1. Dave F

    For Sale DTUK tuning box and pedal box

    Testing the water as I’m thinking of getting a revo remap as my van is out of warranty. They are used and are on my 2016 Auto 140 euro 5 T6 £400 for the tuning box and pedal box
  2. T

    102 Pendle Remap.. but a 4 month wait.

    So going to collect my van later in the month, was going to get it remapped at the same point as the other work is getting done, 2019 T6 102, after reading conflicting reports on here about 102 remapping problems, I decided I would get it done at Pendle HQ ( its the closest place to me to...
  3. Daneeyre

    DSG gear box problems

    So I've just purchased a caravelle 199 dsg ,picked it up yesterday. 10 months old 1900 miles on the clock. Bought from listers. After doing a few miles today I've noticed what seems to be gear slippage. Also on uphill starts gears don't engage until giving it quite a bit on the accelerator so...
  4. Q

    DSG remap

    Hi everyone has anyone had their DSG gear box remapped if so how does it drive and how much did it cost ?
  5. J

    Delighted with my Pendle map

    I took my T6 to Wiltown Garage , near Langport in Somerset today for a Pendle remap. I am delighted with the work. The van is so much more relaxing to drive with the extra torque and power available. I know it's not going win any landspeed records but really it's so different driving a heavy...
  6. W

    Engine vibration after remap

    Hi all, Hoping some one can often any advise, I’ve recently had a few bits done to my t6 t30 102bhp with a camper conversion. I had a new cambelt and water pump fitted, New 20” wheels is with Goodyear F1s, Full alignment, And a revo map (set on the higher map) The work was done by a trusted...
  7. Tourershine

    Revo Review in more detail.

    I know I posted a review on Transporter HQ and the Revo map they did on my van, but I wanted to post a separate review on Revo mapping because it deserves it's own spotlight and it's potentially a popular modification on here, or at least general remaps will be. Starting life as the amazing...
  8. J

    Newbie here, Tuning boxes

    Yo! Just recently purchased a 102 T6 and have been reading alot on this forum about remaps etc so thought I'd join and ask about tuning box. I've tead that remaps for the 102 T6 model arent recommended due to the weak turbo and 5 speed gear box, so have stumbled across 2 tuning boxes...
  9. Shaun Witts

    How does an LPG conversion affect the BHP of the petrol TSI?

    I had my 204 TSI converted to LPG quite early on in my ownership (at about 4K miles), and one of the questions people are always asking is: How does running on LPG affect the performance? Well, I just had mine mapped by Martin at Pendle HQ today, and he kindly printed off the rolling road data...
  10. Sjbso2000

    Wanted Wanted - DTUK Tuning Box for T6 102ps

    Hi. As the title, I’m looking for a tuning box for my new purchase. Get in touch if you have one or know where I can get one at a great price. Thanks, Scott
  11. H

    102 5 Speed Remap in Jersey

    Hi, is there anyone on here that lives in Jersey that has had their engine remapped on-island? I have read a decent bit on problems for the gearbox on a 5 speed 102 after being remapped...obviously because of the current situation it is not possible for me to get to the mainland for a Pendle...
  12. Andyf

    Remap - Custom Vans?

    Hi Has anybody used Custom Vans remap Good or bad used or heard about them Any info welcome Thanks Andy ;)
  13. phil_n

    Viezu Remap

    Has anyone had a Viezu remap done and can share their experience. Specifically for a 150 dsg?
  14. BognorMotors

    More upgrades

    We have done plenty of work from new on this T6 204 DSG Kombi, which includes; 8 seat conversion Extra windows Full interior upgrade; Leather, interior LEDs, Carpeting and Sound system B14s ARBs Sportline kit Revo remap It was already a stunning van Yesterday he came back for more upgrades...
  15. Mars7an85

    T6 150bhp remap?

    Would anyone recommend remapping T6 150bhp. Had a quote of £180 for a Stage 1 using remapuk maps. Please see attached data. Any recommendations?
  16. Lukavell

    Dark Side Developments

    Im not affiliated in an any way. I get the emails cos I bought a cast exhaust manifold for my T5. I quite like the looks of this though. Anybody got any experience of a similar product? Looks like a remote mapping service...

    Who’s Mapped Their 150s?!

    Might let my local tuning company map the old girl. What’s people’s responses ? had my 170 A3 done years ago, and it ran 206, 330ft lbs. and it was ace!!
  18. JordanGT

    Serious Power Upgrades

    So I have seen a video of a T5 with the Audi V8 under the bonnet. Wandering if there is anyone out there that has a similar conversion to make the T6 really move. I used to have an RS3 before it was stolen so really miss my power bursts, but love to drive the T6.
  19. S

    Remap Queries Revo Or Pendle

    Hi Guys, I'm very new to all this so please bear with me ....... Its a mine field out there so any help would be very much appreciated. So I've recently bought and got converted my T6 highline 150 bhp (was new on a 68 plate and now only done 1100miles) I think I would like the remap but have a...
  20. Eclipse Campers

    Revo Remapping Sale Until End Of February 2020

    Hi All, REVO are offering a set of discounts on the the following vehicles and is running until the end of February 2020. Get in touch for details/costs for your particular vehicle. Don't forget there is the standard 30 day money back guarantee if you are not at all satisfied. VW T5.1 - TDI...