1. lebb2017

    Side door stuck open

    I have searched and searched but can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem... the side door has managed to get stuck open. So its wide open, and when i try to pull it back to close it, it seems to be catching somewhere. It moves about 1cm. Has anyone had this issue before, and...
  2. Indigrey

    Front edge of sliding door battered by chips!

    Noticed this whilst washing the van the other day. It's a 21 plate and I've had it since new so I know it's not been in contact with anything. I can only think it's sticking out into the wind enough to get battered by stones from the front wheels. Has anyone else had this problem? I presume VW...
  3. Constalation

    [Resolved] Sliding door rear catch issue

    I have an issue with the door catch at the rear of my sliding door. I have taken it out and freed it and greased it in the past which worked but it is sticking again. This fault stops the door locking so I want to replace it. Does anyone have a part number? Van is a 2017 T6 204 Kombi

    Part number - Locating-guide for slider

    Hello! Can you someone please help me, its come back from having a new sliding door, and I've opened it, and this part has fallen out. Now im not driving it back to the garage as i cant be bothered. Much rather sort it myself, and send them the bill for the spare part i need… anyone know what to...
  5. S

    Speaker in sliding door

    Has anyone attempted putting a speaker in the sliding door (T6)? There is a 6 pin contact strip which may enable a speaker to work when the door is shut but looking at the wiring diagrams all the pins are already in use even on a standard, non-motorised door. Is that correct? Perhaps an...
  6. J88arv

    [Resolved] sliding door now won’t open!!

    Hi all Today I tackled fitting a new sliding door mechanism as the last one was intermittent. However with the new one fitted the external handle won’t open the van?? When I pull it I can feel the cables moving yet it won’t open?? So I’ve put the old one back on and now that doesn’t open...
  7. O

    Anyone know what these are for?

    Can someone tell me what these four bungs on the sliding doors are for please? The top one keeps falling out when the door gets closed.
  8. Jonni2rets

    Water collecting on twin slider bottom channel

    When it rains and I open the sliding doors, loads of water comes flooding out of the channel the bottom slider sits in is this normal? If I don’t open the doors it will sit there till I do
  9. T

    Does the sliding door locking mechanism of a 2018 t6 have a microswitch built in?

    Hi guys. Having issues with my sliding door and tailgate showing up as not being shut on display. Im assuming this is also why alarm isn't working. Before i start taking the van apart i just wanted to know if there is a microswitch in the locking mechanism as i know these can get clogged up...
  10. The Wibbler

    Sliding door - what side and why?

    Here's a question that's been buggiing since joining the campervan community - why do some vans have the sliding door on the offside? It can't be because they are LHD imports, so what's the reason?
  11. D

    Sliding door middle hinge

    I'm having issues with my sliding door rubbing and was hoping you kind people could help clear up a few things. Had a look through the forum for related threads but other people's hinges seem to be rubbing in a different area than mine. The middle roller on my sliding door rubs off the cover...
  12. B

    Something to cover sliding window on side doors - T6.1

    I was wondering if anyone has come across something that will allow me to keep the sliding window open on my side doors on the T6.1 yet keep the rain out And the door shut. Yes it’s an odd request but it’s unusual circumstances.
  13. Jason Kew

    Left sliding door seal part number?

    Afternoon T6’ers! I need a new left hand side sliding door seal.. the one on the actual door itself Would anyone know where to get one cheaper than.. just Kampers seem to want £220?!?! Thanks so much in advance:) Ps.. just got back from an amazing nc500 trip.. just epic!
  14. D

    Power in sliding doors

    Hi, has anyone ever fitted a USB charger point in a sliding door ? Not sure if I can pick up a constant 12V live from the door contact? any advice on wiring would be great Thanks
  15. timthetinyhorse

    Sliding door jams open

    Simple as that! Can’t get the door to close! Jammed fully open! I have just replaced the lower roller, reffiyed the spring plate, tested and and now jammed open Any ideas?
  16. W

    Loc8 door table rubbing 10J rear wheel

    I just wanted to check if anyone else finds that they cannot fit a Loc8 door table alongside their Lv1 or Lv2 alloys (wider, 10J rear)? Mine rubs and I just want to be sure that's just a by-product of the wheel width and not me being some sort of muppet in how I've fitted it? I'm reliably...
  17. G

    Sold Ventilation Door Insert for VW T6.1 Van

    Ventilation Door Insert. Used once. New £112 Selling for £49 + £5 p & p Call 07885 560 100
  18. F

    Hi from Brisbane, Thanks for giving me a membership. I have an automatic sliding door problem on my 2017 VW Multivan.

    Thanks for giving me a membership. I have an automatic sliding door problem on my 2017 Multivan. From the fob and center console only the soft close motor activated, but not the sliding action. No sound coming from the motor either. Checked fuses under bonnet, under seats, in the center column...
  19. P

    Sliding-Door handle removal

    Hi all, I need to remove the door handle on the sliding door, due to some paint damage. Doe’s anybody know how to release the handle from the van. thanks Paul
  20. M

    Power sliding door retrofit.

    Cancelled my Kombi order due to no build progress after 9 months and ordered a van from Van Haven who had one in stock. It's currently being converted from a PV into a very special Kombi. The only option I had on the original Kombi order that the PV hasn't got it electric sliding doors, has...