1. J

    Sliding door closing guide

    Can anyone help me. I have attached two pictures from the door frame of my T6. (sliding side door). The top picture shows a sprung loaded guide for a locating pin on the door. The bottom one has the spring but not the metal insert which is missing. Can you tell me what these things are called...
  2. J

    Rust behind sliding door handle

    I have rust on panel behind sliding door handle. This Is being caused by handle being loose and handle hitting the panel underneath each time the door handle is operated. Any suggestions on what to do? I can’t see how to tighten the handle up on my t6.
  3. kn0bby

    Sliding door lubrication - what do you use?

    My sliding door feels a bit course and want to make it run smooth again. what does everyone use before I chuck a load of GT85 on it. Cheers.
  4. D

    Side sliding door roller replacement wanted.

    Hi, Can some one help me please.I am trying to buy a side door sliding roller (lower) nearside door for my right hand drive T6, i have tried to get one with no avail only offside ones PLEASE PLEASE HELP
  5. M

    What’s this on my sliding door card?

    Can anyone tell me what the white disk thing is.... I was about to take the door card off and I noticed that there's a thin wire attached to it...
  6. B

    Repairing of rusty patches forming on sliding door paintwork

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I was cleaning the van and noticed that the sliding door paintwork had about 5x areas where there appears to be rust forming under the paint. These are small areas, only 5-10mm in diameter but are only going to get worse over time. As a first step, I have emailed VW...
  7. monkey66

    twin slider advice

    Hi everyone! We are total newbies, to the Forum but also to T6's (although if feels like going back to my roots - we had a T2 camper growing up, and my very first motor was a (devastatingly rusty red/white) 1972 T2). We are looking for a T6 to convert, and really like the notion of twin sliding...
  8. W

    Cream coloured tube in sliding door.

    I thought that a tube in the sliding door was a drain for the window. I am pretty sure that the water from the window doesn’t go anywhere other than out of the black plastic cover, underneath and then to the outside. In that case, what’s the tube ?
  9. T6DSGChris

    Caravelle trim close to quarter panel?

    Caravelle trim people.. can you compare this for me if pos? second hand clips but all on properly, loads of movement in the area thats an issue.. no blind in yet as repairing.. that wont pull it in though i can push the top in and it makes little or no difference. im soooo close... yes its...
  10. P

    Sliding door rubbing on paintwork

    Hi All, looking for advise. My Converted 2016 T6 Highline has an issue with the bottom sliding door mechanism just starting to touch the paintwork underneath the runner. With the van only 4 year old, owned and cared for since day one by myself. I’m guessing with the added weight in the door (a...
  11. mommabear

    Wanted T6 Sliding door catch bolts - where the hell can I get some? what are they even called?

    Bit random this one, but I've never had to replace these before. Need some screw bolts.... easy one right? nope. On the sliding door on my new T6 (2017) - when you open the door, on the back edge of the sliding door, in the middle, is a catch with a spline bit bolt at the top and bottom of the...
  12. simonnwt6

    Sliding door handle leak repair. Which sealant?

    Hi all So when replacing old for new ply on the sliding door I find the white plastic water catcher has become unstuck and dropped to the bottom of door. Drain pipe still attached. Looks like whatever black glue used has failed. I can shove it back up into place but any suggestions on how to...
  13. Jayjmac

    Sliding door power latching

    Not sure you call it auto latching.. or soft close! Either way my van has decided to soft close when it feels like it! Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Has anyone else had issues like this? The door and van have had 3 stage sound proofing and insulation. Would that cause it due to...
  14. A

    sliding door has partly jammed

    On my 17 plate T6 the sliding door has partly jammed when unlocking the door it jumps about 6 mm but not the full 25 or so required to enable the door to slide correctly , of course the van is 5 months out of warranty, I tried the usual WD 40 trick on all the moving catches can any one advise...
  15. lembot

    Electric sliding door wet?

    With all this rain we've had recently my van door has developed a fault. Basically if it rains heavily the orange door switch in cab flashes and the door won't open electronically via the key fob or dash button. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  16. W

    Side thermal blinds for sliding doors

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of a producer for outer thermal blinds for my transporters twin sliding doors. I have the excellent 'Exploria' thermal blinds for the windscreen and two front windows, but have failed to identify a similar product for my sliding doors. Any...
  17. G

    Door open Warning light

    Anybody had problems with warning light saying rear doors are open it comes on if you hit a pot hole or turn quick I think it might be the one on side door ?
  18. Apretext

    Insulation behind loc8 table panel

    How much space is there behind the space for the legs on the loc8 table panel? I presume there’s plenty of space for some silentcoat (at 2mm!), but will some 16mm dodomat fit too?
  19. Yzfr1

    Sliding door stuck closed.

    Can anyone shed any light on my problem. Rear slider door is not opening. It's showing its open on the dash sensor but it won't open with the outside or inside handles. I've locked it and unlocked it and the lock pin is moving up and down fine. I've tried force from the inside while the wife...
  20. RedUn

    Sliding door not catching open / staying open

    Been meaning to sort this for a while... Manual sliding struggles to catch / latch when you open it. Had a nosey around the mechanism down the bottom of the door opening and it all looks OK? Any ideas / solutions before I start taking it to pieces as it's really annoying! :rofl: Thanks Rich