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  1. R

    General advice on getting started with T6

    Hey folks! New member here and all-round camper newbie. I'm interested in purchasing a campervan to use for family trips around the country and to use for general every day use. So I'd prefer something modern, but not too modern as I have a fairly tight budget! I'm looking at either purchasing...
  2. M

    Newbie on the lookout, what's too much?

    Hey folks, newbie here. Relatively new to the world of vans but completely new to (one day) owning one. I've sold my car to fund a self-build van, semi-conversion for now as I want to have space for MTB and pulling over and camping for long weekends. Ideally after a T6 Highline but trendline...
  3. F

    Trade VIP/VIP??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and found it somewhat confusing to navigate through it. I'm trying to find info on the VIP Trade benefits as I'm not entirely sure what option to take. I'm currently working for a conversion company and we're branching out into new ventures in terms of buying and...
  4. B

    New Member Says Hi !

    Hi all .... I have a T6 SWB converted by Redline. I'm new to the van world but looking forward to many adventures in the years ahead. The forum has already helped me with some information on finding a fuse !
  5. T

    T6 S Line Swivel Front Seat

    Pro s,,,cons swivel seats yes or no guidence please
  6. H

    Engine Cutting Out

    Hi could anyone tell me if they have trouble with engine cutting out with no explanation until you put engine cut out switch on ?
  7. LordGozer

    New Battery

    Hi all, I’ve done a quick search but can’t find anything about this issue, I wanted to share it in case anyone else has the same problem. I had VW assist out today for a flat battery, although it’s a converted camper the van is in regular use each week so it was a surprise to find the battery...
  8. A

    New To Forum, 1st Van On Order Need Help Re Slim Kitchen And 1300mm Bed Needed

    Looking for T6 SWB conversion using 1300mm bed where the end cabinet (fridge) doesn't protrudes 400mm from the furniture run into the cabin, I have seen 1 conversion I really like but it is 325 miles away from where I am in the North West, I have called few local converters and they all give...
  9. Pauly

    Welcome new members

    A place for new members to stop by and say hello, tell us what your driving or planning to drive & anything else you want to share. If you want to post a question or discuss something specific please visit the appropriate sub forums. The forum rules can be found by clicking here whilst FAQ’s...