1. Amber

    Free to a good van – drivers side fixed window swb

    Kiravans sent me a drivers side front fixed window by mistake. For T6 SWB. They promptly sent me a no-quibble replacement but they don't want the old one back and said I can dispose of it how I wish. I have it nicely packaged up but I think it would be a pain to send it - could anyone make use...
  2. Dellmassive

    Sold Kiravans VW T5 T6 Handbrake Lowering Kit

    Kiravans VW T5 T6 Handbrake Lowering Kit was fitted on the van for three weeks - then removed. £45 + £4.50 shipping +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  3. Kedlestone

    Kiravans Tailgate Curtains

    I’ve been trying to order a set of tailgate blackout curtains now for months but every time they come in to stock they instantly go out again. Despite signing up to the stock alert mailing list I never get an update (have checked trash). Has anyone else had issues getting hold of any? Its...
  4. Jonni2rets

    New kirivan swivel base

    Hi has anyone purchased one of the new design swivel bases? if so any issues regarding rocking or squeaking
  5. Pidsley

    For Sale Front bench, swivel base, vankraft recline bracket

    Brick Pattern double front passenger bench with Kirivans swivel base. From 2021 T6.1. With an Vankraft recliner bracket set (unused and still boxed) Sensible offers please. Collection from Kent, or I can deliver if sensible location.
  6. abunnyuk

    For Sale Kiravans DoorStore (1st Edition Grey) - Right-Hand Sliding Door

    Brand new unused and still in its box. Amazing piece of kit and creates much needed storage. Only selling as I fitted one in the left-hand sliding door and planned on doing both but have since...
  7. B

    Double swivel with Reimo 3000 rails

    Evening all, Has anyone any experience fitting a double passenger seat swivel base into a T6 SWB which has the Reimo 3000 sliding rear seat/bed already installed? The sliding seat rails run up close to the nearside rear of the passenger seat base and the rear floor will also be raised up to the...
  8. Sparks715

    For Sale Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel

    Hi All , 1 x Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel in good condition . Has been fitted to the van for about 5 years and only removed as I needed to revert back to the factory base so I could easily fit an inverter under there. Swivel works really well and it’s very handy for securely...
  9. BikerPa

    For Sale Kiravans Double Swivel base (carpeted version) T5/T6/6.1 £200

    As I’ve converted to Velle seats & single passenger seat in Feb 23’. I have this Kiravans double swivel for sale as it’s gathering dust. It’s the carpeted version. Fitted/supplied by Autohaus October 2020 hardly used (maybe 6 times) Has a few marks on the powder coat from feet catching it...
  10. nomislotsirb

    Kiravans RIB drivers swivel lowest seat height

    I did post on an existing thread, but haven't received a reply yet, so creating a new post ... If anyone has a Kiravans RIB drivers swivel seat, please could you measure the minimum height of the front of the drivers seat. I have the Kiravans passenger swivel installed and yet to install the...
  11. DaveCrampton

    Sold Kiravans Double Swivel £200

    I have swapped my double front seat for a single captain's chair. It's for sale also. So my Kiravans Double Swivel is for sale. As Kiravans have reduced their price, so have I. I'm looking for £200 based on: It's a year old It has been used ~5 times, and maybe swivelled 10 times! It's clean...
  12. RedUn

    Door Store Ideas/Alternatives

    Starting to plan working on the back of the van now the outside and front is just about finished. What have people done door storage wise? I've had a bit of a nosey and the best I've seen is the kiravans one carpeted at the mo. Has anyone done anything different or is that about as good as...
  13. JamesWebb

    Sold Kiravans double seat swivel base for T5 or 6

    Hi there, Having to upgrade the double front seat to a single because of my partner's dodgy back means that I have to sell my Kiravans T5/T6 passenger seat double swivel base. It's been removed from a 2021 T6.1 (along with the double seat) and is in perfect working condition, with all the...
  14. Chris Sherwood

    Sold Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel

    Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel It’s used as it came out of my van but is is in perfect working order. How to fit Remove your front double seat Attach the seat swivel to the lugs in the van...
  15. N

    Sold Kiravans Handbrake Lowering kit

    I have a Kiravans hand brake lowering kit sitting on a shelf. Its been fitted but instantly taken off as I hoped it would make the double passenger seat easier to rotate (but it doesn't) Same as this: Kiravans VW T5 T6 Handbrake Lowering Kit £50 delivered
  16. A Bridge Too Far

    Sold Passenger seat, with swivel base, locker, drivers swivel,handbrake bracket and floor blanking screws.

    Hi, we converted our bench to two captains seats when we bought the van, however we now need to change back; I have the following available which is what is needed to fit a single passenger and a swivel for the driver; VW T5/T6 Inca passenger seat (we paid £299) used only with THQ seat covers...
  17. C

    Kiravans control panel

    Has any fitted one of the kiravans control panel is it any good I just need to run some lights and my slidepod
  18. timthetinyhorse

    For Sale Kiravans Drivers Side Window Glass & Fitting Kit

    Bought with passenger side but adding internal surfboard racks to van so never fitted. Comes with everything needed as per pic. Looking for £20 Located north east England. Any questions let me know.
  19. C


    About a month ago I went on the Kiravans site to look up RIB Single seat swivels. I elected to buy a RIB 'Off Set' Drivers Side Seat Swivel for a RHD T6. The passenger side item was out of stock. The drivers side seat swivel arrived with no problems. I was notified when the Passenger Side 'Off...
  20. B

    Kiravans Seat Base with Safe & Swivel work on drivers’ side?

    Hi.folks Wondering if anyone has fitted a Kiravans base safe on the drivers side. assuming you have to lower the hand break but will it work? thanks b