1. S

    Hello from Sunderland

    Hi all, just popped in to say hello. I am in the process of trying to decide what van is best for my needs and struggling badly. Any and all advice most appreciated. Thanks :D
  2. SAF1981

    North East solar panel installers?

    Can anyone recommend a conversion business that is decent and installs solar panels in the North East?
  3. J_Con19


    Is anyone going to Kulturshock this weekend in Gateshead? Wondered if I'd see any transporters there! My transporter isn't show ready but my caddy will be on show there
  4. B

    Vehicle wrap north east

    Looking for recommendations for a part vehicle wrap in North East England. Could stretch to North Yorkshire or Carlisle if there’s no one nearer!
  5. R

    North East Dub Specialists

    Can anyone recommend any decent dub specialists in the north east area? I need a rock n roll bed installing properly and potential EGR delete.
  6. H

    Northeast - suspension specialist

    can anyone recommend a garage in the Gateshead area to fit some H&R anti roll bars? and any idea what sort of price i am looking at for fitting? thanks :)
  7. Dickieboy3

    Swift motor engineering

    Used this company for my T6 3rd service and MOT in February and yesterday 4 wheel alignment and Aircon service. Use only genuine VAG parts and tools while offering a reasonable pricing structure compared to main dealer. Work here meets VAG warranty requirements. Description below:- Swift Motor...
  8. Fish

    Forum Assistance Delivery Service

    Now, don't all jump on me of how this is a silly idea! I just thought that I would put it out there... Many off us busy from various auction sites, web-pages and such like. Therefore I was wondering if forum members would be willing to assist in collection / 'pass-on' / delivery assistance...
  9. T6VanFam

    North East Pop top/ Elevating Roof Companies

    Hi all, I live in Newcastle and am looking to get a pop top/ elevating roof with bedroom fitted to my T6. I was hoping that anyone who has had one fitted in or around the north east would be able to recommend a good fitter/ model or share their experiences to help me narrow the field down. I...
  10. Whiz

    Conversion companies - north-east

    The Company who currently are going to convert my van to a day van have slipped their deadline by 4 weeks. I am losing patience and looking at going somewhere else. Work is going to be: -Double bed. 3rd row seating folds down and frame in boot for fill width double bed. -Leisure battery...
  11. J

    Independent garage - North East

    Any recommendations for an good independent specialist for CAM belt and brakes in NE, preferably co Durham/Darlington area?
  12. hatjoepeg

    Whitley Bay sites

    Off to the North East in September, anyone stayed somewhere nice near Whitley Bay?
  13. lough90

    Wheel Alignment North East – Northumberland

    Can anyone recommend a garage in the North East / Northumberland that can perform wheel alignment. I appreciate that during the next few weeks some of these garages may not be open but I have just ordered a new set of LV-1 wheels and tyres as the ones fitted been condemned due to feathering and...
  14. D

    Ply Flooring Recommendations

    Hi all I’m looking for recommendations for companies to supply a plywood floor for a T6, based in the northeast, already wasted money buying a very poor fitting one off eBay, I’ve seen a few camper conversion companies doing some really good ones but they don’t post and are to far away.. any...
  15. LakesT6

    Lookers Van Centre Carlisle

    I was doing a job today not too far from my local dealer, so I thought I’d pop in and have a look at the 6.1. A salesman eyeballed me from 200 yards in the car park, and hastened over. I asked him, “why are there no vans in the showroom?” He replied “we are no longer a van franchise, just cars...
  16. Mocko1962

    Van Lowering In Merseyside

    Can anyone recommend good indie for van lowering on Merseyside ... I had arranged with someone in Warrington but hasn't got back to me with cost. Just need 50mm lowering springs done. Thanks
  17. K

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Teesside/north Yorkshire

    Any recommendations for places that can do a hunter 4 wheel alignment and know what they're doing?
  18. K

    Stonewall Leisure (stockton-on-tees)

    I've just collected my van from stonewall leisure who carried out the conversion for me and absolutely blown away by the end result. I had the roof fitted first by Austops (and would also recommend them) then set about trying to find a conversion company that would offer a bespoke service and...
  19. O

    Front Parking Sensors & Rev Camera

    Morning all, first post here ;-) Still looking for our ideal Kombi, might have found one but it has not front sensors or reversing camera. Can anyone tell me aprox what these would cost to get fitted and any where in the North East that can do it? The van is a 2017 Highline with sat nav...
  20. D

    Tow Bar Installer in the northeast

    Hi Folks, I want to get a Westfalia with removable swan neck fitted, can anyone recommend an installer. Don't think my van has any prep so specialised harness and coding will be required me thinks. Ideally Middlesbrough/Darlington area but happy to travel a bit for a recommended place...