led interior lights

  1. Bentley T6

    Anyone know of some small LED down lights?

    I’m looking to install some down lights around the HiLo in the soffit. I know there are a lot of shallow cabinet lights (circa 70mm) but was looking for something a little smaller, around 40mm. Has anyone found anything smaller than the typical ones? Thanks in advance,
  2. T

    [RESOLVED] Interior lights BCM ground not working after LED change

    Hi All, My interior lights have been wired up and working for a few years, the cab lights are unchanged but the rear lights have been rewired to take +12v from the leisure battery and a ground from either the leisure battery or the BCM ground when set to come on with the doors opening. This...
  3. M

    Sportline Interior Lights

    Hi Guys This is going to sound a bit of a non problem but I’d like to know. I purchased my 19 plate Sportline from new last year and it was bog standard with no mods. It went in for its first service yesterday and I had a few little warranty issues that needed looking at. One was one of the...
  4. James1000

    Where Can I Get This Light?

    Does anyone recognise where I can buy this LED light with switch? I’ve tried EBAY etc but no good
  5. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient "mood Lighting" Under-dash - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient "Mood Lighting" Under-Dash - How I Done It - This Thread continues where this one left off . . . . . Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It - ..... On the previous thread we looked fitting the OEM roof light fitting, to replace it with an OEM unit with added RED...
  6. Buzznitro

    Led Light Glow Courtesy Setting.

    Morning All, went camping at the weekend and I found an issue With my interior lights, I have my lights switch through my courtesy wiring, and have linked a direct feed from my leisure batteries for permanent live but when my courtesy lights are in the on position and when the timed goes out I...
  7. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory mod) - How I done it - The lower dash LED lighting had already been done before thanks to the forum shop & @Pauly , which can be seen here: . so i though i would give the OEM style RED LED ambient lighting a go . . . . There are a few threads on T6F...
  8. M

    Touch Activation Led Lights

    I have a panel van to kombi conversion with 4 led down lights in the back that come on with the courtesy lights over the cab area. Would swapping these for the touch activated lights from the forum shop give me individual control and let me switch 1,2,3 or 4 lights on when I wanted ? Even with...

    Interior Led Light Replacements

    so I did the eBay Job and replaced the standard interior lights for cheap LED ones, and yes they failed within a week Anyone got some links to a set I can use that will last at least a month?! Reading lights and rear interiors... not doing LED touch lights in the rear due to pop top at some...
  10. Buzznitro

    Voltage Regulator

    Good morning all, can someone please tell me when and why would you use a voltage regulator, my auto electrician is telling me I need one to control my led lights but these are natural 12v strip not drivers? Thanks in advanced.
  11. J

    California Experts; Under Worktop Lights, A Little Wiring Help.

    I'm putting a California kitchen in my converted panel van. I'm just working through the wiring side of things. Is the under worktop LED strip (I believe fitted to the later kitchens) switched from one of the 2 light switches on the end of the panel and nothing else connected to it? I've traced...
  12. J

    Led Light

    So quite simple really, Im after a reasonable size nice looking 12v touch led flush mount light to install in my poptop..dimmable would be an advantage. Just one light required.. Any reccomendations? Thanks
  13. tubs

    Led Wiring

    So question is what wire do i tap into for the LEDs to work ? Thanks
  14. Barley53

    Led Interior Reading Lights

    Hi, had anyone come across some warm led replacement bulbs for the three interior front lights? I've tried the usual bright led's and find them too bright when driving. Thanks all.
  15. bmw222000

    Led Touch Lights In Head Lining

    Hi all i see lots of people putting led touch lights in there head lining! Wheres the best place to get them from and are they easy to fit?
  16. K

    Courtesy Light Switch Options

    I'm planning on fitting 8 led roof lights that will be switched from the leisure battery. Ideally I would like the option to have 4 of them also come on when the doors are opened to replace the two current rocker lights that are fitted in the roof. I've had a look on travelvolts and can see a...
  17. R

    Dimmable Led Lights

    Hi, looking at putting led spot lights in our camper but are we looking for something that doesn't exist 3 x dimmable, touch operated, low profile, warm white led spot lights Any suggestions where we can buy these Thanks
  18. Vince

    Led Strip Lighting Interior Rear

    Dear forum, I want to put strip LED lighting along the inside ceiling edge of the rear of my transporter. LED strips of 10m are easy to find and cheap on ebay - although don't mind spending a bit of money on quality. Question is, and I'm clueless with electrics, - can I just wire into...
  19. J8usx

    Round Led Interior Roof Lights

    Hi all, What have you put in your van? Are you happy with them? Any pictures would be good. Thanks for any replies.
  20. Andrew Wilkinson

    Interior Led Strip Light

    I'm looking for a couple of LED switched slim strip lights. The idea is to have one in the roof line in the pop-top and another on the tailgate to allow light at the back of the van when camping and cooking at the back. I've found some but they're quite hefty profile and I'd like the lights to...