spare wheel locking nut

  1. B@rrow

    Spare Wheel Security Mod - DIY

    After having the spare nicked and then suffering a blown tyre I set to with beefing up spare wheel security, You can never make it perfectly secure to stop the determine toerag but you might as well make it as old as possible. Thanks to @Chris Sherwood for donating me a replacement 1st stage...
  2. JiMsHaDY69

    Nightmare weekend

    Friday evening dropping off my mother's weekly shop as she's still afraid to go out due to COVID. When I get out the van there's a loud hiss which turns out is due to the large bolt in tyre accessory I unknowingly received at some point in the drive from Tesco. Front locking wheel nut is...
  3. GJH

    Spare-wheel Locking-nut key missing

    New tyres were supposed to be going on the van today, however I discovered that I don’t have a key for the locking nuts on my alloys . VW stealership won’t just order me a new key, even tho’ I went in with the registration docs...but instead want £100 plus for an entire set of locking nuts...
  4. T6dder

    Stolen Spare Wheel

    Not sure what the best way to secure my spare is. Currently I am keeping it in my van, but it is becoming a pain. I don't want to go to town on some homemade metal work. Is a locking wheel nut enough of a deterrent? From what I have read in the past, if the thieves are professional enough they...
  5. 'Wheel Lock' Gary

    Spare Wheel Security Not A Problem Use The ''wheel Lock''

    Hi, i make and supply the T6 forum shop with the ''wheel lock'' or bolt shroud as known here. As you are all aware it's a very common problem to have these wheels stolen so here's a quick and cheap solution to stop this from happening. The ''wheel lock'' or shroud as its known on this forum...
  6. Davenjo

    AfterMarket Security

    I have a Land Rover Defender which, with the massive rise in thefts of both whole vehicles or parts since these went out of production earlier this year, I have become a bit paranoid about keeping it and in one piece. These vehicles are notoriously easy to defeat the factory fitted security...