1. D

    Attempted break-in via sliding-door

    Anyone know why the scumbags that attempted to get into my copper bronze T6.1 van chose this method? They didn’t get in but caused a significant amount of damage. Currently looking at claiming via insurance for new door / repaint which seems to be the only way forward unless anyone has any...
  2. D

    Dented door- fix, replace or cover?

    Hi all! Just bought a VW T6.1 2020 SWB and we’re starting the conversion now. The van came with some pretty significant damage to the door (and a good discount for it!) but I’m trying to figure out if I’d like to do anything make it less noticeable. Pictures are below- by opinions on if I...
  3. VanMan48

    Sliding Door dropped?

    Hi My sliding door mon my T6 has dropped I think as it won't shut properly and needs a good shove to push it shut. Is there a way of being able to fix this myself or is a dealer job? Thanks!
  4. n10n

    Right hand electric slider issues

    Yesterday my electric slider (ie it has both slider motor and soft close) refused to work with button blinking. I had OBDeleven with me and got the following code: I was able to operate the door manually though so not a real issue although the door is pretty heavy to use with motors...
  5. J

    For Sale FOR SALE - T6.1 Sliding door step

    Hi. Selling a few bits from my recent conversion. The parts for sale are taken from my T6.1 Sportline. Selling this sliding door step - passenger side. Seems to be around £90 new so happily take £50. I'm based in Chingford, London. Can look into postage options if required. Cheers. Cheers.
  6. sipep

    White lithium grease on sliding door

    Anyone used this on their sliding door runner? I purchased it for a cross trainer we used to own..but thought it might be worth using on the button runner of the sliding door
  7. J

    Side door rust spot.

    I was cleaning the van over the weekend and noticed a spot of rust on the passenger side door near the rear wheel. I noticed it a while back but it looks worse now. It's a 16plate so doubt it's under corrosion warranty. Is this another VW issue that VW know about that VW pretends to not know...
  8. DaveCrampton

    Sliding door rubber seat detached. Help pls.

    Hi, my rubber seal at the top of the passenger side sliding door comes loose and I want to fix it. Is there a clip missing here please? We did have an older Focus with door seal issues but the fix was to glue it in place. But from my pictures, it looks like a clip is missing? Thanks, Dave C
  9. G

    Leaking tailgate and sliding door

    We seem to have a leaking tailgate and sliding door in our 23 plate T6.1 Transporter. I wouldn’t have expected this with a 6 week old van but reading though some threads it seems to happen… Water seems to be passing by the seals, not a lot but enough to not want it. I know the best option would...
  10. S

    Sliding door deadlock issue (T5.1)

    I discovered an odd issue with the deadlock for the sliding doors on my 2011 T5.1 Caravelle. Manual doors but with silent close. Twin sliders. Lock or lock normally with key fob. All good. Deadlocks work as expected. Lock or unlock with the interior lock. All doors locked but no...
  11. M

    Missing part on sliding door upper catch plate?

    Hello people, can anyone either tell me what’s missing from the sliding door frame or give me a link to buy the part! Many thanks
  12. J

    Shuttle drivers side sliding door card removal

    Can any help with instructions on how to remove the drivers side (T6 shuttle) sliding door, door card? Does the door need to be removed to do this? The door has a rattle and apparently you have to remove the door card and cover the fixings with tape!!!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any help much appreciated as I can’t...
  13. C

    Sliding door step removal

    Hi all, my first of many posts from me no doubt! I have a 2019 shuttle with a damaged sliding door step. It looks like it has tags, top and bottom at either end as well as the usual clips on the base and back. Do I need to remove interior trim either side of the step in order to remove it...
  14. abunnyuk

    For Sale Kiravans DoorStore (1st Edition Grey) - Right-Hand Sliding Door

    Brand new unused and still in its box. Amazing piece of kit and creates much needed storage. Only selling as I fitted one in the left-hand sliding door and planned on doing both but have since...
  15. H

    Sliding Door Catch - Bolts

    Hi, does anyone have a part number of these bolts on the sliding door. Thanks
  16. Fin5150

    Tips for sliding door channels/runners maintenance?

    Having previously had 2 T4s, both of which eventually suffered from the inevitable lower sliding door channel rot, that got so bad the door would actually drop and dislodge from the door aperture while sliding it shut, requiring a deft, 2 handed, one knee, lift slide and push, all at the same...
  17. C

    Newbie Sliding door help

    Hi everyone I'm new here i have just gotten a T6.1 (I Think) for work comes up as a T32 H-LN TDI 4M SA if that means anything! the problem I have on collection the sliding door wouldn't close, its not electric but does have the pull in motors I'm told. apparently this hasn't happened before and...
  18. P

    Sliding door not latching

    The sliding door doesn’t latch when the door is opened. The latch strikes the pin but seems to bounce back over rather than latch. It feels like the door needs adjusting outwards a bit to stop this happening but I wondered if anyone has any ideas or advice what to do? Thanks
  19. Woodrj

    Sliding door dropped (manual)

    Hi Wondering if anyone can suggest if this is fixable by a novice or got to book in somewhere?? It’s clear that our sliding door has dropped recently as now catches on the rear latch before crashing over it to close which requires quite a slam. Evidence of catching bodywork elsewhere also...
  20. Heath1984

    Sliding door seal 6.1

    Hi All, Please can someone tell me if the corner of the sliding door seal should look like this?