part number

  1. Rich Green

    OEM parts supplier?

    Hi guys. Just wondered where you get your OEM parts from when required. I have recently replaced a few rubber seals etc with eBay ones and they don’t fit as well as standard parts so I would like to replace them again! Do you just go directly to a vw dealer or is there an online site you can...
  2. RyanGerry

    Interior Door Handle Bolts - Part Number

    Does anyone know the part number to these bolts? They hold the interior door handle on, VW seem to have forgot to fit them!
  3. T

    Door Sill Protector

    Hi all Just sticking some bits and pieces to van and one door sill hasn't stuck very well. The bottom is ok but top (either side) not very good, can anyone suggest best way to secure down as don't want to buy anything that might make hard to remove at later date if required Thanks
  4. A

    Finding out VW Van part numbers

    Hello all. I'm actually getting a Crafter on Friday but it's very quiet over that side of the forum and this post isn't Crafter-specific.... I'll be looking to retrofit the RH second armrest onto the non-highline seat it'll have, which I'm hoping is possible. However, I can't find any RH...
  5. A

    Idler pulley part number please?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the idler pulley part number on a VW T6 2017 Many thanks
  6. Pete bee

    Where do you get VAG part-numbers?

    Can any one give me a good web site so I can look up Vag part number Please. :whistle:
  7. M

    Drivers T6 door step with vent and Factory light cutout.

    Hoping somebody can help, I have been online for what seems like an eternity and cant find or establish what part number I need to order a new offside front drivers step with heater grill and factory light cutout in satin black 9B9 - 82V. Also need the part number for a new nearside front...
  8. Loz

    Connector reference

    Please post your connector pictures with part number and its use so that we can compile a useful reference. Then a moderator can edit this post and add it to the table. Part Number Type Role Picture 4F0 973 702 2 pin female plug with locking tab Connector for fuel temperature sensor 8K0...
  9. Skyliner33

    Part number - OEM seat covers

    Hi, I am trying to find the correct part number for some OEM seat covers. I am trying to find some black leather and alcantara seat covers for standard van seat (not Caravelle as I believe these are different). This is the seat cover I mean:
  10. C

    Oil Filter Part No.

    2018 T6 450 4 Motion. I’m after a part number for a non gen oil filter.
  11. C

    Drivers door fixings - part numbers

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the bottom drivers door trim fixings and the mid door threaded fixing as attached pictures? many thanks Chirs
  12. C

    Tailgate hinge bungs - part number?

    Hi where can i find 2 plugs to cap tail gate hinge holes for my T6 Kombi?
  13. D

    Dash metal clips part number around radio?

    Anyone know the part number for the yellow metal panel clips for the top of the radio/vent surround? Thanks
  14. S

    Overhead Console Clips

    Does anyone know where I can buy in the UK the metal spring clips that hold the overhead console in place. I have literally searched everywhere and the only place I can find them is in Europe and they want £50 postage for 10 small clips!!
  15. Skyliner33

    Part Number - tailgate buffer

    I appear to have lost the rubber if this thing off the tailgate. Tried but I can’t find the part number for replacement.
  16. RattyMcClelland

    Wheel-Arch access panels for lights

    In the n/s arch lining, the fog light cover hole access thingy magiggy is missing. Can't figure out what's it's called so I can buy a new one. Anyone have a part number?
  17. The Ham

    Is there something missing from my Tailgate child lock?

    Whilst sound deadening my tailgate I keep knocking this small latch off, looks like it can isolate the inner handle or something, it comes off really easily. Is it missing a cover of some sort? If so, does anybody know the part no for a new one? it was like this when I got the van.
  18. Walski

    Plastic under tray for engine

    Hi All Bit of a frustrating conversation with my dealer today. My panel van was delivered without the under tray which is the protection panel on the underside of the engine. I spoke to the dealer who said they would fit the panel when my van came back from the dealer. I contacted them today...
  19. T5.1 auto

    Caravelle Step with light

    I wondered if any of you have changed the standard front door step for a caravelle one which takes the large oval light, I am after the part number of the left and right step without stainless steel insert (Genuine VW) I am about to fit a wiring loom which pauly kindly provided for the step...
  20. andy greenwood

    Front Bumper Spare Part Number ?

    driving through flood water has damaged part of my bumper and the grey plastic piece no longer clips into the bumper properly. Does anyone know what this is called or what the part number is please ?