oil seal failure

  1. B

    Warranty refusal: crankshaft oil seal failure

    my van is in for an mot and they have noticed its got an oil leak from the crankshaft main oil seal, i have the all in warrenty but the claim has been rejected. Has anyone had this done under the all in package ? the van has full vw service history and only done 68k
  2. R

    Oil leak from filler cap- new T6.1 340

    Has anyone dealt with this in a new 2020 model? Oil was splattered around the filler cap on the engine from what, to me, looks like more than normal blow by trying to escape out the filler neck… it’s done 7000kms and the oil level has dropped nearly half since I changed the stock oil at 1500kms...
  3. joe_j_barnes

    Oil gooey???

    Hi All, any idea what could be the problem? away camping dad checked the oil and says it’s not right, smoke coming from dip stick tube, called AA advised to not drive but no diagnostic yet advised me to call VW assist, who are now on way to collect. it’s only just on 24000 recently had first...
  4. T

    T6 Front End Oil Seal Failure After 50k

    title says it all really - except to say that VW Northants reckon it will set me back a cool £1000. Anyone had similar?
  5. Dellmassive

    204 Engine Top End Oil Leak?

    MY18 T32 PV 204 DSG 204 engine top-end oil leak? on a rummage around the engine bay the other day i saw this =[ the van has done 10K from new and is due its first oil service in 2k or so at the dealers. there seems to be some oil under the charge cooler by the red boost hose, its very high...
  6. P

    Flywheel bolts leaking!

    My van went for its first service at the dealers last Friday, they phoned me and said I had an oil leak from between the engine and gearbox. They’ve taken the gearbox out now and told me that I have oil leaking from the flywheel bolts and from an oil cooler seal above the gearbox, has anyone...