1. T

    T6.1 Front grille replacement

    Hi all Had a slight accident on the way to work this morning and as doesn’t appear to be any major damage am hoping I can sort it myself I’m unsure which part I need or how easy it would be to replace it See attached pic. It is the gloss black plastic trim by the number plate that has broken...
  2. Rioja John

    Removing T6.1 gear knob (manual)

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the plastic gear knob on my T6.1 please. John.
  3. Devaprem

    Comfort Dash cigarette lighter removal

    Hello. I am replacing the centre console comfort dash as the centre console storage compartment closable lid broke. I have the VW replacement part and have managed to remove the old one.... except I cannot find a way to get the cigarette lighter out of the old one! I've read the thread Cigarette...
  4. Lostineurope2

    Removing 3M tape from tailgate spoiler

    Hi I’m after some advice please Had my T5.1 for around 6 years now and it had a tailgate spoiler fitted when I bought it. Unfortunately it blew off in the storm a few weeks ago , didn’t realise it was loose and luckily the van was parked up at the time. It looks like it was fastened with 3M...
  5. S

    Kombi Seat removal

    Not sure if I am being silly here but how do I remove the rear seat from the T6? Got it to the final stage but it won’t lift out.
  6. Dubious

    How to remove sliding windows T6.1

    Hi all. Does anyone have access to a video that shows how to remove the rear sliding window sections from a T6.1 please? I have a leak on both sides and have found a video that shows a logical cause and fix but I cannot for the life of me find a video showing me how to get the sliding window off...
  7. F

    Bulkhead or not.

    I currently use the van for track days , and as I daily when the missis has the car. I have sound deadened, insulated and fully carpeted the rear. I initially intended to keep the bulkhead in and just sound deadened and carpet but now I can’t decide if I should remove the bulkhead. Part of me...
  8. VesselPal

    Rear suspension removal 4Motion

    I've noticed that the rubber under my rear springs has disintegrated and I ordered those uprated powerflex ones. As I tow a lot and the van is loaded most of the year I also got 13mm spacers for the back. This is a 4motion, do I have to remove the cv axles to complete this task? I know the...
  9. C

    Bulkhead removal and sale?

    Hello, So I finally got my T6.1 today (very happy, you lucky lot having one already!) So being absolutely TERRIBLE at all things diy, I am planning to remove the bulk head (full size) myself! I want daylight coming into the back of the van. Is it just removing the bolts and then taking it...
  10. D

    T32 front suspension removal

    No bank holiday trip for me until I replace one of my front springs that has snapped! Can't find a T32 specific video on YouTube. Do I need to undo all four bolts, two front and two rear, to remove the suspension leg from the hub? Can I get away with not removing the brakes and driveshaft...
  11. V

    T6.1 & T6 Gear Knob upgrade (Test Mule Parts Wanted)

    Hi All. So yesterday I removed and dismantled completely the Gear Selector on my T6.1 to see how it all fitted. I am looking to manufacture/adapt (if possible) the existing T6.1 selector to accommodate a ‘ screw on’ type gear knob to give greater flexibility of aftermarket upgrades. T6.1 owners...
  12. J

    disconnect the adblue control unit, how?

    Hi, I got an alarm on my T6 2018 150hp 4m model. A guy that does optimizations removed the adblue function, but said I have to remove the plug from the adblue control unit, or remove the fuse. Does any of you guys know what is best and easiest?
  13. Garyf123

    Front grille removal and replacement - how?!

    Hi, I have removed the front bumper on my 2019 highline. I have purchased the main grill, lower grill (3 piece) and fog light trims in gloss black. I have fallen at first hurdle trying to replace fog light inserts! Have released loads of clips but still cannot figure how it comes out. Seems that...
  14. C

    Steering rack - removal

    Has anyone replaced the steering rac on a T6 if so how’s it done ?
  15. chearmstrong

    Removing chrome grille trim on T6.1

    Hi. I’ve checked some other threads but I can’t seem to find the technique for removing the chrome grille trims - specifically on a T6.1. Hi have some new blue ones I want to add. I’ve tried a trim removal tool and credit card but I can’t seem to get them off. I don’t want to force too much in...
  16. Loz

    Faulty wheel speed sensor [Replaced]

    I received a number of warning lights including: Stability Control - ABS - TPMS - Front Assist - ACC Scan showed the following; Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 7E0-907-37x-MK100ESC.clb Part No SW: 7E0 907 379 Q HW: 7E0 907 379 N Component: ESC H06 0133...
  17. C

    Fitting and removal of bulkhead ??

    Good evening , I have a single sliding T6 Kombi and when removal or fitting the bulkhead I really do seem to make hard work of it !! Anyone got an easy way of doing it
  18. I

    How do I remove a wheel?

    Hello, should there be a security nut that came with my VW to remove the centre part of this alloy wheel?
  19. Thatratman

    T6.1 front bumper removal

    Is there any videos or guides on removing the 6.1 bumper? I want to get the grills off. cheers
  20. R

    Is There A Guide To Removing the Sliding Doors trim?

    looking for some help to remove sliding door card, so far I have managed to pop the clips along the bottom and up the sides but can't figure out how's to remove the top clips. Does the top trim around the window need removed? Any help would be much appreciated