spare wheel locking nut

  1. A

    Spare wheel theft

    Just a warning. Had my spare wheel stolen in broad daylight, had a locking wheel bolt device fitted. Like the one below -...
  2. B

    Spare Wheel Locking Bolt With Shroud

    Hi all First post here, picked up a T6 the other day. The spare wheel is very vulnerable, I'd like to fit a locking bolt that can't be removed with molgrips There was one available, with a shroud, in the forum shop but that's now gone. There is another but it's a pretty big, ugly red thing...
  3. JasonW

    Spare Wheel Protection From All Angles...

    So... I'm looking to protect the spare wheel.... I've read a fair few posts on here and seem to have come to the conclusion that the 'spare safe' locking system is considered a decent deterrent and will slow the feral youth of today down.... Probably a bit more expensive compared to other...
  4. D

    Spare Wheel Lock Nut Shroud

    Happy new year everyone, just to make sure it is, can anyone suggest the best locking nut shroud thingy me jig,! to keep my spare wheel safe. I saw Gary makes them and sells them on the forum shop, but seems to have been shut down! whats the best set up please
  5. Andyman

    Beware Of Spare Wheel Theft

    all to common lately, particularly in London, people are stealing the spare wheels off transporters Recently this thieving so and so was caught because the vehicle had front and rear BlackVue dashcam Be aware Watch the video
  6. MJB67

    Spare Wheel Theft.. Again.

    It's happened again FFS, this time with an added locking bolt, exactly the same parking place as last time. I street park in London on a street opposite my gaff that has some big houses on it with 24 security eyeballs. Spoke to the guard and he saw nothing, wouldn't mind betting it's him at it...
  7. mackmaya

    Spare Wheel Lock

    Hi all, what are people using as a spare wheel lock ...cheers.
  8. Jason Stancliffe

    Spare Wheel Stolen

    Always wondered how hard it would be to remove my spare wheel in the event of a puncture. Looks like it must be easy as some pr**k took it in the middle of last night while in Norfolk on a weekend break. Not sure now if I’m going to replace it to get stolen again?
  9. Irvine101

    Clayton Spare Wheel Locking Nut Size

    I am shortly taking delivery of a new Highline with standard Claytons'. I want to order the spare wheel locking bolt from the forum shop but note that they come in either 53mm or 92mm versions. Can anyone advise me which size I need to order.
  10. 'Wheel Lock' Gary

    Spare Wheel Security Not A Problem Use The ''wheel Lock''

    Hi, i make and supply the T6 forum shop with the ''wheel lock'' or bolt shroud as known here. As you are all aware it's a very common problem to have these wheels stolen so here's a quick and cheap solution to stop this from happening. The ''wheel lock'' or shroud as its known on this forum...
  11. Captain Backfire

    Spare Wheel Security Lock

    Probably plainly obvious to most but can some one explain these items which are part of the spare wheel security locking bolts purchased from the forum shop. The top image fits over the new lock but if I want to remove that plastic part I need pliers or a 22mm socket bit. The bottom “lug” fits...
  12. Davenjo

    After Market Security

    I have a Land Rover Defender which, with the massive rise in thefts of both whole vehicles or parts since these went out of production earlier this year, I have become a bit paranoid about keeping it and in one piece. These vehicles are notoriously easy to defeat the factory fitted security...