1. _GB_

    Chasing lows B14 to Solows ??

    I've had B14's on for 4 and half years and been more than happy with them . After one of my front springs broke I decided I'd try a few things to get a little lower .First was machined top mounts with h&r anti roll bars . The van ended up looking a bit nose heavy so I went for the rear adjuster...
  2. P

    For Sale Solow T32 coilovers

    Full set t32 solows coming off my van in 2 weeks are up for sale there are 14 Months old had no problem with them really nice coilover.. £900 cash on collection just want a small deposit to hold them.. message on here or give me a text 07955212994
  3. TW2904

    Sold T32 SoLow Coilovers

    T32 SoLow Coilovers - £800 Set of T32 SoLow Coilovers. Good condition and professionally removed. Light use and in full working order. Collection from Huntingdon or work in Windsor most weeks. PM me for further details.
  4. Red lupo gti

    Wanted Solow coilovers T30

    Anyone selling some in the coming weeks? T30 and below please. Thanks
  5. Jonni2rets

    amorak canteras with solows fitted qurey?

    Hi all, has anyone run amorak canteras on solows? Iv got solows set at there highest and have no intention on goin any lower. My question is has anyone had them fitted and any real issues running both together.
  6. djg87

    Solow wheel alignment

    Hey everyone Looking to get the alignment done and wondered if anyone with solows can tell me if there anything I need to ask for ? Guys at the shop are nice enough and have said ask what was done with others running the same. I’ve read so far…… full fuel tank , empty van and machine set to no...
  7. djg87

    Rear bump stops

    Hi guys, Have just fitted solows and after shortening the rear bump stops a little one of the rubbers keeps falling out and the metal bit that’s above it inside the tube has come away to. Not sure why as I cut them both the same length and the other side is fine. Any suggestions as to how I...
  8. djg87

    Suspension bolt torque nightmare

    Hi everyone Fitting solow coilovers next week and have been gathering the required tools and getting as much info as I can but when it comes to torquing up the front pinch bolts (t32) and both the upper and lower rear damper bolts I keep coming across different figures everywhere I look. Even...
  9. SamD

    For Sale T32 SoLow coilovers

    I have for sale a set of solow’s for a T32, i bought them from Adaptive on this forum back in September and they are still sat in garage and I've decided not to fit them as i dont want to go that low. They are in good condition, have done 20K miles. I've stolen Adaptive’s photo as i never fitted...
  10. dErZ

    SoLows and Duchy Banded Amaroks !RUBBING!

    SoLows at their highest at the front, down 2.5mm at the rear (no rubbing 17" OEM GP 7" with 215 / 60 No rubbing 18" Duchy Banded 9" R and 8.5" F running Falken FK510 Front Rubbing Had to move the arch liner tab up and move liner. Still getting rubbing over speed bumps, dips and fast...
  11. ashburner

    T6 on SoLow’s and 20” Navis Domes

    Morning Guys! After a year of scouting through the forum for information and tips i thought it was about time i introduced myself and said hello! I bought my T6 in March this year as a basic panel van and have been slowly converting into our ideal day van / camper, for taking our 2 dogs and...
  12. A

    Sold SoLow Coil overs for a T32 (20k miles)

    I am putting my van back to standard to sell it and will be taking off the So-low suspension as fitted by Transporter HQ. I've covered around 20k miles with it and they've been faultless. Only reason I am selling is that I am putting the standard stuff back on. Please note these are for a T32...

    Anyone with Sportline’s running Solows?

    Im having solows fitted, and maybe fancy a change of alloy… quite like the sportlines !
  14. A

    What wheels are people running with a SoLow setup?

    Hi people, i've got solows installed with 5mm drop at front and 25mm at back (still looks a bit high at the back to be honest, but hey ho) now, got my eyes on some wheel upgrades, 19" 5 x 120 9.5 255/45R19, seen a few threads with people running 9 at front and 9.5 at back... any sizes to avoid...
  15. G

    SOLOW Full height measurements on 18s

    Hi, a long shot but does anyone run 18s on a kombi (mines a 204 SWB dsg) with solows at full height and could do a quick wheel centre to top of arch measurement please? Many Thanks Gav
  16. F2JON

    20” staggered alloys with solow suspension

    Does anyone run staggered 20” alloys with solow suspension? If so what size Tyres do you run? And More importantly any pics?
  17. H

    Solows on T6.1 standard highline 16s

    Hi everyone. New here. Got myself a T6.1 highline and have got it booked in to get the solow coilovers fitted. I'm just wondering if anyone has any pictures of solows on 16s and any advice you may have. Plans are to fit 18s soon, but just debating as to if I should just bite the bullet and get...
  18. Juddster

    Swamper wheels and Solows as a combo

    I’m considering buying a set of 18” swamper wheels from THQ and fitting on my LWB T6. Any one on here tried this combo, and what tyre size. Any advise appreciated
  19. P

    For Sale SoLow coilovers T32

    Soon to be coming off my van will be 3 month old solow coilovers. If your interested let me know I’ll reverse them for you till they are off the van should be 2/3 weeks £1100 delivered or pick up.
  20. F2JON

    Coilovers set at different levels but van sits right.

    So I had my solow suspension fit yesterday, the ride is great but I have an issue or possible issue and wondered if anyone else has come across this,it’s with the rear of the van , to get it level they’ve got the adjusters set completely different heights, but measuring to the arch from the...