1. A

    Will re-mapping a new van void the warranty?

    Hi all, If I buy a new van and get a conversion company to change some bits like lowering it with non factory fit springs and also 're-map' the van, will it void the vehicle? Thanks Adam
  2. C

    Would a Remap with 20” affect my MPG?

    Hi, I have a 2016 vw t6, I was after it getting remapped, hopefully to the 150bhp and 330 torque. But I'm running on 20inch wheels, 265/40/20. Would it make any difference to my mpg as I've went bigger in tyres, and will the drive be as smooth increasing the bhp on bigger wheels. Might sound...
  3. H

    Last day for £100 discount at Superchips for a remap

    Just to let everybody know that today is the last day to get £100 discount on a remap from Superchips. Rules are book before end of today (30/6) and have installed before end of July. I've got one of the Peppermint Green ex-FPS 84bhp models and the remap will take it to 149bhp so a good...
  4. Andyman

    Remap 199 to 150?

    I know it’s been spoke about and I can’t find the post/thread can I remap a 199 to a 150 and get the better fuel Consumption, someone said something about turbo being different, can’t recall exactly, my T6.1 199 really isn’t cost effective for me, my T6 150 was perfectly so, can I rewind it...
  5. S

    T6.1 110PS - Remap Options

    Hi All, Have searched the forum and am struggling to find threads relating to remap options for my specific engine (5 speed manual, 110ps). Has anyone had theirs mapped yet? Any guidance is very welcome! Thanks Simon
  6. J

    Remap Issue!!! 102PS

    Hi guys, I had my T6 remapped two days ago. Van was registered (November 2015) it’s the 5- speed 101hp model. I had it remapped to 177hp by a reputable remapping business. Today the van has been revving up randomly and even when in neutral to 2500rpm. It’s over revving up wildly and really...
  7. K

    Denby Engine Remap

    Hi folks, new here and new to the Transporter life. Ordered a brand new T6.1 110psi - only one they had in with all the spec i wanted and colour. But wanted a 150 so they offered to remap for a price cheaper than a Pendle remap. Anyone used Denby for such a service? Is it likely to be any less...
  8. G

    T6.1 110PS - remap?

    Hi, Just recently joined and first time transporter owner. i’ve got a T6.1 T28 2.0 TDi 110 Highline. 2020 reg. I intend to tow a caravan with it. I find that this 110 engine is slightly underpowered, as I have recently parted company with a 2.0 TDi 150 T-ROC and that towed the caravan...
  9. T

    204 remap (likely Revo) - feedback from those who have had it done

    Hi, Got a 2016 T6 204 DSG 4mo Cali Ocean. Pretty keen on getting the Revo stage 1 map done. I really like the look of the extra power and torque across the rev range and it seems and inexpensive way to release potential. Revo seem to do a lot of testing, which is good. Been in touch with my...
  10. BognorMotors

    REVO PRICE DROP Euro 5 2.0TDI Stage 1 Software

    Revo have announced that with immediate effect Euro 5 2.0TDI transporters including the early T6s, software is reduced by £50+VAT - NOW ONLY £349+VAT This isn't a sale, this is the ongoing price - No better time to get the best software available for your vehicle. Also T6.1 199 Software is...
  11. S

    Two Turbo Failures - was re-map to blame?

    Hi People, I recently had my 3 1/2 year old T6 Euro 6 102ps re-mapped with a Quantum Tuning map by a highly recommended and accredited mapping guy. I had the full power, up to 170ps map so was expecting great things. The van drove fine after re-mapping, but I was hard pushed to sense a big gain...
  12. P

    How to find out if the engine has been remapped

    I'd like to know the engine map on my 150 17 plate, anyone know how I can find out from the van ECU ?, I have VCDS. I know VW did a software upgrade last year, ad blue related. But how could i tell if a previous owner had put an engine map on ? thanks in advance pete
  13. BognorMotors

    *** REVO SALE ***

    The REVO End Of Year SALE is on Register below Where the lockdown is extended we will be able to work round it and extend where necessary to allow you to visit us safely. Contact us for more details
  14. M

    Any problems with Pendle remap for 150bhp T6?

    Hi all. I got my T6 150bhp remapped by Pendle as they did my T5.1 and I had no problems/ great improvement. I found that my T6 was it consistently going through regened around town and the DPF warning light was coming on. I do most of my miles on the motorway so it wasn't that my journeys...
  15. GingerDub

    It’s Pendle day!!!!

    So I’ve had my T6 T28 102 for two weeks and first big mod going down today! Cannot wait to see the difference in drivability this will deliver - I’ve read and heard so many good things about it.
  16. dubber36

    Superchips offer October 2020

    I came across this one when browsing away last night. Superchips are offering mobile Stage 1 remaps for £304.00 including VAT until the end of this month. I know that there are other tuners that are perhaps more favoured with the Transporter 'community', however, I've had many Superchips...
  17. Tourershine

    Bognor Motors TVS + REVO remap

    This is an interesting one. How do you improve on what most describe as perfection? No, not my vehicle styling, that's already at the peak... I'm referring to the formidable Volkswagen DSG box. The slick, reliable, fun, lazy drivers answer to a manual, but without the actual effort of moving...
  18. joshuaaitken

    AdBlue issues - remap related?

    Currently sat at VW Commercial in Tewkesbury.... I had a caution on the way back from Devon yesterday. AdBlue top up and spanner in amber. The van now tells me it’s got 650 miles range until no start. Naturally I topped the AdBlue up, no register at f this on the trip computer. Now it says 600...
  19. Dave F

    Sold DTUK tuning box and pedal box

    Testing the water as I’m thinking of getting a revo remap as my van is out of warranty. They are used and are on my 2016 Auto 140 euro 5 T6 £400 for the tuning box and pedal box
  20. Daneeyre

    DSG gear box problems

    So I've just purchased a caravelle 199 dsg ,picked it up yesterday. 10 months old 1900 miles on the clock. Bought from listers. After doing a few miles today I've noticed what seems to be gear slippage. Also on uphill starts gears don't engage until giving it quite a bit on the accelerator so...