instrument cluster

  1. P

    Cluster 32-pin connector data

    Is there a t32 dash cluster pin data list on here
  2. K

    dashboard dial backlight issues......

    Hi - am a tad perplexed....... the backlights on the dials are not always illuminated. When I turn on the ignition they come on and the dials are illuminated, when I start the engine they go out, although the needles are still illuminated red. When I turn the light switch on to side lights...
  3. Garv

    For Sale T6.1 OEM Instrument Cluster Dials

    Brand new genuine OEM Instrument, Cluster, Dials Delivery Miles only Selling due to Digital Dash fitting Removed from T6.1 Highline Will need coding to your vehicle What you see in the photo you will receive Open to sensible offers Happy to post at purchasers cost
  4. B

    For Sale Dashboard panels / vents

    Full upper dashboard trims consisting of driver & passenger vents, speedo surround, open storage above glovebox & centre stereo surround/vents. £75 collection from Bolton or courier at buyers cost.
  5. 1

    Upgrading Dash panel insert MFD

    hiya can anyone help with any information regarding possibility of changing the clocks, speedo, in a startline, t6 to a highline dash clocks, (one with temp gauge) i have read a few people asking but no one seems to answer, apart from to plug a app, in to get a temp gauge, which i would rather...
  6. M

    Instrument cluster update?

    Hi, I've got the latest 3D instrument cluster on my T5.1. it all works great, but I've noticed that the graphic of the van does not show when the tailgate is open? the light etc still comes on in the van and thus I know its not anything wrong with the switch or mechanics. Is there anyway to...
  7. N

    My hydro-dipped version of the Comfort Dash.

    Fitted the Van-X Comfort dash but wanted to extend it right across the dash, to include the screen surround, the centre panel surround and the instrument binnacle. Stripped the parts out and had them hydro dipped. Really pleased with the result which gives a full flow of gloss black across the...
  8. Andyman

    Dimming lights and switches

    Evening all Just noticed today in OH T6 Caravelle The dimming wheel next to the lights switch doesn’t seem to do anything Previously it would dim the lights in footwells and doorcards and the red lights on various switches Also noticed that the electric window door lock and electric mirror...
  9. S

    Dash light don’t illuminate

    Hi guys my dash light on my t6 66 plate don’t illuminate only the numbers The dials do When I go into direct sunlight they brighten up and in the shade they dull down again Never used to do this
  10. S

    T6 instrument cluster glass replacement

    Does anyone know if the T6 instrument cluster glass in front of you can be changed? I’ve got a small crack in mine and I’m being told that you can’t get the glass separately although I think the glass can be removed, been looking to see if I can find someone that can replace it? Unless someone...
  11. Sunshine_GB

    Sold T6.1 OEM Dials and Trim

    For sale original OEM trim and dials. Replaced with digital dash open to sensible offers and happy to post at purchasers costs. Clearly dials will need to be coded as they came off my T6.1. Less than a month old.
  12. Unimog

    Gear change indicator - remove?

    Is it possible to turn the gear change indicator off, on the instrument panel.?
  13. Rosski

    Headlight & DRL instrument light

    On my T6 I can see a headlight symbol on the instrument cluster but it doesnt illuminate when the headlights switch on. Neither does the symbol on the rotary headlight switch, either. I know the dashbaord switches illuminate but would really like to enable the cluster symbol if possible. I've...
  14. S

    OK/Reset Button Not Working on MFD

    Hi, Proud new owner of a 2017 Shuttle SE which I picked up at the weekend. All good so far except one niggle. The OK/Reset button on the wiper stalk (used for the MFD) does not seem to work. I can scroll up and down using the arrows on the end of the stalk but cannot actually select or...
  15. B

    Instrument cluster light colour change

    Hi All, Have a T6 T28 Highline and would like to change the instrument cluster light
  16. Vdubster

    scratches removal from the plastic that covers the dials

    Can any one advise if its possible to get scratches out of clear plastic? the clown that had my van before me seems to have cleaned the plastic that covers the rev counter etc with sand paper, for a almost brand new immaculate van its quite annoying, could it be taped up and polished? thanks in ad
  17. A

    Instrument Cluster stolen on 2018 T6. engine will not start.

    Good Morning! VIN: WV2ZZZ7HZJH year 2018 T6 Part No SW: 04L 906 056 AF Delphi 04L 907 445 A 7E0920980S - they stole my Dash!! 7E0920970L - i got this one from 2015 fast, only display is not in color but black and white. -How should i program it so the engine can start? THANK YOU!!
  18. alter

    Instrument cluster backlights

    on my Cali, T6, the lights on the dashboard turn on only when I put the low beam, with the lights position no, who knows' why ....... there is some other way to turn them on? regards
  19. kiter

    For Sale Instrument Cluster Surround

    Brand new instrument cluster surround, this matches those fitted to comfort dash models. Rrp from vw is £109. £60 inc postage.
  20. Robert

    Direct TPMS Retrofit

    This is possible on PQ25 platform so why not put it on T6:sneaky: