1. N

    Campsite recommendations in Normandy and Brittany

    Hello everyone, We are after your campsite recommendations in Normandy and Brittany for our French 2023 summer road trip, in late July and August. We are looking for recommendations for an overnight stop in Normandy half way between Calais and the Quimper area of Brittany. We are going to...
  2. Rioja John

    J T Atkinson: great customer service

    I recently bought a slim magnetic light with pir on the recommendation of @Bigsidavies I only used the light once and it stopped working, I contacted the company and within 3 days a new light fitting was delivered no quibble at all and they told me to dispose of the old light fitting, great...
  3. N

    JW Autotrim

    ordered 4 belts from JW Autotrim on eBay. Great service and very speedy turn around. would definately use again.
  4. Dave Potts

    Euro Disney/French Trip Advise

    Anybody taken their van to Eurodisney? Easy enough? Camping nearby? Thanks
  5. D

    NW England - Retrofit power tailgate

    Hi… This one is far beyond my skill set. Can anyone suggest anywhere in NW England that could do this for me? Thanks Alan
  6. Andyman

    Vanstyle curtain reviews?

    Does anyone have any experience or opinion on Vanstyle curtains please someone in passing said they’re hit and miss so looking for real reviews and where better to look

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  8. Stu1974

    Review: H&R Coilovers + ARB

    I just want to thank Steve Hurley and his guys of CRS Performance. What a nice and friendly guy. Had my T32 4 motion DSG, B14’s removed today ( they are horrid) and replaced with quality H&R adjustable coil overs, along with front and rear H&R Anti roll bars and bushes. WOW. The van drives like...
  9. K

    The Van Cave

    A big Thankyou to Chris for his work in replacing my suspension today, a beautiful smooth ride back to Dorset from the Yeovil area where he is based. Very professional and courteous service. I had discussed the changeout with Steve at CRS and he put me in touch with Chris at The Van Cave who is...
  10. Bigdumpy

    Watfield Wheel Spacers

    Hi, I am looking to lower my van next month on H&R 50mm lowering springs and as I will be running the original devonport alloys I am also going to purchase wheel spacers. One manufacturer that keeps coming up is watfield precision engineering and I can see from an older post that a few members...
  11. Thegee6

    Review: T32 CRS KW coilover suspension

    I’ve had my van a year from new now and one of the things on the to do list was to inevitably get it lowered but also improve the comfort. Previously on my old T5.1 I went through the whole spectrum of suspension lowering, firstly springs only, then B14s and finally onto ABP air suspension. So...
  12. J88arv

    Fuel Flap Delete by Paintworx Loughborough

    Hi all Most know I’ve had issues with the paint on my van being 50 shades of silver! Well I saved and booked it into Paintworx in Loughborough whilst it was there I had the petrol flap delete and can safely say it looks epic Will let the pics do the talking but super recommend them
  13. T5SUG

    Paintworx Loughborough

    Just had my sportline splitter painted and fitted by these guys. The splitter was delivered to them by Transporter HQ via DHL. They sent me an email with picture confirming it had arrived all ok. I gave them the paint code and they kept me updated by email and telephone of the progress and then...
  14. Yetibeard

    Converters Preston/blackburn Area

    Hi, I'm after recommendations for a conversion company in the Preston Blackburn general area. I know there are a few but I'm after reviews both good and bad of people actually used them. Thanks
  15. Gav s

    CRS Performance new KW Coilovers.... Review

    Today, I was lucky enough to meet Steve and the team at CRS who fitted their new KW coilover kit to my T6 Caravelle. Firstly, the service, advice and care was top notch, couldn’t fault it. Be in no doubt Steve knows what he is doing. The replacement suspension is fantastic. As you can see from...
  16. S

    Skyline North conversions?

    Just starting down the road of converting a T6. Pretty set after some research on a skyline poptop from. Skyline North. There's quite a few threads on there poptops, all encouraging. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with there other services--line out, electrical, heater, windows? I...
  17. VanDamMan

    CRS Performance UK

    Very pleased today ...had fitted Koni dampers fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads ......Quick..Friendly..and listen’d to my T32 204 auto had a habit that it wanted to lift the front end and spin the wheels when pulling away (Steve. Recommended adjusting the lift on the dampers...
  18. Steve Hales

    Lowered 70mm

    Been across to Steve @CRS Performance this afternoon to get my T6.1 lowered. I went with the Koni/H&R coilovers down around 70mm, keeping my davenport alloys for a while but may change at a later date. The drive home was much better on the Koni/H&R’s, doesn’t feel like I’m on a boat now. I...
  19. Skip

    Lowering T32 Suspension with CRS Performance

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, sorry for one of my first posts being so long but I wanted to give a full review of @CRS Performance I collected my Silver T6 Kombi a month ago. The first thing we wanted to do was get it lowered. We were happy enough with how the standard suspension felt but wanted...
  20. CaptainZag

    OEM_Genuine_Parts and GTV Projects (Lithuania)

    Just in case anyone is tempted to deal with the above, I thought I'd send in my experiences. OEM_Genuine_Parts (trades on eBay) and also trade as GTV Projects on Amazon, Facebook (and possibly on eBay too). Based in Lithuania. Business Name:UAB GTV Projects Trade Register...