1. F

    Sliding door won't open

    Hi all, I'm having no luck. I've searched everywhere and asked on multiple forums/pages. My left hand side sliding rear door just won't open. I've been advised that it's most likely the actuator and I'm more than happy to have a go at replacing it myself but all signs point to the door...
  2. davepage1

    Mito wall table rail on a sliding door, has any one tried and found it still allows the door to open?

    I've done some searching but can't find anyone who has attached a table rail to the inside of a sliding door? I would ideally like to try and use the Mito table rail but would it hit the side of the van when opened? Has anyone experimented with this? I've a twin slider so am a little stuck.
  3. N58amx

    Help identify this part

    Hi all My mate has found this rolling around in the back of his new pv Part number 7LA843959A Had a good look on google with no luck!! any ideas all thanks nick
  4. PCave

    Sliding door won’t close.

    I have a 2018 T6, I was putting some stuff inside today, finished what I was doing and tried to close the door, it will slide closed, but the latch doesn’t seem to be working properl and the door just opens again, at the moment I have some cord holding it closed, but it’s not closed properly...
  5. J

    Loc8 table clips break

    Anyone had any issues with the clips securing their loc 8 tables? Bought some aftermarket ones which popped off then bought some oem ones costing 10 times as much and they did the soon as the door closes they either pop off or start to work their way out.seems they dont hold the table...
  6. Vdubster

    Sliding-door handle - seems a bit "slack"

    Side door door handle - seems a bit "slack" is it possible to to tighten up the handle at all? or do would i need to replace it? It seems like some one has pulled it overly hard a few times and the mechanism just seems a bit slack/lose like u would expect on a 10 year old van and not 2...
  7. dErZ

    California door table into a shuttle

    Does anyone know if you can fit the california door surround/table into a shuttle and keep the pull up blind from the shuttle ?
  8. O

    Sliding door halfway stop - do they exist?

    I've been looking for a way to hold the sliding door open about a third or halfway. There's this cunning widget for a Crafter, but Google and a forum search has drawn a blank for Transporter equivalent. Does anyone know of anything that's out there? Thanks...
  9. Bigsidavies

    Sliding door interior handle trim removal

    I’ve searched the forum and scoured the net and can’t for the life of me work out how to remove the plastic trim around the interior door release on the sliding door. I just want to remove the outer plastic to be able to do some neat carpeting. Someone explain it to me please.
  10. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove a sliding door on a T6

    I didn't set out to write so many guides but I did take photos when changing 4 out of 5 doors on my van this weekend o_O, so it would be rude not to post them up for others' benefit. I take photos so I know how to put it back together! The sliding doors are attached to the van on three...
  11. U

    Sliding door trim rattle

    The nearside sliding door on my caravelle has a rattle. It’s the lowest left edge of the trim piece. I can lift it away from the door frame. I can see no easy way to remove the trim as it’s a pretty big piece. For now I’ve put some felt tape over the area but I’d like to fix it ideally. Any...
  12. Andysmee

    Can I fit a Kombi/Caravelle sliding-door to a Panel Van?

    So, I have a clean Kombi sliding door to swap onto my van, as the old one is beaten up. The new door is complete with handle, door locking/opening mechanism, seal and a lovely sliding window, of course. In fact, it looks like I won't need to swap any of the stuff from the old door onto the new...
  13. Lukavell

    Electric Sliding Door part

    I'm an oaf and often get called Wreck It Ralph. Anyway, the latest thing I broke is the part pictured on my right hand side sliding door. I only knocked it gently whilst trying to retrieve a bottle of wine without disturbing my boy's sleep but knocked the castor out of the upper door runner...
  14. Cb83

    Carpeting barn doors/sliding door, yay, nay and if so how have you done it?

    Considering carpeting my barn doors and sliding door, anyone have any experience doing so? Good or bad comments welcome.
  15. B

    Sliding door handle adjustment

    My kids are reporting problems of sometimes not being able to close the sliding by pulling the internal handle, having to pull the outer handle to release the catch that holds it open. Does anyone know if the amount of cable for the internal handle can be adjusted? Using the internal handle...
  16. J

    Sliding door closing guide

    Can anyone help me. I have attached two pictures from the door frame of my T6. (sliding side door). The top picture shows a sprung loaded guide for a locating pin on the door. The bottom one has the spring but not the metal insert which is missing. Can you tell me what these things are called...
  17. J

    Rust behind sliding door handle

    I have rust on panel behind sliding door handle. This Is being caused by handle being loose and handle hitting the panel underneath each time the door handle is operated. Any suggestions on what to do? I can’t see how to tighten the handle up on my t6.
  18. kn0bby

    Sliding door lubrication - what do you use?

    My sliding door feels a bit course and want to make it run smooth again. what does everyone use before I chuck a load of GT85 on it. Cheers.
  19. D

    Side sliding door roller replacement wanted.

    Hi, Can some one help me please.I am trying to buy a side door sliding roller (lower) nearside door for my right hand drive T6, i have tried to get one with no avail only offside ones PLEASE PLEASE HELP
  20. M

    What’s this on my sliding door card?

    Can anyone tell me what the white disk thing is.... I was about to take the door card off and I noticed that there's a thin wire attached to it...