1. Gav s

    CRS Performance new KW Coilovers fitted....Review

    Today, I was lucky enough to meet Steve and the team at CRS who fitted their new KW coilover kit to my T6 Caravelle. Firstly, the service, advice and care was top notch, couldn’t fault it. Be in no doubt Steve knows what he is doing. The replacement suspension is fantastic. As you can see from...
  2. S

    Skyline North conversions?

    Just starting down the road of converting a T6. Pretty set after some research on a skyline poptop from. Skyline North. There's quite a few threads on there poptops, all encouraging. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with there other services--line out, electrical, heater, windows? I...
  3. S

    CRS Performance review - Koni Coilovers

    So a quick review of my T6 with the Koni Coilovers fitted and set up by CRS Performance. I drove up from Kent in the Shuttle on the standard 17” steelies and arrived about 9am, Steve made me a tea and we had a chat about what I wanted to achieve. After me saying I was prepared to suffer ride...
  4. X

    Eibach Coilovers and Bognor Motors Reviews

    I thought some of you might be interested in a review of my new suspension and my experiences with Bognor Motors. We all know that the suspension on the T6 could do with improvements, I was a little better off than a standard van as I have a 68 plate Caravelle Exec DSG which has the 150 engine...
  5. Steve Hales

    Lowered 70mm

    Been across to Steve @CRS Performance this afternoon to get my T6.1 lowered. I went with the Koni/H&R coilovers down around 70mm, keeping my davenport alloys for a while but may change at a later date. The drive home was much better on the Koni/H&R’s, doesn’t feel like I’m on a boat now. I...
  6. Skip

    Lowering T32 Suspension with CRS Performance

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, sorry for one of my first posts being so long but I wanted to give a full review of @CRS Performance I collected my Silver T6 Kombi a month ago. The first thing we wanted to do was get it lowered. We were happy enough with how the standard suspension felt but wanted...
  7. CaptainZag

    OEM_Genuine_Parts and GTV Projects (Lithuania)

    Just in case anyone is tempted to deal with the above, I thought I'd send in my experiences. OEM_Genuine_Parts (trades on eBay) and also trade as GTV Projects on Amazon, Facebook (and possibly on eBay too). Based in Lithuania. Business Name:UAB GTV Projects Trade Register...
  8. Forrest4799

    Vango kilda awning feedback wanted

    Has anybody got a Vango Kilda low drive away awning, they seem to be exclusive to Go outdoors not a bad price or the size. if so what’s your experience of it, good bad any info would be appreciated.
  9. Robert Hallyburton

    Feedback on

    Hi, has anyone used I need a couple of parts and their site is pretty good. The registered address is based in a housing estate in London and there's only a mobile number as a contact. Doesn't necessarily mean anything but just looking for feedback if someone had used them...
  10. R

    CRS Performance - H&R Coilover install

    Had the pleasure of having a h and r coilover installed by the lads at CRS in Cannock. Perfectly designed for vans. Suspension Systems & Tuning from CRS Performance All I can say is that they are masters of their trade. Incredibly knowledgeable with attention to detail . Highly recommended...
  11. D

    Rear T6 Rug/carpet

    Just had Nick, from Rugs for Bugs make me a bespoke rug/carpet for the floor area in the back of my T6 camper. £65 plus P+P. Brilliant quality, made exactly to the measurements I sent, looks great, recommend this guy1
  12. J

    Our First Ever T6 Conversion. My First Ever Post. I Hope You Like It.

    Hi So this is my first post and just thought I would show you our little families first ever T6 camper that we collected on Saturday. It was converted by Mikey and Dave at Retrofitted in Bury St Edmunds. We are chuffed to bits.
  13. phoenixfc7

    Austops Pop Top Install Help! (not installed by Austops BTW who have been brilliant)

    Hi, I would like some advice on what to do about a recent install of an Austops pop top T6 SWB. At this point I want to make clear that Austops did not the roof so this thread is no reflection on the Austops roof or the company but looking for guidance on the install. Lots of pictures bellow...
  14. G


    Totally thrilled with the full conversion with a side kitchen Slidepods have completed on my T6. Looks great, is well designed and totally practical. I highly recommend these guys. Jonny and the team are professional, friendly and have a great eye for detail. They advised on the best products...
  15. bullracing

    Westdubs Pop Tops - Worcester. Unhappy Customer.

    I really do not want to do this and its taken a while for me to give chances for a professional outcome but unfortunately they have been unable to solve any problems so I will explain my problem so you can all avoid the same. I am never the one to want to damage a company but I feel a little...
  16. T

    Needingworth Or Cambridge Campers?

    Hi everybody! Been obsessed about vw buses since a young boy and finally taking the jump and getting my first one this weekend!!! Im looking at 2 in particular, both chrome yellow fully converted 19 plate with delivery miles on, both companies just a few miles inbetween so going up friday to...
  17. ChrisR


    @Tourershine popped down to my place today to take a look at detailing my caravan. First up I’ll say that I am very happy with the result, but here’s some more detail...... My van is a 2002 Lunar Solar Eclipse and despite being pretty tidy inside for its age the outside was in serious need of...
  18. Inthezone


    Just wanted to post a note that I have had upgraded headlamps (Full LED) the guys at HazzyDayz are fantastic good service and helpful. I subsequently went back with a small issue not related to the installation and they fixed it on the spot and said it was part of the service.
  19. kiter

    T6.1 Led Rear Lights On Ebay

    Just a wee heads up, if you are thinking about buying these, dont buy them from azg-shop, they are not reliable at all. Mine were bought two weeks ago and I still dont have them. The tracking number I was given shows the shipment being cancelled on the 15th Jan. I have sent numerous messages...
  20. Gringo73

    T6 Suspension Specialists North

    Wondered if anyone could recommend a descent Garage in the North East ideally,or North West that sells and installs Bilstein B14 set ups or Koni coil overs. Looking to drop the T32 by 40mm for a better drive/comfort. Cheers in advance.