1. G

    SOLOW Full height measurements on 18s

    Hi, a long shot but does anyone run 18s on a kombi (mines a 204 SWB dsg) with solows at full height and could do a quick wheel centre to top of arch measurement please? Many Thanks Gav
  2. F2JON

    20” staggered alloys with solow suspension

    Does anyone run staggered 20” alloys with solow suspension? If so what size Tyres do you run? And More importantly any pics?
  3. H

    Solows on T6.1 standard highline 16s

    Hi everyone. New here. Got myself a T6.1 highline and have got it booked in to get the solow coilovers fitted. I'm just wondering if anyone has any pictures of solows on 16s and any advice you may have. Plans are to fit 18s soon, but just debating as to if I should just bite the bullet and get...
  4. Juddster

    Swamper wheels and Solows as a combo

    I’m considering buying a set of 18” swamper wheels from THQ and fitting on my LWB T6. Any one on here tried this combo, and what tyre size. Any advise appreciated
  5. P

    For Sale SoLow coilovers T32

    Soon to be coming off my van will be 3 month old solow coilovers. If your interested let me know I’ll reverse them for you till they are off the van should be 2/3 weeks £1100 delivered or pick up.
  6. A

    Wheel and tyre Size help 2012 T5 T32, with SoLows

    Hi people, i've got solows installed with 5mm drop at front and 25mm at back (still looks a bit high at the back to be honest, but hey ho) now, got my eyes on some wheel upgrades, 19" 5 x 120 9.5 255/45R19, seen a few threads with people running 9 at front and 9.5 at back... any sizes to avoid...
  7. F2JON

    Coilovers set at different levels but van sits right.

    So I had my solow suspension fit yesterday, the ride is great but I have an issue or possible issue and wondered if anyone else has come across this,it’s with the rear of the van , to get it level they’ve got the adjusters set completely different heights, but measuring to the arch from the...
  8. The Van Cave

    How Low??.............. SoLow!

    So Low Suspension Is Coming Soon To The Van Cave! The ultimate solution for static lows will soon be available at The Van Cave. If you want low, this is the kit for you. If you want low and comfortable, this is the kit for you. If you want the best riding, best value, seriously low static lows...
  9. Tourershine

    SoLow Suspension

    I know Solow's aren't new by any means, and several members are already running these bad boys, but as a die hard B14 fan, I wanted to give my take on this set-up. As some of you already know, i'm pretty chummy with the Transporter HQ team. They regularly ask if they can borrow my van for T32...
  10. Butcher8109

    Sold SoLow suspension - T32

    As above - set of T32 SoLow suspension coilovers. These were fitted to my van from new by THQ. they totally transformed the van. They’re comfier than standard springs and other coilovers on the market and give the flexibility of being low and getting the stance you want whilst practical. They...
  11. K

    Sold £950 Delivered - VW T5 T6 Transporter T30 SoLow Suspension Coilovers 100-130mm

    VW T5 T6 Transporter T30 So Low Suspension Coilovers 100-130mm Made By Bilstein. Condition is "Used". This suspension was purchased from Transporter HQ and installed by them in October 2019. Since then I have driven around 2500 miles with it and it has been perfect. Unfortunately due to a...
  12. Jayjmac

    Sold Box of SoLow suspension T32

    Right the suspension is off! Haven’t had a chance to clean it up before I went away so just took a picture in the box. You get exactly what is in the original SoLow picture that I’ll add. You won’t get the top plates, drop links and the bushes you can see in the box. To be honest you won’t need...
  13. W

    T32 SoLow coilovers knocking

    tuesday i fitted the solow bilstein coilovers to my 2016 t32, drove it every day from tuesday and was all fine untill today (sunday) where they started knocking badly from the front, so this afternoon i checked everything was tight and it was all fine, so then i stripped the coilovers back out...
  14. phil_n

    Sold T32 SoLow coilover kit - new

    Brand new T32 So Low coilover kit, never fitted. Collection from Bury, Manchester £1100 May take some nice 18’s or 19’s in px.
  15. Jayjmac

    For Sale SoLow suspension T32

    I’ve now had confirmation and date for new suspension. So I’m putting up the SoLow’s for sale. They won’t be available until after the 8th of August though. Might give someone a bit of time to save some pennies. As you may know that these are one of the lowest setups out of the box and are...
  16. B

    19” Tyre Recommendations

    Thinking fronts 19’s With a 255/45/19 tyres on a 8.5j and the rears 9.5j. But not sure on size. Reason for the bigger profile is purely for comfort as it’ll be my work van. Can anyone advise me on the rear tyre size. As I want to keep the profile wall looking the same all round. I’ve come up...
  17. andythom188

    Show me your lowered van with 20" wheels

    As it says show me you lowered vans on 20" rims ,fully wound down would prefer to see but put on post how far you have gone down by. Come on girls and boys send them pics in of your t6 slammed :thumbsup:
  18. rio

    T6 Multivan Lowered Daily Campervan 2019

    Hi Mates My name is Maciek, from Poland. (Sorry for my english ;) ) Last year I bought a Vw T6 Multivan (Caravelle in UK) 2.0 TDI 150HP 4 motion It looked like this after the purchase: I made several modifications and conversion to daily campervan. - A box with drawers with a stove, sink...
  19. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  20. RyanGerry

    Transporter Hq And Solows

    Finally had the SoLows fitted and the wheels. Wow what a difference!