raised floor height

  1. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  2. P

    Another side step question!

    Is there available the side steps for the sliding doors without any lights and suitable for a factory kombi (rubber) flooring height??
  3. OllieGBR

    Caravelle Step Light power

    I've searched and I know from @Skyliner33 posts on his build that you need a Caravelle step to accommodate the additional height the floor brings. What I can't find is how this is wired in? Is this powered by your leisure battery or spliced from the door switch?
  4. Skyliner33

    Caravelle Step Height?

    Looking for some help. I’m thinking of putting a Caravelle step inside my drivers door step. I’m just wondering if it will be the correct height for my carpet.
  5. andy greenwood

    Problems Fitting Kombi Sliding Door Step

    I've put down a new 12mm ply floor on top of 9mm batons & then altro on top. I have really struggled though fitting the new kombi step I've purchased. I cant seem to fit the step whilst locating all six of the securing screws, i cant get the 3 horizontal ones and the 3 vertical ones all located...
  6. Sam Lawson

    Caravelle Carpet In Passenger Area

    I'd like to replace the carpet in the passenger area and boot area of my Caravelle with rubber flooring. Does anyone know if this is possible? I've found companies like Rugs for Bugs that offer a rubber flooring to go over the carpet, but ideally i'd like to get rid of it completely. The rubber...
  7. Sjacko20

    Sold T6 Kombi rear step threshold cover.

    After installing power latching, I am selling the original threshold cover from my Kombi. It was removed at about 1 month old and is in excellent condition. 1BB6571C-93CB-4BD7-A45D-15FCB3453329 by Sjacko20 posted 15 Feb 2018 at 12:41 A8C3B9CE-294B-40B2-A2B7-3853FF9ECE20 by Sjacko20 posted 15...
  8. Diesel9a1

    Trims and steps after lining

    So when you silent coat the floor, lay battens inbetween the ridges, some thermal insulation(?), then ply flooring and finally 2mm Altro, this floor height is less than the manufacturers rubber flooring. How do you finish the side door steps, the cab to rear flooring edging, rear tailgate...