1. Adam Lucas

    modem for diesel heater

    Hi All , I already have a Autoterm heater fitted but would now like a modem so I can operate from my phone. Is there a how to guide to installing (I’ve had a brief look on Y/T but no luck ) and can anyone recommend somewhere to purchase this from ? Thanks
  2. Ian28

    Thermocall TC4 Issue

    Hi, every 6 months I need to replace the SIM in my ThermoCall because every 6 months I forget to top it up & it deactivates. Replaced it and put the new details in the App 3-4 hours ago but it’s not working. The green indicator light on the dash button gives 2 flashes every second or so - the...
  3. Rob-Harrison1979

    Webasto AirTop - remote?

    I have a Webasto Airtop 2000 STC diesel heater which just has a standard dial control which is basically on/off, my question is can I get something to make it remote so I can control it from my phone? Many thanks.
  4. Skyliner33

    Programming Eberspacher Easystart Remote To Easystart Pro

    Can anyone shed any light on how I program the Easystart remote to the Easystart Pro timer please? I've tried removing and replacing the fuse to the fuse to the Easystart Pro, but nothing seems to happen to let me pair the remote. TIA
  5. Ian28

    Webasto Sim Card Issue

    My Webasto diesel heater has a SIM which allows me to start/stop it via text. It’s stopped working - presumably because I never topped it up and 6 months expired. I’ve topped it up online (Tesco mobile) but it still won’t respond to texts. I contacted Tesco mobile & they say the SIM is showing...
  6. Ambrose

    Bluetooth Controller

    Hi all, We have recently developed a small 4 x relay unit that be controlled over Bluetooth and I was wondering if there's a demand for such a device in this community? It works with an App (Free) on your phone and allows you to control up to 4 devices remotely. The unit is powered by 5v and...
  7. clufus

    Which Control Unit For Aftermarket Webasto Parking Heater?

    Hi. Before posting, I had a really good butchers' in other threads but am none the wiser. Apologies if this has been discussed already: In 2 weeks I am having a parking heater fitted and have until the day of fitting to decide which controller and positioning within the van. The Webasto Thermo...