1. A

    Hello and help choosing base van, please

    Hi there, just started looking for my first van. Either to convert or buy partially converted. I've been looking at vans on a 18 plate, is it a down side having the 5 gear version over 6. Any reliability, saleability issues? Advice on what is good and what is not would be greatly appreciated...
  2. M

    Base van - what to prioritize

    Hi all, For the past several weeks I've been soaking up the information in this forum and other places, and drawing up a list of things that I want in a base van that I plan to convert myself (with the exception of pop top and rib). There isn't a lot that it absolutely must have, aircon and...
  3. B

    What base van to choose

    Looking at buying my first T6 soon Not owned a vw camper for 35 years Any advice would be greatly appreciated i know i want a DSG gearbox in 150bhp But does it matter if its a T28,T30 or T32 Would you go SWB or LWB Things you have to look out for Cheers Bull
  4. Gstar

    New Van advice

    Hi all, new to the site and hopefully soon to be a new owner for a T6.1. I've read allot about the engines and for what I can understand the 150bhp is best suited to a camper, any advice on manual or auto? Ideally id like a LWB model as some extra room, but I have also read these are...
  5. M

    Spec sheet: Can someone decipher this?

    Can someone decipher this for me please what BHP and extras added please.is it and extras? ta
  6. Mavis628

    Austops Pop Roof

    morning guys, Looking at getting a pop top fitted ASAP, Bristol camper co use austops, I have very limited knowledge any help and advice very welcome Thanks
  7. G

    Lot's Of Research, Lot's Of Confusion Over Spec's Etc, Any Help?

    Hello everyone I have been looking for a T6 kombi for some time and are starting to wonder if I'm missing something that I haven't found one by now, I've been looking for at least 9 months now! I wondered if I'm confused about the spec's and therefore looking for something which doesn't exist...
  8. D

    Newbie Looking To Buy A T6 What Engine?

    Hi all I've been looking to buy a t6 for a while but no sure what to go for as I've read some horror stories about different ones. Any advice welcome as my last vw van was a company t5 102 lwb back in 2005
  9. Bernie the Bolt

    New To The Caravelle And I Need Some Guidance Please

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to take the step into the VW world and purchase a Caravelle as a family vehicle as we’ve outgrown everything else we've had. I’ve seen two that I like, both Exec spec, but one has been pimped a little to give it a slightly different look and lowered by 30mm and put on...
  10. Chris Brett

    Acoustic Pack Issue

    Hi guys, I bought a brand new T6 Highline 4 motion T32 204 DSG Kombi a couple of months ago & think it’s great except one little issue! I ordered the extra acoustic pack with the dealer but have had an interesting experience. When the Kombi arrived the spec sheet stated it was fitted so I...