1. Dubious

    How to remove sliding windows T6.1

    Hi all. Does anyone have access to a video that shows how to remove the rear sliding window sections from a T6.1 please? I have a leak on both sides and have found a video that shows a logical cause and fix but I cannot for the life of me find a video showing me how to get the sliding window off...
  2. F

    Bulkhead or not.

    I currently use the van for track days , and as I daily when the missis has the car. I have sound deadened, insulated and fully carpeted the rear. I initially intended to keep the bulkhead in and just sound deadened and carpet but now I can’t decide if I should remove the bulkhead. Part of me...
  3. VesselPal

    Rear suspension removal 4Motion

    I've noticed that the rubber under my rear springs has disintegrated and I ordered those uprated powerflex ones. As I tow a lot and the van is loaded most of the year I also got 13mm spacers for the back. This is a 4motion, do I have to remove the cv axles to complete this task? I know the...
  4. C

    Bulkhead removal and sale?

    Hello, So I finally got my T6.1 today (very happy, you lucky lot having one already!) So being absolutely TERRIBLE at all things diy, I am planning to remove the bulk head (full size) myself! I want daylight coming into the back of the van. Is it just removing the bolts and then taking it...
  5. D

    T32 front suspension removal

    No bank holiday trip for me until I replace one of my front springs that has snapped! Can't find a T32 specific video on YouTube. Do I need to undo all four bolts, two front and two rear, to remove the suspension leg from the hub? Can I get away with not removing the brakes and driveshaft...
  6. C

    Fitting and removal of bulkhead ??

    Good evening , I have a single sliding T6 Kombi and when removal or fitting the bulkhead I really do seem to make hard work of it !! Anyone got an easy way of doing it
  7. I

    How do I remove a wheel?

    Hello, should there be a security nut that came with my VW to remove the centre part of this alloy wheel?
  8. R

    Is There A Guide To Removing the Sliding Doors trim?

    looking for some help to remove sliding door card, so far I have managed to pop the clips along the bottom and up the sides but can't figure out how's to remove the top clips. Does the top trim around the window need removed? Any help would be much appreciated
  9. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove the top half of the bulkhead in a T6 panel van

    This is a partial guide - as removing the whole bulkhead is the subject of many a conversion thread elsewhere. But here's the nugget - there are bolts hidden in the cab headlining you need to release to remove the top half of the bulkhead: Slide this trim from one side of the van to the other...
  10. Stooble

    Bulkhead Removal

    Has anyone any links to removing the upper half bulkhead from a T6 please? I can't figure out how the top is fixed in above the roof liner. Cheers..
  11. catfood12

    Roof-Spoiler removal

    I was making progress along the M27 yesterday, when a fella in a Transit stated flashing and waving at me. I naturally assumed it was just van envy, but he drew alongside and said my rear spoiler was flapping loose and I should stop straight away ! I pulled off at J2, and found the thing was...
  12. T6180

    Moxton Bulkhead Removal

    Anyone know the easiest way to remove a moxton bulkhead, apart from unscrewing it. Does it come out towards the back and are there any tips to do this as its tighter than Amarok Hunting Forum members :whistle::rofl:
  13. GONA66

    Steel Bulkhead Removal .

    Just a quick question, removing the steel bulkhead from directly behind the front seats. I've removed all the 10mm small nuts from the sides and the horizontal joining ones, but the top panel is still secure at the top ! What needs to be done to disconnect this ?
  14. dwb

    Front VW Badge & Grille Chrome Removal

    I'm sure it's been covered before but I can't seem to find the answers I'm after before I start breaking things! I want to remove both the chrome part of the front VW badge and the chrome strips that emerge from the badge and go towards the headlights. The idea is that I can then either black...
  15. Sean Proctor

    Bulkhead bracket removal

    is it easy enough to remove the strips that hold the studs that the bulkhead attaches to?