1. N

    Reverse poptop - compact ladder recommendations

    hi there can anyone recommend a compact ladder for easy storage in a swb and easy access to get up to the pop up bed please?
  2. Donk

    Crafter Rear Ladder

    Anyone here fitted a Wheeliams rear ladder to their Crafter? I’m part way through fitting it and I’m stuck!
  3. J

    Barn-Door ladder?

    Hi there, thanks for letting me in this group. I am trying to find out if there is such thing in the market as a rear door (barn door style) ladder for a VW transporter with a spoiler and rear window on it. Does anyone know of anything that can fit in this space and if so, where can I find it...
  4. oxocube

    Ideas for covering old ladder attachment holes in barn door

    Hey T6’ers. I’ve migrated from the T4 forum after having to say goodbye to my beautiful 800 special because of bloody Ulez! So here I am - hello! Had the T6 remapped yesterday and she is finally pulling like the T4, what a difference. I’m removing the ladder from the barn doors and will be...
  5. Jay586

    Wanted VW 2-piece ladder?

    I'm short & exceptionally solid with a dodgy hip, so whilst I can get up into the poptop, I think I might mueller the heated seats doing so over time. The ladder is £140 new , anyone got one to sell, please?
  6. Nigel L

    Pop Top weight advice

    So, having used our Camper mainly as a day van for days out etc for the past year, we are now looking to take some weekend breaks away in it. So, I have a couple of questions that I would be grateful if could be answered from the wealth of experience on here. 1. Is there a maximum weight that...
  7. oxocube

    Sold Swamper bucket roof rack ladder and light for sale

    Hey. Recently purchased my lovely T6 and I’m selling the expedition steel full bucket roof rack. 6 rung ladder and a work light that’s attached to the front of the rack. All fixtures and fittings included. Here’s the link to my eBay which has all the spec...
  8. O

    Roof rack with ladder roller

    Hi, I have recently bought a SWB T6 which came with roof rails. I'm looking at getting cross bars AND a roller for loading a canoe(s). I'm struggling to locate any rollers which are compatible with the bars which fit on the rails. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. M

    Wanted Bunk Ladder

    Is anyone selling a folding/2 piece VW Bunk Ladder? TIA
  10. Daleboy

    Roof ‘Access Step’

    Not an owner myself, but may provide a solution worthy of consideration for someone...
  11. C

    Hefty back step to access roof rack

    Hi all I've just had an SDV Elite roof rack fitted to my 2018 T6 Kombi which I currently use for work in the carpet trade. I am very pleased with the rack but have found that I now need a heavy duty full length step to access it. I will be eventually modifying the vehicle to a swamper style day...
  12. tifflepops

    Barn Door Ladder

    anyone got one and a recommendation?
  13. A

    Pop Top Access Ladder.

    Using seat and seat back is OK but would prefer a ladder. Any suggestions for one which fits a T6 Ocean please? Alan
  14. A

    Ladder To Access Roof Cage.

    I have fitted a rhino Roof rack/ cage to my lWB T5 with an awning attached. When travelling I plan on storing goods in the cage/roof rack, but as the awning is on the sliding door side, I cant get up to the cage from the other side.. Any help or ideas where to get a ladder that will maybe hook...
  15. Sam Lawson

    Roof Box Ladder

    Hi all, We make regular trips with our Roof Box fitted, and currently i use a rickety old foldable step ladder to get up high enough to pack the box up. It means that i then have to take the ladder with us, rattling around in the boot, otherwise i'm stuck when i get to the other end. Any...