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  1. A

    Part no enquiry - EGR gasket between cooler and EGR

    Hi there, I'm looking for a part no for gasket between cooler and EGR - I plan to recover EGR rather than replace it, but nowhere can find the part no for the below element (see red/yellow indication). thx I assume it should look something similar to this: but how to get part no for it?
  2. GaryB1980

    Torx T30 for headlight

    Hey, Changing to THQ LED's on my T6.1 I lost the single black T30 that secures at the bottom of the light in place. Does anyone know the size, part number or where I can find it out please? Oh, yea, should have measured the one I didn't lose but in a strop I put the bumper back on... oops...
  3. S

    LWB Floor Rails - Part Numbers

    Hi Everyone, I am totally new to the world of VW Conversion but looking for advice and part numbers for the flooring rails i need to convert my twin door LWB 5.1. I obtained a bench seat and two (rear) singles from a Multi Van but now need the rails. Looking at the van they came from i need...
  4. T

    EGR pipe replacement - part numbers?

    Contacted VW to request a EGR connecting pipe which I was led was part number 04L131521BH, however was told there are 2 potential parts dependant on which turbo I have installed on my van (150ps CXHA) and I would either need to get the turbo part number myself or bring the EGR pipe in to compare...
  5. P

    T5.1 tailgate loom part number

    Hi all, would anyone happen to know the part number for a T5.1 tailgate wiring loom with electric handle / latch? I have purchased a bare tailgate and trying to gather the internal parts Thank you in advance
  6. D

    Engine mount bolts part numbers

    Hi, Does anyone have a diagram and part numbers of the engine mounts/gearbox and the bolts? My van is a 2018 dsg highline edition. Any help would be great!
  7. F

    DPF and CAT Part number query

    Good Afternoon, Looking for a bit of advice - What is the Affix mean on Part numbers for DPF and Cat. My Garage advises me that I require part number 7E0 254 700PX for DPF and 7E0254201 QX for the Cat. What I have currently on the vehicle has different numbers 7E0131723P and 7E0131690N...
  8. T

    T6 Glow Plug Control Module

    Greetings, can anyone tell me the part no for the ‘glow plug control module’ on a 2016 euro 6 t6 2.0 tdi 150? CXHA. I want to replace as I have had a few intermittent errors relating to the module under the battery tray. But on visiting several parts websites I get different results and totally...
  9. Jonwm

    Clip for interior panel part number help

    Afternoon all. Not sure if anyone has access to any parts systems but I'm looking to find the clip or screw that goes into the central panel in the front foot well, pic below but not sure what that but is called! Any help appreciated it's vibrating which is annoying!
  10. K

    HP Fuel Pump Part number/cost?

    Can someone give me the part number of the High Pressure Fuel Pump and/or likely cost? 2016 plate Euro 6, 75kw/102bhp SGA CXGB 2.0l TDI.
  11. sidpoole2k

    T6 caravelle Rail stops

    Hello there, my partner and I have manged to swap out the flooring from our T6 Kombi for a caravelle with rails and seating. I am fine with doing all the touch up works with making the floor fit snuggly and filling out all the missing areas of floor that are now present. However the second hand...
  12. M

    Missing part on sliding door upper catch plate?

    Hello people, can anyone either tell me what’s missing from the sliding door frame or give me a link to buy the part! Many thanks
  13. D

    Air con pipe!

    Hi I have a hole in the high pressure pipe between the condenser and compressor-anyone know the part number so I can order a replacement please? Thanks in advance.
  14. marty NCL

    What's this dash part!?

    Today I noticed a small transparent plastic cap on my dash. At a quick glance, I don't see / feel anything behind it. Dashboard Plastic Cover 7E0919068... What is it!?
  15. P

    Bike Rack Spares

    Hi, I've taken apart my T6 bike rack and had to drill out some rivets so does anyone know the right size per chance? Ideally original VW ones or at least the right size and in black... Also, there was some damage to one of the clips that holds one half - Can't see it being an issue but while...
  16. Sabre

    Wanted Bike rack clamps

    Has anyone got a VW bike rack that might be knackered and has spare arms and clamps going? Could do with the longest one and mud length one, if there are any going?
  17. chrissielesmore

    Window Regulator Part#

    Was lucky enough to get my front passenger window smashed in last week. The gift that keeps on giving… Eventually got the glass replaced today, to be told that the window regulator is bust and needs replacing. Have had a look and can only find ones marked as VW T5. I presume they are the same...

    Part number - Locating-guide for slider

    Hello! Can you someone please help me, its come back from having a new sliding door, and I've opened it, and this part has fallen out. Now im not driving it back to the garage as i cant be bothered. Much rather sort it myself, and send them the bill for the spare part i need… anyone know what to...
  19. D

    Plastic underbody splash guards - part-numbers?

    Does anyone know of a diagram and supplier for the plastic splash panels under a T6. A couple of mine have broken and I'd like to replace them
  20. W

    High pressure fuel pump needed urgently.

    Anyone got one ? My van is stuck at VW Birmingham. They can’t source the part