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  1. Skyliner33

    Part number - OEM seat covers

    Hi, I am trying to find the correct part number for some OEM seat covers. I am trying to find some black leather and alcantara seat covers for standard van seat (not Caravelle as I believe these are different). This is the seat cover I mean:
  2. C

    Oil Filter Part No.

    2018 T6 450 4 Motion. I’m after a part number for a non gen oil filter.
  3. C

    Drivers door fixings - part numbers

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the bottom drivers door trim fixings and the mid door threaded fixing as attached pictures? many thanks Chirs
  4. C

    Tailgate hinge bungs - part number?

    Hi where can i find 2 plugs to cap tail gate hinge holes for my T6 Kombi?
  5. D

    Dash metal clips part number around radio?

    Anyone know the part number for the yellow metal panel clips for the top of the radio/vent surround? Thanks
  6. S

    Overhead Console Clips

    Does anyone know where I can buy in the UK the metal spring clips that hold the overhead console in place. I have literally searched everywhere and the only place I can find them is in Europe and they want £50 postage for 10 small clips!!
  7. Skyliner33

    Part Number - tailgate buffer

    I appear to have lost the rubber if this thing off the tailgate. Tried but I can’t find the part number for replacement.
  8. Vkerr

    Part No - fog light door

    Anyone know the part number for the fog light access cover, mines fallen out.
  9. The Ham

    Is there something missing from my Tailgate child lock?

    Whilst sound deadening my tailgate I keep knocking this small latch off, looks like it can isolate the inner handle or something, it comes off really easily. Is it missing a cover of some sort? If so, does anybody know the part no for a new one? it was like this when I got the van.
  10. Walski

    Plastic under tray for engine

    Hi All Bit of a frustrating conversation with my dealer today. My panel van was delivered without the under tray which is the protection panel on the underside of the engine. I spoke to the dealer who said they would fit the panel when my van came back from the dealer. I contacted them today...
  11. K

    Part Numbers for steps etc...

    Evening all, I'm looking for some part numbers if anyone can help? I need: -California side step -Side step light -Side step light cable -Caravelle rear threshold cover: 7E0 863 485 C 82 V -Wipermotor cover for tailgate: 7E0.868.629 Thanks all **I've updated with the ones i've found along...
  12. andy greenwood

    Front Bumper Spare Part Number ?

    driving through flood water has damaged part of my bumper and the grey plastic piece no longer clips into the bumper properly. Does anyone know what this is called or what the part number is please ?
  13. S

    Part number for dash trim

    Anyone know the part number for the comfort dash trim highlighted, searched the forum can't see anything? 17620366_1274578562619267_1164695175776722188_o
  14. Mocko1962

    Mfsw Airbag Loom Part No.

    Anyone have the airbag wiring loom part number for typical High line 2017 onwards .. manual 102PS . I need to order the loom prior to wheel replacement and upgrade to MFSW as my trendline has plastic version .. dealer says he needs van reg number typically but no good giving him my trendline reg...
  15. Skyliner33

    Help With Part Number For Caravelle Step

    I am trying to order a Caravelle tailgate trim piece. However my local VW centre can only find the Kombi one. For s0me reason on his system the Kombi seems to come up for the caravelle. He says he needs a Caravelle reg number to look up the part. I cant find anywhere that seems to be selling...
  16. Jonathan83

    T6 Powerlatching Tailgate Threshold

    Hi Can anyone help, I've been looking everywhere for a threshold that will fit the power latching tailgate and have had no luck as of yet!
  17. W

    Panel Trim Clips 3d0867333

    The white 22mm ones are easy to find on the net- they're everywhere; but does someone know of a reasonably priced replacement for the black 32mm ones part no. 3D0867333
  18. sofakingwrong

    Lwb Caravelle Rail Covers ?

    Hi anyone with lwb caravelle rails able to pop a cover off the back of their Center double rail and share a part number with me please? It would be much appreciated.
  19. J

    Hi New Member And Help With Headlight Cover Clip

    hi new member here, just found the forum, looks a good source of info Hence, i dont know if anyone can help i made a schoolboy error today, and decided to change the bulbs in my T6 kombi, all went well, until the retaining clip ( the springy one ) that holds the rear access cover on decided to...
  20. S

    Tailgate Handle - Possible To Remove To Colour Code?

    I know it must be possible - more of a request for info on how to do it! Im also at any moment going to be changing the rear bumper for a colour coded one - so i need to do the parking sensors - best to rattle can these? thanks in advance