1. M

    Sold Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 - 235/55/17 x4 - 6mm

    For Sale. Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 - 235/55/17 x4 103 Load Rating (Extra load) Rated correctly for T32 4 motion All 6mm tread All perfect condition and no repairs - just changed to all season tyres for ease for laziness and van is 4 motion Located in Norwich Area
  2. Merryman

    Free Night in Norfolk

    Hi, One an all. My son Simon and fiance Mandy have just taken over The Bell at Marlingford, also known as the 'Marlingford Bell'. Free House, offering real local ales, Madri Lager , pub favourite is Mild with a Guinness Lid. Total of 13 beers, cider, lager and stout. all of which are under a £5...
  3. C

    Recommended Pop top installer, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire area

    I’m after advice on a reputable pop top installer in the Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire area. I’m not looking to blow the bank but also understand that you get what you pay for. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Merryman

    [Held] Devonports £200 Norfolk

    Set of 4 VW 17" Davenport wheels with nearly new Maxxis tyres 235/60/17, 3 x 8mm 1 x 7.5mm For £200 ( bare in mind the tyres, balanced and fitted are over £130 each, ne'er mind the wheels. Collect from NR95AT near Norwich A47. Or occasionally travel Norwich to Bishop Stortford / Harlow /...
  5. True Romance

    Norfolk and Suffolk

    Planning a tour around Norfolk and Suffolk starting next weekend. Never been to either before so after some pointers. Site recommendations, nice towns/villages, good dog friendly beaches or beach side camping? Any do's and don'ts? Thank you.
  6. LuxuryMilk

    Norwich/Norfolk campsites

    Hi gang!! We are hugely lucky enough to have use of my father in laws mint green lwb t6 camper ‘Minty’. We’re off to Norwich for a 40th birthday but are trying to tag on a few days before. Ideally a day in Norwich, day on the broads and day on the coast. Anyone got any good...
  7. T

    Hi from Norfolk

    Hello all, Great forum! Yet to buy & convert or buy already converted campervan!? Lifes been busy but hopefully get time this winter to sort... any recommendations welcomed Thanks Tom
  8. Merryman

    Norfolk - Anglia Region Spring Rally / Meet

    Hi. Am proposing to hold a Rally or Meet. depending on members available time etc, so here goes Date; Friday 13th May- Sunday 15th May Location; Applewood Holiday Park, Banham, Norfolk Cost; £31.00 per unit per night including hook up This 4 star camp site, has excellent...
  9. Mike78

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello T6 World. A quick introduction. Since the original Calfornia came out I have wanted a camper, since the begining of lockdowns I've seriously wanted one. I've spent months planning in my head the conversion finding so much useful knowledge and information on this forum. I watched...
  10. Ricardo T

    Alloy wheel 'repair' recommendations - East Anglia.

    As the title suggests...looking for a 'repair' only and not a complete least I dont think so. Any recommendations please, preferably East Anglia. Cheers guys and gals.:thumbsup:
  11. T6LadyDriver

    Looking for a T.6 Service Specialist in Norfolk/Suffolk etc

    Hi all, Having REAL problems with the VW Van Centre in Norwich. My van has been in three times since February for various issues (Poor Radio receiption, Flat Batteries, Rear Wiper washer and more) Involved VW Commercial UK and still they (Norwich) want to blame the van's conversion. Does...
  12. M

    Any VCDS users in Norfolk?

    Hi guys I’ve just bought a T6 and would really like to get the large speedo mod done to my instrument cluster. Is there anyone with VCDS in the Norwich area able to help with this please? Cheers!
  13. M

    A couple of newbie, idiot questions

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum and a new owner of a 2019 T6 Trendline T28 102 which has been converted from a panel van to a window van by a dealer. I picked it up yesterday and it’s awesome. I had a couple of early niggles on purchase day though which have left me with some questions!! 1. One of...
  14. Acopulcokevv

    Lowering Norfolk,

    Hi, recently purchased an acapulco T32, came with new 18s. Originally intended to swap them out for 20s but am now thinking I need to get her lowered. Any recommendations for some local to Norfolk to get the ball rollin?
  15. Rosie&Co

    Picnic location ideas within the South East

    We are based in Beds, and want to take the van for a picnic somewhere where you can stay next to van. Any ideas in South East?

    Sandringham For The Weekend..

    first weekend in our van, looking forward to it. Norfolk, sandringham is our local site, only an hour away. Been here since I was a kid in tents. Ikea bed absolutely the best purchase!! Oh and another cheeky purchase, new wheels... I cheated demon tweeks website and managed discount...
  17. S

    Sold 16” Steel Wheels And Tyres

    As title, off a 16 plate. 2 tyres under half worn, other over half worn. Sensible offer please and collection only. Cheers.
  18. A

    Norfolk Coast

    Got my grandaughter all next week so if the weather's decent I thought we'd go have a couple of nights in the van somewhere different. Norfolk is within her 3 hr driving tolerance, and I haven't been since I was a kid, any recommendations for nice campsites in an area that a 4yr old with...
  19. Andy Cody

    VisionTech Hilo Roof Norfolk

    Hi All, Just wondering if there's anyone in the Norfolk area with a Hilo roof fitted by VisionTech that wouldn't mind me having a quick look before I book in? I had a good look round a van at one of the festivals this year but would like to refresh my memory (and make sure I'm doing the right...