1. F

    T6.1 Sliding doors wont open from the inside

    I have a new T6.1 Van and I noticed that when I was in the back I could not open the sliding doors from the inside. It has no seats in the back and I can not see a child safety lock anywhere. Is there anything in the Discovery media I have missed.
  2. marsie

    Interior light wiring route

    My van has had a camper conversion but the rear interior lights do not come on when the side door opens. Can anyone tell me where the original wiring runs for the side door interior light so i can try and trace it to add another light Thanks in advance Paul
  3. ADMT

    LV-1 staggered alloys on a Caravelle

    Is anyone running LV-1 staggered alloys on a Caravelle, If so, do you have any issues with the door cards rubbing on the tyres? I hadn’t realised this could be an issue until I searched the forum earlier! I have the wheels, but I’m yet to put any rubber on and it will be lowered next week at...
  4. S

    sliding door replacement cable

    Folks, During the last winter, the rear lhs sliding door of my T6 was frozen. Like a “tool” I pulled it and it’s no longer latching in the open position. The coach builder I took it to, reckons that we need a replacement cable. I’ve trawled the message boards and wondered if anyone could have a...
  5. AndyNichs

    T6.1 Sliding-Door - have to slam shut

    So, out of curiousity how hard does everyone have to slam the side door for it to shut? I have to give mine a good slam to shut it and it seems a bit excessive but I've been told that's normal? This is my first van so I may be comparing it to a lifetime of closing car doors, but feels like...
  6. P

    tailgate and side door locking problems.

    Good Morning I have read all the threads re the T6 side and tailgate locking problem I think but have failed to sort my problems so looking for advice please. I have for some time had to unlock my side door from inside as it failed to unlock on the fob. I have to pull the internal handle three...
  7. H

    Volkswagen Sliding Door Issue

    Hi All, Someone has tried to gain access to the side sliding door which has caused a nasty hole. I’ve currently got a armour plate over it but am looking to get this fixed. The handle is slightly loose as well from where they have tried to gain access, it almost feels like it's been...
  8. S

    Non power close side door seized on T6.1

    Hi - new to posting but have been massively helped by the forum in my conversion of a T6.1 over the last 6 months. Any issue I've hit so far you guys have the answer somewhere so thanks! However with the finish line in sight - and the first trip planned for Easter, I was just finishing off the...
  9. Deep black sparky

    Wanted Caravelle sliding door cards

    Looking for a set of 2 caravelle leather sliding door cards with window surrounds, lock covers, sun blinds and clips etc. must be mint condition but will pay accordingly.
  10. timthetinyhorse

    Side door Stuck open!

    Simple as that! Can’t get the door to close! Jammed fully open! I have just replaced the lower roller, reffiyed the spring plate, tested and and now jammed open Any ideas?
  11. N

    Torque Settings for sliding door

    Hi I've just discovered that the top roller part on my sliding door on my T6 California Beach is loose and rattling about! Could anyone tell me what torque the two bolts holding the upper roller guide to the door should be torqued to? The bolt in question is marked with the dot in the...
  12. Constalation

    Sliding door not latching at rear

    I have an issue with the sliding door on my Kombi. Tracked it down to the rear latching mechanism being corroded and sticking. The door slides shut but does not latch at the rear of the door. Does anyone have a parts diagram so I can get the part number and order a new one?
  13. marsie

    Sliding door track cover

    Bit of a strange one but has anyone had any problem with the side sliding door track cover panel coming loose. Its held in with plastic clips and a screw at each end. Every couple of days I have to pop the plastic clips back in:rolleyes:. Have had the panel off and cannot see anything amiss or...
  14. A

    DIY table in sliding door

    My T6 has a table that has one folding leg and clips to attach it to a rail along the front of the cabinets. It’s a bit of a pain to store when not in use, and I’d like to mount it in the sliding door - a bit like the Loc8 table. I don’t reckon it’s beyond my skills - but has anyone done this...
  15. A

    Sliding door rubber bumper

    My small round rubber bumper has snapped off, it’s where the sliding door meets the van body on the front of the sliding door. Seems to have a spring behind it. Anyone know the part I’m on about? Cheers
  16. M

    Sliding door lighting needed

    Although I have loads of lights in the bed area of my camper, they need to be switched on by the PMS unit, and given it’s pitch black sometimes I can’t see the switches Anyways, I need to get some kind of light hooked up for when the sliding door opens - any tips or tricks welcomed!
  17. U

    Il-fitting sliding door

    Hi all, I’ve just taken delivery of a new swb T6.1 with twin sliding doors but notice that the bottom rear edge of the near side slider is not closing flush to the bodywork and stands proud by 5-6mm. The other side is fine. The dealer is telling me that they need at least a day to investigate...
  18. M

    Sliding-window acoustic glass window thickness

    Can any one with acoustic/laminated slide open window in rear side door meassure the tickness of the glas. Im just got delivery of a 2022 Multivan, where I ordered the acousticglas packed. The car came delivered without acoustic glas. So now dealer will install these. But they say that the...
  19. Macmain12

    Sliding-door panel looks repaired - Is this normal?

    Hi all. Noticed today that we're the mid rail for the runner of the side door is. Inside that groove of the body work, right at the side of the side sliding door. The finish looks crap. I would of actually thought that it has been filled with car body filler it looks that bad. Is anyone else's...
  20. S

    Electric Sliding door issues

    So my 67-plate T6 has an electric side door which has been working perfectly until yesterday when, suddenly, it had stopped working. I unlocked the van with the fob & pressed the button to open the side door... Nothing. Tried pulling & releasing the handle... Nothing. Got in the van, started the...