kombi mounts

  1. T

    Wanted Transporter kombi t6.1 2+1 rear seats /belts/brackets/ floormat

    Wanted t6.1 full kombi set up, rear seats , seatbelts , brackets, floor mat ( single slider) preferably 2+1 set up , would consider 1+1+1 but not a triple bench and ideally in bricks fabric, if anyone has anything ?
  2. D11nyd

    Wanted 4 x floor mount brackets

    As per title I’m after 4 floor brackets & nuts with the plastic surrounds so I can fit a 3 seater Kombi seat I’ve hopefully sourced everything else just needs the floor mounts Has anyone got any lying around, anything considered Thanks
  3. F

    Sold T6 Kombi 3 seat bench, floor, fixings and seat belts

    Kombi rear 3-seat bench (Simora cloth) with all fixings, Kombi rubber floor mat and seat belts, professionally removed by fitters of current flooring and RIB; good condition, £550. Please note: side and rear door step trims re-used with current floor, so not included. Based in Beverley, East...
  4. Littleblackflash

    Cost for adding seat floor mounts?

    I've brought a rear bench seat and the floor mounts (complete with under floor support plates). How much should I expect a garage to charge for fitting the brackets into the middle row?
  5. R

    Kombi Seat Holes

    Hi guys, I'm removing my Kombi set up with seats, rubber floor and tie-down points. I am left with the factory holes from the tie-down bolts and will be left with holes from the Kombi seat brackets. How should I deal with the holes before getting my plywood floor down e.t.c
  6. Tony Smith

    For Sale T6 Internal Bike Rack SWB & LWB

    Internal bike Rack, this rack is adjustable and bolts down to the floor of any T5-T6 van SWB or LWB We have had it a few months Comes complete with mounting bolts etc Located either in Woking or Winchester areas £125 cash or Postage and Bank payment is an option but postage will be...
  7. Lynvinge

    Fit Rear Seatbelt In Transporter

    Hello. Im going to fit rear seats and seatbelts in my 06 Transporter T5 (WV1ZZZ7H) Do i need reinforcement where the belt rollers should be mounted? 2nd and 3rd row. Than the reinforcement to seat brackets. I will have 2+1 in 2nd row. what reinforcement shold i have at the middle? In the 3rd row...
  8. T5MarkyBoy

    Best Place For Some Second Row Seat Belts?

    After the two for the C-Pillars Van to Kombi I actually have the drivers side one but seems to have reeled it’s way in too far to get out ✌
  9. Adam_T6

    Kombi Conversion - Seatbelt Measurement Please?

    Hello, Is anybody in the position to measure this distance, but on the drivers side please?
  10. ChrisPatt71

    3rd Row Triple Bench Seat

    Hi all, I am looking at putting in a 3rd row position for my kombi triple bench seat, for the flexibility. I have purchased the QR brackets and the seat belts etc... but as yet I cannot confirm which reinforcement plates I need. I emailed just kampers and they only have brackets for the 2nd row...
  11. StewC

    Sold Kombi Seats 2+1 Simora Inc Belts And Floor & Fittings

    Simora 2 + 1 rear seats with seatbelts, floor and fittings. These have come out of my 2016 van with 14k miles on it. Not often used do no rips, tears etc. Already out of the van and ready to go. Situated in North Yorks. Looking for £600.
  12. Z

    What Are The Threaded Holes Above Wheel Arches For?

    I've noticed there are two holes with what looks like M8 threads in around the wheel arches on the interior, does anyone know what they're for? I'm planning to have the van carpet lined and not sure whether to cover them up.
  13. Lewis4005

    Kombi Floor Mounts

    Hi, Was wandering if anyone can shed any light, I have a t5.1, which I believe is the same floor pan? I purchased the converted panel van which is a now a Kombi which bench seat it didn’t have the floor mount covers over the brackets, so I bought some but can’t get the front ones to fit is it...
  14. Chris Joyce

    For Sale Kombi Triple Rear Bench/cushion Floor/belts/brackets Etc

    I have for sale the Kombi triple rear bench in Simora fabric, cushion floor, seat belts, anchor points and all bolts brackets etc required. Currently in my SWB T6 but will be removed over the next week as having the pop top fitted. I’ll also include carpeted panels where the seat belts enter...
  15. Yetibeard

    Day Van Seat Ideas. Help!

    Hi all, I’m after some help/guidance/experiences with choosing the seats for my day van conversion. I’m about to be the owner of a T6 SWB highline panel van which I’m going have converted into a day van. I want the most flexibility out of the seats so o can have the benefits of a day van...
  16. Elliott

    My Panel-van to Kombi-van build thread

    so it starts for those of you like me, couldn't stretch the money to buy a kombi but have to kids, so I've brought some seats of evilbay and gone about converting mine to a kombi. Dead easy!! 2-3hours max Little tip for you all, most disabled, taxi converters will sell you all the bits needed...
  17. Buggirl

    Thread size for inside wheel arch

    Does anyone know what the size is of the bolt hole is above the inside wheel arch ? 10mm x 1.25mm pitch is what the size is of the bolts on the lashing points but is too loose and 12mm x 1.75mm pitch starts but gets too tight. Any ideas?