1. cy294

    Covering up Screw Holes

    Morning all, I have barn doors which have been covered with a full length ply board and carpeted. I am thinking of having windows put in the doors. If I do, what can I do about the screw holes that will be left? As the person who lined it for me has screwed into the door frame from what I can...
  2. Ads_Essex

    FREE Sliding-Door plastic doorcard

    Plastic doorcard for the nearside slider. Replaces the hardboard OEM panel, being resistant to moisture and impact etc. Used, in very good condition bar a few marks. Due to the box measuring 1080 x 810 x 100, I can’t find postage cheaper than £21.12. By all means arrange your own...
  3. Graham B

    Sliding Door Roller Guide Hinge

    Hello! We have a 2017 T6 Transporter and the VW Extended Warranty. The Sliding Door Roller guide hinge (bottom) has failed - the little white plastic wheel has disintegrated, but apart from that there seems to be no other damage. We called a couple of local VW dealers to check whether this...
  4. P

    Sliding door - DIY Power-Closing

    hello I would like to motorize the sliding door is it possible
  5. RobertO2023

    For Sale Sportline LWB electric side doors

    Anyone looking for Sportline LWB electric side doors 100miles available now ?
  6. T

    T6.1 Manual Sliding door clicking when closing [Resolved]

    Hi guys, new member here. Just picked up my brand new T6,1 in starlight blue. The passenger side sliding door makes a really audible clicking/clunking sound when closing. It is fine when opening. It is like it has stop points all the way along and doesn’t matter if i close it fast or slow, it...
  7. R

    Sliding door trim surround clip

    Hi guys, I reefed the trim on the sliding door handle and broke the bottom clip that keeps it in place. Does anyone have any idea where I could buy another and what I would search for? I’ve found replacement trims but not the clips. I’m in Australia but I’m sure I could get something from the UK...
  8. A

    Sliding Door Lock Issues

    T6 diesel LWB sliding door locking issues After a recent sliding door ( SD )replacement I now have this issue: Light bulb signal on dashboard display The diagram on dashboard shows SD permanently open. (which is slightly annoying as it prioritises over other things like phone call recents /...
  9. andrewyzfr6

    Electric side door fault- soft opening not working

    Hi I’ve got a 2020 t6.1 with ten electric sliding side doors Offside door isn’t working properly- won’t open with handles or on key- but only as you turn ignition on and push button on dash at same time. The button also flashes, then stays lit up constantly The exterior handle dose not work at...
  10. A

    Power-Closing Sliding Door bouncing

    Hello All, Tried to see if this had been resolved elsewhere. Sliding door is bouncing back and not shutting. If we try 3-4 times it finally does and sometimes with an extra push. - Also, when hitting "unlock" on key fob, cannot hear any movement in the sliding door, not sure if it normally...
  11. J

    Sliding door wont latch shut

    Evening all. I attempted to close my sliding door the other evening and it just would not latch on to the mech, it just rolled back. I took took the panel off and wiggled about with cables and the latch itself, and it eventually closed. Nothing was obstructing it. Its been OK since but don't...
  12. J

    Bumpy roads causing slider locks to cycle

    Hi all. Just registered and hoping that someone can help with an issue that has started with my van. I've had a look at previous posts, but can't see any that have the exact same set of symptoms - hopefully, I'm not replicating something that's already been covered. The van is a 2018 - T32 H-LN...
  13. G

    vw Slam lock removal sliding + barn door.

    The t5.1 van I purchased came installed with slam locks - very annoying if you intend to use the van as a camper. worse still the barn door and sliding door had different keys! I spoke to the original makers of the locks and a vehicle locksmith but both were of no use. However I did find bits of...
  14. T

    T6 sliding door won’t open from the inside?

    2016 T6, new to us. The sliding door opens fine from outside. But will not open from inside. Is there a simple fix.?
  15. L

    2021 T6.1 Replacement sliding door

    Hey people. As title says.. picked up a van yesterday, pretty bad dents on side door. I’m on lookout for a replacement sliding door…
  16. stupot

    Sliding door button

    Hi all Van went in VW dealer for a replacement sliding door module but they’ve not fitted the door lock button back on! Idiots. Hassle to go back as it’s 90 min round trip, so may fit myself if they send me one. Anyone know if it’s easy to do? It’s the button in the pic. Cheers
  17. S

    T5.1 sliding door bottom-spring

    Hi all opened the sliding door today and the bottom spring locating thingy self destructed not a clue how it works or the part number but need one asap i think its the one at the bottom on the pillar that went awal Simon
  18. T

    Power-closing door problems

    Hi help needed with power sliding doors. I’ve checked all forums without being able to the fault. Van: T6.1, 2020, Combi. NS door, dash light flashing. Checked the 1.27 ohms on the trap sensor strip ok. Changed over the control units between doors, not the issue. Cleaned rails, no good. When I...
  19. S

    sliding door contacts issue

    I've searched around but haven't found any posts on this particular issue (I borrowed this picture from another post for reference). My work van (2017 T6 Highline Panel) sliding door wont shut properly unless I fiddle wiggle this part around. There seems to be excess play/movement in it. I also...
  20. AdL

    Sliding door not opening then not locking - SOLVED!

    Had a few days when the passenger side sliding door would not open (on the handle) as if it was still okced (rest of the van was unlocked). Now the handle opens the door but the door does not lock when the rest of the van is locked. When shut the door indicates shut on the MFD and if you open...