1. T

    For Sale DTUK Tuning Box 150ps EU6 Temp

    Tuning box removed from my 2021 T6.1 150ps EU6 Temp engine. This is the only way currently of getting more power from the 150 vans with the newer ECU. Tuning box is the APP version so can be adjusted from your phone. Looking for £285 inc delivery power before 150ps - 340NM power after - 200ps 440nm
  2. M

    T6.1 150 serious power upgrade?

    Morning, I’ve recently upgraded all the suspension on the van, h and r coilovers, h and r ARB, bigger brakes, good tyres, adjustable poly bushes etc and the van really really handles! But it’s just missing that extra oomph, it’s mapped to 200 hp and 400+ nm I want more! Thought about...
  3. Garyf123

    Best 150bhp remap recommendations?

    Hi, I have a fully converted camper. It’s a 2019 T6 150bhp manual gearbox. I live in Leeds and am considering getting a remap. The main reason is not performance or economy but I find it irritating changing up and down gears too often! Can anybody recommend a reputable company with a decent...
  4. Donk

    Pendle & EGR

    So my van has a Pendle remap. The EGR valve has died. The garage says they could just do a delete but it’d need mapping out but they can’t do it as my van is already remapped. Is there now way round this or do I have to get a new EGR?
  5. G

    Van tuning Hampshire

    Hi All, anyone recommend the best, most knowledgeable, affordable, T5.1 138 engine and DSG tuning? Not looking to race! Just a smooth performance!
  6. P

    surge of power

    Hi all, Picked up a T6 18 plate a few weeks ago, unfortunately we needed to have the flywheel and clutch done straight away so it's done. Would like some opinions on my other concerns. Apparently my van has had a stage 1 remapping done and yes it goes very well when I floor it, but under 2k...
  7. H

    23 plate vw transporter 150 dsg mapping boxes /mapping

    Stupidly purchased a 23 plate transporter highline 150 bhp dsg People don't do it have owned 5 transporters over 9 years and I have to say what a load of crap what the he'll have they done to the engine what have they done to the interior what have they done to the performance put your foot...
  8. Howzat

    The Vehicle Tuner - Warrington

    The Vehicle Tuner - Vehicle Tuning Warrington I'd been considering a map for a while but had an issue with clutch judder which was putting me off pulling the trigger. My mechanic wasn't sure it was a worn clutch/DMF with only 60k on the clock so we tried a few things with no luck before...
  9. H

    Egr delete and re mapping. Yes or no?

    Egr delete and re mapping. Yes or know? Information I could do with as I’m looking for my first T6. Thanks all!
  10. G

    Avon Remapping?

    Any body come across Avon remapping, they have a dealer in Preston, ADS, any feedback on there product would be appreciated,
  11. D

    Remapper - Wales

    Hi you lovely people. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Pendle/Revo remap place near to Cardiff? Wanting to improve the 102 T6 2019 campervan Thanks in advance, Paula
  12. Donk

    Crafter Remap - Yes/No

    So, I’ve just bought a 2019 140bhp MWB Crafter to convert. Anyone here remapped theirs? Always done my Transporters, just wondering about the Crafter.
  13. J

    Recently mapped, now stalling

    Hi, I've got a 2016 t6 that's just been mapped due to EGR and adblue issues. I now have an issue with stalling the van, it seems like I can't coast along anymore. If the revs drop too low it just cuts out. I have very little knowledge of engines, so after remapping do I have to drive it...
  14. 109LWB

    Pendle Agent remap vs HQ

    I’d like to get my 102 remapped sometime in the future just for a bit more drivability. My current daily is 220bhp approx on a lighter vehicle, so the 102hp does feel quite leisurely. Here in lies my dilemma. I have a Pendle agent 15 miles away. Pendle HQ is 150 miles away. My local agent...
  15. R

    Engine mapping - London

    I’m looking for a recommendation for mapping my 2017 conversion. I’m planning a European road trip with the kids in August and would like to maximise fuel efficiency. I have a number of other improvements I’d like to make such as upgrading the leisure battery and retro fitting lights in the...
  16. M4rc

    MPG after 102 Remap

    I've had a remap on my van just over a year, although I'm very happy with the performance I've never been happy with fuel economy. I get around 400 Miles on a full tank. 102 5 speed. remap to around 170bhp. I have used a reputable company for this just wondering what sort of fuel economy...
  17. dave_b

    Enigma re-map

    I've just found out who re-mapped my T6. I company based in the South West called Enigma Mapping, has a very good following on FB. I have no complaints with the engine, drives nicely, 102 remap to 150, 5sp manual. I'm getting about 48mpg on the runs I have been doing between Essex and Cornwall...
  18. p6raf

    TSI Remaps over 250bhp

    I know there's plenty of threads here already about remapping but I still haven't found the info I'm looking for. I've got a T6 TSI, both revo and pendle offer a 300ish bhp map but nobody else does, why? Every other remap company offers only 250bhp. I asked the tuning company I've used in the...
  19. T

    My TSI stage 3 build

    So I thought I’d make a thread reference my T6 TSI I bought the van back in August 2020, prior to that, I had a lwb manual highline 2016 that I specked, Oryx white, bars, springs, sport line wheels etc it was my pride and joy! However, in lockdown I was using the van a lot and fancied more...
  20. T6ChrisO

    REVO Dealer, Manchester Area

    Can anyone recommend a REVO dealer in the Manchester area? I’ve looked on REVOs site and used their dealer locator but the two I’ve tried don’t offer the map for the T6