rodent damage

  1. Z

    Sections of wiring loom found on floor

    Hi everyone, does anybody recognise this loom? I moved my T6 2016 Caravelle and this was underneath it! Can't help thinking it's not a good thing. Drove fine last time I used it.
  2. C

    AdBlue tank protection from rodents

    I have just heard from my VW dealer that the reason I have been getting an "ad blu" warning message is due to rodents chewing through the cables under the ad blu tank. Apparently they can smell the sweetness of the ad blu and try to chew through to get to it. This is going to cost me £1800 which...
  3. A

    Rodent damage

    hi folks, I’m new here but hoping you can help. Just took the van in for its first service, and it wasn’t good news... Garage noticed some chewed wires that are attached to the exhaust. These apparently link to two sensors, and will cost over £1000 to fix. They are saying they can’t replace the...
  4. Oldsparrer

    Reductant fault

    I have a EML on my dash in my 2017 T6, A guy up the road plugged in his diagnostic tablet and its got a fault showing reductant heater open circuit. He’s tried resetting it and it comes back. Does anyone know how to fix it or where I should look? I’ve checked all the fuses and they seem ok
  5. T

    Adblue sensor issues

    Hi All, I am sure this has been asked a million times so apologise in advance if it has. I did check through the other forum notes but could see anything about this particular issue. So we bought our new T6 yesterday and were on our long drive home. I stopped at the services for a quick...
  6. R

    glow plug warning light and stop start errors [Resolved]

    been having intermittent warning light and stop start errors with limp mode for the last week, plugged into vcds today and got these faults 3 Faults Found: 16056 - Oil Pressure Switch P164B 00 [108] - Malfunction Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear...
  7. M

    [RESOLVED] Stuck in France!! AdBlue sensor

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 68 plate T6 combi which I took in for first service at VW 3 weeks ago as I wanted piece of mind for driving to SW France for a holiday. Prior to service I had the oil light on on the display although level was fine, this turned out to be because of rodent damage to cables...
  8. P0L0

    Magicblack T6 Van From France

    Hi guys ! I can’t find better place to read and learn about T6 than here :laugh: In France, there is no such communities over a vehicule, excepté for classic Ines. Last year, I asked advices to lower my future T6 because I own an underground garage: And today, I can introduce you my T6...
  9. B

    Flashing Oil Light [Resolved: rodent damage to cable]

    Flashing oil sensor light has come on, message says: workshop. Just wondering how urgently it needs to be taken there. Van is ten months old.
  10. D

    Rat in me kitchen

    Parked my 5 week old T6 up at my daughters for 5 days over Christmas. Jumped in the van to head home and the dash lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree! warning me that engine oil and add blue were low. I checked the levels and all seemed fine so put it down to an electrical fault. I dropped...
  11. Alan Croft


    so not VW related but my wife came in last night and said the rear light pod on her A5 wasn’t working at all. My immediate thought was a fuse had gone but on checking they were all ok. Had a look this morning in daylight and on taking the light out it was obvious why it didn’t work. A mouse has...