths, havent found any i like as of yet anyway i have lowered 50mm and want to put some spacers on the wheels so was thinking 25mm for the front and 35mm for the back is this to much or shall i go 5 mm each shorter...
  6. andythom188

    Centre bore size for spigot rings

    quick question and will save me removing one of my devonport wheels if possible what size is the hub centre hole on the t6 ? new replacement wheels front hub is 72.54 and rear are 74.10 just need to know what the oem hub size is to order spigot rings. have had a look online and the search...