powder coating

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  2. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  3. KevinW

    Steelies Need A Refurb

    So I got a set of 5 steelies with the van to use for winter, any recommendations on what to do regarding refurbing them?? What sort of price would I expect for powder coating them black?? Or is just painting them an easier option? Thanks :thumbsup:
  4. E

    Powder Coating Devonports

    Hello, I am waiting delivery of my t6, t32 highline in imodium grey. It will come with silver davenport as standard. I like the look of the van and shape of the wheels but don't like the light silver of the wheels. Has anyone powder coated theirs? Mat or satin black I was thinking......
  5. dmk

    Side Bars What's the Point ?

    Are sidebars supposed to be for protection or are they cosmetic? cheers
  6. Richdirector

    16” alloys - spray black or sell?

    Getting a t6 kombi but it comes with 16 silver alloys - Has anyone sprayed them black (Matt or gloss) or do you think selling and getting new set better option?
  7. P

    Bike Rack - powder-coated black

    Hey all, not sure if anyone else has considered this but basically I think the new rack looks a bit cheap and dodgy, however if powder coated it could be improved? Any ideas on the cost of powder coating plus recommended places? Also i'd like a spoiler and would not mind having the rack on...