slam vents

  1. I

    Anyone had any issues with the sliding-door not closing?

    Only had it happen twice, eventually after a few attempts it shuts.
  2. Andysmee

    Door slamming, bouncing and air pressure

    So, my driver's door rarely closes first time unless I slam it. The dreaded sounds-like-a-golf seal problem. But today, we wife was getting out of the van at the same time and the driver's door shut first time without slamming it. Hmm, so if the air pressure is relieved, the driver's door...
  3. S

    Slam vents - Use for ventilation?

    Hi all, So I have had an idea of using my slam vents to ventilate the rear of my can which will be a garage / kit store.I've managed to get a piece of hosepipe through the vent. I then plan on attaching a 12v fan and running this to extract air to help dry kit. The idea being that the negative...
  4. K

    Slam Vents..

    Evening all, I'm looking to carpet my van tomorrow. Just taping the holes up and wondered if any are necessary for the slam vents? Or when people ply line do they add holes like the factory pannels to allow the air to pass? Cheers, Kev
  5. J

    Dust Entry

    When driving on dirt roads, how well dust proofed is the T6? You don’t have to wander too far afield in Oz to strike dust. Anyway, we like to go to out of the way places. I am planning in install additional seals on the front doors as the first mod. Thanks for your help and advice.