1. D

    265/40 R20 speedo error?

    I’ve taken the standard Devonports off and put on 265/40 R20s. What will the the speedo error be? I saw once a calculator tool but can’t find it. Driving to Cornwall soon and don’t want to get caught out.
  2. T6 Owl

    Mfd Self Reset?

    This afternoon I noticed that the overall avg. mpg and driving time figures had reset. I haven’t pressed any of the buttons on the display so not sure why this has happened. However, none of the milage counters have reset. Do the counters automatically reset at a certain figure?
  3. T

    Removal Of Instrument Cluster

    Hi all, i want to remove the Instrument Cluster / Speedo to access the plug on the back side. How is that possible on a T6 Kombi/Transporter? On the T5 there are only 2 screws and you could pull it out. Thanks in advance.
  4. mmi

    [Guide] [T6_modified] T6 Speedo Adjustment with VCDS

    Module 17 – Instruments carries also the coding to select a few scaling factors for speedometer. Byte 0, bits 0..3 have mysterious value “K-number”. It turned out changing this coding adjusts measuring values IDE00842 (K-number) and IDE00845 (Wheel circ. mm) of module 17 - Instruments, and...
  5. Glenn Board

    Speedo Adjustment For Bigger Tyres

    Hi, I was going to have the Seikel raised suspension kit fitted to my van which includes 235/65R17 108H tyres being fitted to my standard wheels, they tell me that if they do s speedo adjustment to match these tyres that there is a possibility that the cruise control will stop functioning...
  6. Shredder

    Am I Being Thick . . . .

    I'd assumed a Kombi LWB with -40mm springs, 20" rims and 275/40 tyres would have a lower overall height than the equivalent VW Sportline Looking at the wheel and rim calculator thingy, I'm not so sure now, unless I've done something wrong. Which would have a lower total vehicle height ?? Just...