reimo roof

  1. M

    Replacement Parts for Reimo Roof

    Hi all .... I have a Reimo pop up roof and to the rear of it on the inside are two strips of plastic/perspex (?) which when you close the roof assists the canvas coming inwards to avoid getting trapped. One of these has snapped. Does anyone know where I can get spares? Thanks Mike
  2. Ethan Andrews

    SCA / Reimo fitted abroad

    I wondered if anyone has taken their van across the continent to perhaps France, Belgium, or Germany to have a roof fitted. The fitting cost in the UK is quite significant once you factor in shipping costs. It seems a no brainier and nice idea for a road trip to take it over. Pre COVID I priced...
  3. R

    Awning rail under a Reimo EasyFit roof?

    Hi All, has anyone fitted an awning rail under the edge of a Reimo easy fit roof? If so do you have any Detailed pictures I could see please
  4. Gwyn

    Reimo roof - hairline cracks

    After some advice, while cleaning the van yesterday I noticed some very faint cracks in the roof Is this something to worry about ? Only got the van back from the converters end of January and hasn’t been used yet due to the lockdown Thought I’d ask your advice first before contacting him...
  5. C

    Exploria Reimo Or Kernow Cali Roof?

    Hi folks, I’ve a T6 velle and weighing up whether to put a second hand T6 Cali roof in with Kernow or go to someone like Exploria and have a Reimo roof. The reason for narrowing to these two is the finishing trim. With Kernow/Cali it will be like factory with the velle and Cali trim being able...
  6. U

    Headliner Pop Top

    I’ve had a Remo pop top fitted and would be grateful for advice on how to infill the headliner around the edge of the pop top. Thinking of ply covered with carpet and using a aluminium L section where it meets the edge of the pop top. Any ideas / pictures ? Thanks
  7. M

    Reimo Roof Strut Keeps Coming Off

    The gas roof strut on one side of my Reimo roof keeps pinging off when I put the roof up. The circlip around the 2 ends of the struts are still in place so I am at a loss to understand what's wrong. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. T

    Mattress Topper

    Hello everyone.just joined and hopping someone can help me . I have at6 with Reimo roof and bed , i am trying to find out if you can put a duvely mattress topper 50 mm up top and leave it there with the roof down duvely said you can't .
  9. M

    Solar Panel

    Anyone recommend a decent flexible solar panel? Thinking I need a 150w to keep fridge going with a 130amph battery. Its going on a skyline roof so if anyone has images of fitting and cable entry to the van that would be good. Cheers
  10. Grim Reaper

    Reimo Roof Questions

    Anyone with the various versions of Reimo's roof give some insight into a few features? The locking system.. Is there a catch or is it just straps? Are there different versions that have different locking methods. I am not really sure about the strap versions I see on other roofs. Is it possible...
  11. ollybeat

    Reimo Roof Straps Fraying Webbing

    hi, we've got a newly converted t6 with a reimo roof but after only a few outing the roof secure straps are fraying at the edges and it's a challenge to thread through the grip catch. Bodans recommended burning the material and squeezing with hands and is a problem with all roof webbing. Any...
  12. C

    Sca, Reimo & Austops - Review By A Fitter

    8Ball have produced three reviews of the roofs they offer as options when completing conversions, as the title suggests SCA, Reimo and Austops. I'd narrowed it down to Reimo and Austops and welcome the reviews which have now confirmed an Austops is for me and I'll have the scenic canvas on the...
  13. D

    Weight limit on roof rack with pop top up?

    Hi there, I'm having my LWB T6 converted soon and trying to decide between an SCA or Reimo Easy fit pop top. I'm planning on taking a loaded roof box away with me and want to choose the roof that allows the most weight with the roof up. I have read that the SCA roofs are rated to 70kg...