1. sipep

    Screenwash fault? Warning light when full?

    Hi all. I am assuming this is the screenwash. I've full the screenwash, the light remains on.. Is there a reset function? Ty
  2. T6Robbo

    Washer bottle filler neck removal

    I seem to have a slight washer fluid leak, but I’m starting to think it might be the contents of the filler neck as it does slow down (puddle on floor). Question being, can I remove and re-insert the filler neck from the engine bay? Or am I asking for trouble if I unbolt it and pull it upwards...
  3. B

    Low Wash Warning Light

    Hi, ran out of windscreen washer fluid on the motorway yesterday yet no warning lights appeared? That made me realise that I'd been driving two and a half hours and no "rest warning' light had appeared. Could this be a fuse? I've searched for the fuse box diagram (2021 T6.1) but seriously, how...
  4. Glennpea123

    Location of screen wash bottle

    Morning all, I have a leak and need to access screen wash bottle on my T6, where is location please and is it easy to get to? Many thanks
  5. Base1388

    Screen Wash: will it eat in to my wax / paint?

    So I've been putting a lot of time into polish thanks to here for all advice But one thing i'm interested to learn is is there a nice screen wash ? I've been using Gtechniq 0.015 G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass on my screen and windows amazing stuff and in last month not used the wipers at all...
  6. Peatey

    Windscreen Washer Jets

    Does anybody know of an upgrade for the washer jets. Im looking for a spray rather than six peeing cherubs just clearing the scuttle panel I've tried adjusting them but only managed to wash the Poptop and its a pig of a job being where they are. I'm just wondering if people are happy with...
  7. Lukavell

    Easy Mod...

    Apologies if this has been shared before but I havent seen it. I was disappointed with the windscreen washer jets on my caravelle. They were the three separate jet types, my 2003 velle had much better type that sprays one wide arc. I found some on Amazon and changed them over this afternoon in...
  8. Arrow

    Jet Washer Spray Nozzles

    Anyone upgraded the washer nozzles to the jet type? Wondering if an upgrade kit exists? Even better if they are heated too. Been a pain having to defrost the nozzles every morning.
  9. PukkaT6

    Windscreen Washers - frozen?

    I know its freezing but has anyone experienced the drivers side washers not working? Im wondering if me trying them while frozen has popped the pipe off. Cant see any water leaking under the bonnet though.