rodent damage

  1. teamfly

    Rodent damage

    Found this while I was changing a bulb today .Earth strap so no real damage , but suggestions how to prevent further damage please !
  2. M

    Chewed wiring.....again!!!

    Hi all, I posted back in September when I was struck in France for a week due to a adblue issue. Since then it’s had to go back twice, once to sort out the adblue again and recently to address oil and engine warning lights. Prior to going on holiday in August I had the Van serviced earlier...
  3. Dale


    Hi all, seem to have had an issue with a mouse getting into my engine bay just in front of the battery where a small cover was knocked off. Have any others here had issues with mice and if so what did you do to get rid of the problem? I have put the black plastic cover back and have put a few...
  4. G

    Rodent damage : solutions that work? Send help

    Hi all I’ve just got the van back last night, replaced three sensors, repaired one and the wires that were chewed by rodents. It’s my fourth visit in 18 months and lo and behold after one night at home, the sensor warning lights are going off again. I’m at my wits end and purse is empty. Does...
  5. Ross Paterson

    Chewed Cables

    Foxes have chewed the cables underneath my van for the second time. Assuming it was a bad oil sensor the first time, I took it for what I thought would be an obvious 'warranty' repair. It cost me £200 to have 6 cables (badly) spliced! Therewere around 20 cables this time, so I did it myself...
  6. M

    [RESOLVED] Stuck in France!! AdBlue sensor

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 68 plate T6 combi which I took in for first service at VW 3 weeks ago as I wanted piece of mind for driving to SW France for a holiday. Prior to service I had the oil light on on the display although level was fine, this turned out to be because of rodent damage to cables...
  7. Shaggy1969

    What The .............

    My T6 T32 is booked in to have and an oil pressure sensor error looked at this week so decided to have a bit of a look to see if anything was a miss. Van was parked in the evening in the exact space as the morning - error appeared just at starting up to head home for the day. Stop Start...
  8. A

    Sensor Wires Chewed - £1000 To Fix?

    hi folks, I’m new here but hoping you can help. Just took the van in for its first service, and it wasn’t good news... Garage noticed some chewed wires that are attached to the exhaust. These apparently link to two sensors, and will cost over £1000 to fix. They are saying they can’t replace the...
  9. P0L0

    Magicblack T6 Van From France

    Hi guys ! I can’t find better place to read and learn about T6 than here :laugh: In France, there is no such communities over a vehicule, excepté for classic Ines. Last year, I asked advices to lower my future T6 because I own an underground garage: And today, I can introduce you my T6...
  10. B

    Flashing Oil Light [Resolved: rodent damage to cable]

    Flashing oil sensor light has come on, message says: workshop. Just wondering how urgently it needs to be taken there. Van is ten months old.