1. Jwoodhea1

    Aguti swivel bases

    Anyone fitted these aguti swivel bases from kirivans? I currently have the RIB ones but they are apalling. It's like driving one of these.
  2. J

    Kirivans curtains: standard or blackout?

    Hey all we have been looking at kirivans curtains they look good to me .but don't know wich one's we need standard curtains or blackout curtains have read feedback on their site and some say the standard are enough .the blackout are more expensive but can't afford to get it wrong!
  3. J

    For Sale Drivers swivel base

    Drivers swivel base bought from kiravan s. Open to sensible offers , will post but at Buyers cost. Pick up from blackpool, what you see is what you get. Cheers James
  4. M

    Sold Kiravans double passenger swivel plus the base with floor inside for sale

    Hi all I have a Kiravans double swivel for the passenger seat for sale that came off my old van (have a single passenger seat in my new van). Really good bit of kit and opens up the space when camping wife said it was the Best Buy I have ever made! It also comes with the base that...
  5. osman

    Sold Kiravans double passenger swivel

    £200 in good condition. including all parts required. (brand new £299) pick up only (Southampton) comes with original box and paperwork.
  6. Malb09

    Kiravans Barn door awning

    Hi Guys Just purchased a barn door awning from Kiravans, seems a good bit of kit - however it would not fit my van as the aluminium pole provided to fit between the open doors was too long! (approx 10cm) Apparently, some vans doors do not open quite as wide as others? Kiravans have acknowledged...
  7. Ricardo T

    Wanted Kirivans Double seat swivel

    Hi, anyone out there got a Kirivans double seat swivel they wish to part with?
  8. J

    Found Kiravans door store, left.

    Fancying trying a door store out for our next trip, anyone got one going spare? Cheers.

    For Sale Kiravans passenger captain swivel seat

    £100 collected or, buyer pays for delivery!
  10. D

    Kiravan Swivel Catching On Handbrake.

    Just fitted a offset swivel (RIB) to the driver's seat, despite the shims it is still catching on the handbrake (when the handbrake is lowered) what are my options?
  11. Scylla

    Offset Drivers Seat Swival Unit

    Well i was unsure which swival seat unit to buy in the end I took the plunge and fitted kiravans offset unit...easy to do and also easy to swival. It appears easier than my mates normal swival seat.. less seat adjustments to do when turning and also with my cupboard arrangment it allows the...
  12. davek

    Sold Passenger Seat Swivel,safe Base T5 T6

    Never been used Kiravan all in one single seat safe base in shiny black, with 2 keys, perfect nick, £190 new, make me a sensible offer!
  13. F

    T6 Windows

    Hi all I'm shortly going to be buying Windows for the t6, any recommendations on where to buy, Kirivans do all the windows, just wondering if anyone has Kirivan windows fitted, if so what are they like? Thanks in advance
  14. K

    Funkyleisure Or Kiravans Railsail

    As per the title really, cant decide which to go for. Anyone offer experience (pros/cons) of both?
  15. D

    Kiravans Railsail Question...

    I really like the look of the railsail and it seems to be well liked on here so I am poised to push the button and order one but I am looking for a bit of info as Kiravans dont seem to be responding to their contact page (I know i could ring them but when I think about it they are shut!) We...
  16. Allan Smith

    Sold Kiravans T5 / T6 Double Passenger Seat Swivel Base

    Used but in good condition with all nuts present. £200 delivered.
  17. T

    Bodans Conversion

    Hi So we are booked in to have our conversion done by Bodans in the Autumn and we are pleased with our choice. They could not have been more helpful, have been very responsive and don’t seem to get annoyed by our queries. We are having the roof and bed put in before this so we can use the van...
  18. O

    Sold Brand New Kiravans Front Single Swivel Seats (pair)

    Hi, we got two single front swivel seats for our Kombi conversion from Kiravans but have decided not to install them in the end. The driver’s one is off-set and the passenger’s is normal. They are brand new, boxed in original unopened packaging. Happy to sell both for £250 to avoid the postage...
  19. Surfrdan

    Front Swivels With Standard Kombi Seating

    Has anyone got experience of installing swivel bases onto the front seats in a Kombi? I appreciate there will not be as much legroom as a conversion but is it usable at all? I've got a passenger bench which I'm considering a kirivans swivel for to create a little family area on a budget. Photos...
  20. O

    Kiravans Or Exploria Swivel Seats

    Hi guys, we have just got our first van (waiting to collect it this week!) and are new to van life (cannot wait) and the forum. I saw a similar discussion over a year ago so hope it is not a problem reigniting the issue. We are looking to get some swivel bases to our front captain seats. We have...