powder coating

  1. C

    Bike rack, powder coating

    Hi, I have this bike rack and am looking to get it powder coated. Does anyone have experience of taking apart/getting all the plastic off? ..and then back on again. will i need any special tools for the job?
  2. H

    Powder coating on alloy wheel mating surfaces

    Hi all, I recently purchased some lovely 17” Black Aracaju alloys that have been re powder coated. I didnt think anything of it when I was looking at the wheels but I have been looking at getting them fitted and it seems that the mating surfaces being powder coated is an issue. The company that...
  3. K

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) black. £900

    Brand New Genuine VW T6 / T6.1 tailgate four bike carrier refinished in satin black. These have been professionally dismantled, prepped and powder coated before re-assembly using the original type fixings and finally carefully re-packaging in the original box. Suitable for only VW Transporter...
  4. S

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) black. £700

    OEM rack recently professionally powder coated matt black. Been used once since (my MTB has really fat tyres which don’t fit the tracks properly!) comes with everything it left the factory with, instructions, wrench tool & spare keys. Stands me around £700 so would like most of my money back...
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  6. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  7. KevinW

    Wheel Refurb North-West

    So I got a set of 5 steelies with the van to use for winter, any recommendations on what to do regarding refurbing them?? What sort of price would I expect for powder coating them black?? Or is just painting them an easier option? Thanks :thumbsup:
  8. E

    Powder Coating Devonports

    Hello, I am waiting delivery of my t6, t32 highline in imodium grey. It will come with silver davenport as standard. I like the look of the van and shape of the wheels but don't like the light silver of the wheels. Has anyone powder coated theirs? Mat or satin black I was thinking......
  9. dmk

    Side Bars What's the Point ?

    Are sidebars supposed to be for protection or are they cosmetic? cheers
  10. Richdirector

    16” alloys - spray black or sell?

    Getting a t6 kombi but it comes with 16 silver alloys - Has anyone sprayed them black (Matt or gloss) or do you think selling and getting new set better option?
  11. P

    Bike Rack - powder-coated black

    Hey all, not sure if anyone else has considered this but basically I think the new rack looks a bit cheap and dodgy, however if powder coated it could be improved? Any ideas on the cost of powder coating plus recommended places? Also i'd like a spoiler and would not mind having the rack on...