1. 5n0wb0mb3r

    For Sale T32 LWB DSG Twin Slider on Air

    Hi guys, Back up for sale my T32 LWB DSG Kombi. Comes with 12 months warranty. 245bhp, Leather, Electric Sliding Doors, Heated Seats, Heated Screen. Solow Air Ride with 3H mangement. Polished Navis GP7 V3 LED lights T6.1 Rear lights Link to autotrader...
  2. Spudson

    Suspension Fitting

    Hello all, Started looking at fitting my new so-low coilovers on my T28 T6.1. Got drop links off, strut bolts removed and top mount bolt removed but strut would still not come out due to driveshaft fouling on the subframe not allowing the hub to go low enough to take the strut out. Am I right...
  3. T

    Sold T32 Solow Coilovers.

    Full set of T32 Solow coilovers in good condition. Fitted new to my van but then removed after roughly 15000 miles as a change in use meant more ground clearance was required. Initial supply, installation and removal carried out by Bognor Motors. They have been cleaned and wiped down with...
  4. S

    rear end wobble

    Hello Guys, My t6 seems to be wiggling its rear end when it hits a pothole, man hole cover. I have just had the 4 wheel alignment done (all though im not sure its been done correctly) and all though its better its still not right. van is a full camper on solows, all springs look ok, none broken...
  5. 6

    Solow NSL. Bump stop

    Just fitted Solow NSL on my T6 t32. I’ve got the fronts about 15mm from max low . Ride height is perfect but the bump stops are sitting against the shock and the strut top with no gap for travel. Do you need to trim them ?
  6. C

    Solow NSL / Tyre Advice

    Hi Guys, I really need your help. I am looking to upgrade my suspension on my T6 T32, to SoLow NSL in the near future. Currently have 275/40/20 tyres all round. I am told this is too big for Solow NSL? Situation is that I have recently bought 2 new tyres, for the rear. In order to get...
  7. cgtmiles

    Ultimate campervan suspension?

  8. AeonMach

    Suspension - what have I got?! [Resolved]

    Ok, I knew I was lowered but didn’t know the details (I know…I just liked the general vehicle And she was super low mileage and a fair bargain for loaded spec!). The dealer mentioned new 30mm lowering springs - sourced from Leighton’s. Possibly H&R? My ride height is about 395mm (wheel centre to...
  9. N

    Drop links - OEM?

    Just had my MOT done and I had an advisory for a bent drop link. It looks like the OEM one and on checking the other side has been replaced with a non OEM one at some point. I’ll replace both sides but my question is… I stay OEM or is there a better alternative that people have tested and...
  10. Crazymind

    Anybody SoLow LFT?

    Hi folks. Looking to add 40mm clearence to my Van. Quite interested in the SoLow LFT kit. The idea is to lift it without compromising comfort. Anybody Installed this kit yet?
  11. T

    Solow NSL heights

    Hey guys, I just bought a set of Solow nsl coilovers. I’m planning to install them in the coming week. I was just wondering if anyone could post some pictures on nsl coilovers and where you set the adjuster before you installed them? I don’t mind having to adjust them but obviously if I can...
  12. W

    B14 Komfort - Low version

    Anyone running these on their lowest and can share some pics? Had some great input from @Tron6.1 who is running these on the front and it would great to see how other vans sit before taking the plunge. I'm anticipating the drop would be similar to the Solow NSLs?
  13. Solow Suspension

    Eibach 45mm Solow springs

    Hi, to help people, I thought I'd share this question I've been asked incase anyone else had been incorrectly told the same thing. The Solow / Eibach 45mm spring we do is 100% made by Eibach. The reason it's not available on the Eibach website is it's exclusive to, and designed by us with...
  14. Solow Suspension

    Hi I'm Solow Suspension, here to help.

    Hi I'm Andy from Solow Suspension. I'm not here to try and sell you anything or tell you our suspension is the best. People with our suspension installed do that for us. I'm just here to help and answer any questions. I have nothing bad to say about anyone else's suspension, regardless to what i...
  15. 5n0wb0mb3r

    SoLow Air Issue [Resolved]

    Hi guys, Have a small issue with my Solow Air. It's been installed for 4-5 months now, but went to go out in it today and and seem to have a leak at the rear somewhere. Wondering if anyone has similar issues or can diagnose. Annoyingly can't get a jack under to look. Videos here...
  16. T

    Sold Solow T32 Coilovers.

    Solow T32 coilovers for sale. Fitted brand new, I've had them on my van for just over 18 months but a recent change in van use means a lift and off road tyres were required. Installation and removal carried out by BMVS. The spring collars have been cleaned, inspected and reassembled with...
  17. R

    Considering SoLow NXT’s…

    Hi all, So my ongoing quest to improve the ride on my van continues. I am now looking at some SoLow NXT’s as they seem to suit my needs - 35mm drop for winter on my AT tyres and 65mm drop for summer wheels. (I don’t want low-lows because it’s the family bus and works hard on holiday etc). They...
  18. ellyp81

    SoLow and 20’s

    Hi all Probably for the thousandth time on the forum I’m after some advice and pictures if possible. I have a suspected broken spring on the front of my t6 which I’m having checked tomorrow. I’m looking at replacing the current coilovers (vmaxx) with the popular solow coils. I run 20 inch...
  19. Pewt

    Sold Solow Coilovers

    I'm selling these Solow coilovers only because i've fitted air. They were only on the van 13 months and in great condition. Only fit T26-T30 I do have the 2x sets of spanners just forgot to picture them. £850
  20. S

    Sold SoLow Coilovers T32 Brand new

    Brand new set of SoLow coilovers for T32 Bought them from TransporterHQ in December, never been fitted, decided life’s too short, going to bag my van instead. £1200 Ono collection from Essex (near J30/31 M25)