led interior lights

  1. A

    Sold T6 Caravelle LED luggage area lights

    £35 posted Genuine, had them fitted in my T6 Caravelle load area. Nice and bright and looks much more modern.
  2. Y

    t6 Multivan interior passenger lights problem steady light at 30%

    Hello. need help. I have a VW Multivan T6 2017. i replaced the bulbs in the trunk with leds and since then the passenger lights have failed. When you open the doors, it doesn't light up. But with the engine running, it lights up constantly at 30%, and the ones in the trunk stopped lighting up...
  3. Ayjay

    LED Interior Bulbs.

    I often knock the rocker switch for the light directly above side door with my head as I go in and out of the van. Also, the passenger side front reading sliding switch and door side headrest on the double seat seem perfectly positioned so that the light easily gets switched on when the double...
  4. tommycj

    LED ceiling lights - White & Red - Touch

    I am looking for some LED ceiling lights which you can change between white and red. Preferably they would also have a touch function I have a single switch which turns on and off my ceiling lights, do you think it would be as simple as changing it for a three way switch? Here is a photo of...
  5. 8balladdict

    COB Lighting for Halo Roof

    Hi all. Anyone have any ideas of the best COB lighting strips to use for a halo roof ambient lighting install? Want a full 270 degree continuos surround so probably 6ish meters and ideally strips that can bend 90 degrees on the corners when horizontal rather than ones that need to be...
  6. Andysmee

    LED lighting bars with poptop bed

    Has anyone done a halo roof or bars of led lights instead of the usual downlighters along the sides? I've been experimenting with a flexible led strip we use in the awning before we finish the interior of our pop top install:
  7. Heath1984

    Beware of the wife!!

    Well she's finally done it, after months of whacking the centre (glass bit!!!!) of the touch led lights while shouting these blooding things are crap!! One has stopped working. Bit of a long shot but if anyone has a spare Dimatec Recessed Nickel 18 LED Light touch warm white please drop me a...
  8. X

    Interior LED spotlight recommendation

    Hi all, I am starting to look at adding additional lights into the back of my panel van as I (slowly) convert to some sort of day van. I see plenty people using LED downlights/spots. Any recommendations on specific lights to use? Or rough specs (size, lumens)… I’m not wanting to accidentally...
  9. M

    Interior spotlight comes on by itself

    Hi, I’m a newbie to this forum and also to my T6 only had for about 8 weeks so hoping someone can help me. Noticed just this weekend the interior light above the sliding door has been coming on by itself. Stays on for a while then switches off, but it has happened overnight while parked in the...
  10. Gemini

    Interior reading lights

    Im after some interior reading lights, prefrebly flexi arm ones with a usb input to charge a phone, the only ones I can find at the moment are warm light versions and the wife wants a white light one, any ideas where the best place to get some? Cheers Andy
  11. MORGS777

    2 Wire Looms For Led Interior Lights

    Need to buy 2 x LED light to match originals but can find any 2 wire looms for them ? Will cut ceiling panel so will have matching pair front and rear like my old van. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144523517315?hash=item21a645dd83:g:OuoAAOSwBRViZveL
  12. DaveCrampton

    Mounting leisure led lights in the Shuttle.

    I have a 2017 Shuttle SE. I'm adding six thin LED lights off a leisure battery for nicer, more flexible lighting when sleeping in the van. I don't want to cut round holes in the roof liner, like some I have seen. I was wondering how to mount the lights up high with out having to cut and...
  13. Ragster13

    Sold LED interior lights

    Rear interior LED lights, straight swap and will fit T6, really bright and a simple upgrade. The only difference is there's no manual on or off like the T6 standard one. Selling as pairs or individually and happy to post once payment is received or collect from Leicester or Nottingham. £20 per...
  14. Bazaboy66

    Power board set up with Question

    Hi all, just a quick question regards my lighting, one of the 3 strip light dimmable led is staying on a sim flickering state when turned off, do these need a 12v to lower to stop this happening. It’s been playing up recently and already had a switch changed. It stayed on full power brightness...
  15. J

    Led spotlight install help!

    Does Anyone know how to wire led spots in place of the interior lights?! I want them to run off the leisure battery and turn on/off with the doors opening/closing. I've got it so that: Pos 1 on switch - both lights permanently on Pos 2 on switch - both lights permanently off Pos 3 on switch -...
  16. L

    New Kombi - Please recommend your best products for converting

    Hello everyone. My name is Lee and I am new to VW. I have just bought T6 2017 LWB and was hoping you could help me. The van is currently simple kombi with no carpeting and any additional nice stuff, I would like to take it on as a project. I would like to do sound deadening, thermal isolation...
  17. Jonnydub

    Wiring shuttle lights and 12v sockets to leisure battery

    Hi all, on the road down converting my shuttle to day van and was looking for some lighting advice. Was thinking about running my rear lights and sockets off the leisure battery (under the drivers with diesel heater) and replacing the bulbs to LEDs. With there being so many lights and sockets...
  18. S

    Load area LED bulbs go out after a few seconds...

    Hi guys, bit of help needed. I have a T6 kombi, I've changed all the lights to LED and added some LED spotlights too. Problem I have is, they don't stay on for long enough when I open the tailgate. Literally a few seconds. Is this something I can change with VCDS? TIA
  19. S

    Travelin-Lite LED ceiling light help

    Hi guys, I have bought some LED ceiling lights from Travelin-lite. They all have a connector on the end but no female end for the connectors to go into. I want to connect them into the ceiling of my kombi, taking power from the factory ceiling light which is halogen, 3 wire type. How do I wire...
  20. M

    LED interior lights

    Hi Guys This is going to sound a bit of a non problem but I’d like to know. I purchased my 19 plate Sportline from new last year and it was bog standard with no mods. It went in for its first service yesterday and I had a few little warranty issues that needed looking at. One was one of the...