instrument cluster

  1. S

    Dash light don’t illuminate

    Hi guys my dash light on my t6 66 plate don’t illuminate only the numbers The dials do When I go into direct sunlight they brighten up and in the shade they dull down again Never used to do this
  2. S

    T6 instrument cluster glass replacement

    Does anyone know if the T6 instrument cluster glass in front of you can be changed? I’ve got a small crack in mine and I’m being told that you can’t get the glass separately although I think the glass can be removed, been looking to see if I can find someone that can replace it? Unless someone...
  3. Sunshine_GB

    Sold T6.1 OEM Dials and Trim

    For sale original OEM trim and dials. Replaced with digital dash open to sensible offers and happy to post at purchasers costs. Clearly dials will need to be coded as they came off my T6.1. Less than a month old.
  4. U

    Gear change indicator - remove?

    Is it possible to turn the gear change indicator off, on the instrument panel.?
  5. B

    Instrument cluster light colour change

    Hi All, Have a T6 T28 Highline and would like to change the instrument cluster light
  6. Vdubster

    scratches removal from the plastic that covers the dials

    Can any one advise if its possible to get scratches out of clear plastic? the clown that had my van before me seems to have cleaned the plastic that covers the rev counter etc with sand paper, for a almost brand new immaculate van its quite annoying, could it be taped up and polished? thanks in ad
  7. A

    Instrument Cluster stolen on 2018 T6. engine will not start.

    Good Morning! VIN: WV2ZZZ7HZJH year 2018 T6 Part No SW: 04L 906 056 AF Delphi 04L 907 445 A 7E0920980S - they stole my Dash!! 7E0920970L - i got this one from 2015 fast, only display is not in color but black and white. -How should i program it so the engine can start? THANK YOU!!
  8. alter

    Instrument cluster backlights

    on my Cali, T6, the lights on the dashboard turn on only when I put the low beam, with the lights position no, who knows' why ....... there is some other way to turn them on? regards
  9. 1

    upgrade t6 startline instrument cluster (clocks)

    hiya can anyone help with any information regarding possibility of changing the clocks, speedo, in a startline, t6 to a highline dash clocks, (one with temp gauge) i have read a few people asking but no one seems to answer, apart from to plug a app, in to get a temp gauge, which i would rather...
  10. kiter

    For Sale Instrument Cluster Surround

    Brand new instrument cluster surround, this matches those fitted to comfort dash models. Rrp from vw is £109. £60 inc postage.
  11. Robert

    Direct TPMS Retrofit

    This is possible on PQ25 platform so why not put it on T6:sneaky:
  12. Z

    Digital Dash

    Anyone seen this or know if there's a T6 version? Some parts are a bit chavvy but the maps look good.
  13. Himar

    Virtual Cockpit

    Hello , do you think it’s possible to retrofit a virtual cockpit to 2016 vw t6?
  14. PhilBob

    Lost My Indicator Tick Tock

    Wondering in anyone has experienced a loss of indicator sound and what the likely cause is? I put the van in for its first service on friday and on the drive home discovered the indicator no longer made any tick tock sound. Indicators still work fine, just no sound. Any ideas what may be the...
  15. B

    T6.1 Clock retrofit?

    Oh I want the clocks out of the new 6.1 and I want it bad There a full digital led and swipe swipe da-dar! on start up
  16. R

    Instrument Cluster Surround Removal

    Could someone please advise me on how to remover the instrument cluster plastic surround as I want to get it sprayed gloss black but can't for quite figure out how to remove it. Thanks in advance guys :thumbsup:
  17. T

    Removal Of Instrument Cluster

    Hi all, i want to remove the Instrument Cluster / Speedo to access the plug on the back side. How is that possible on a T6 Kombi/Transporter? On the T5 there are only 2 screws and you could pull it out. Thanks in advance.
  18. carlg

    Scratched Cluster Plastic

    Like a few other people have mentioned before ,I wiped my clock plastic with a micro fibre cloth very lightly and to my horror it put scratches all the way across . I have be looking at getting a new front but then I started trying different scratch removers and nothing seemed to work . Then I...
  19. V

    Headlight not showing on Instrument Cluster

    I don't get any lights come on the dash when I put my headlights on or side lights. Only get lights on dash for fog lights. Is this normal. (Only had van 3 weeks)
  20. Grant parker

    Instrument cluster issues or just normal?

    Instrument cluster needles are not doing self check sweep and instrument illumination is fading on and off when i have the side lights on in the daylight??? Anyone else seen or experienced this ??