1. M

    Spec sheet: Can someone decipher this?

    Can someone decipher this for me please what BHP and extras added please.is it and extras? ta
  2. G

    Lot's Of Research, Lot's Of Confusion Over Spec's Etc, Any Help?

    Hello everyone I have been looking for a T6 kombi for some time and are starting to wonder if I'm missing something that I haven't found one by now, I've been looking for at least 9 months now! I wondered if I'm confused about the spec's and therefore looking for something which doesn't exist...
  3. Bernie the Bolt

    New To The Caravelle And I Need Some Guidance Please

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to take the step into the VW world and purchase a Caravelle as a family vehicle as we’ve outgrown everything else we've had. I’ve seen two that I like, both Exec spec, but one has been pimped a little to give it a slightly different look and lowered by 30mm and put on...
  4. Chris Brett

    Acoustic Pack Issue

    Hi guys, I bought a brand new T6 Highline 4 motion T32 204 DSG Kombi a couple of months ago & think it’s great except one little issue! I ordered the extra acoustic pack with the dealer but have had an interesting experience. When the Kombi arrived the spec sheet stated it was fitted so I...