1. ma77y

    Pssound audio fix

    If any of you are really into sound quality in cars, YouTube channel Pssound has video on a T6.1. The owner had the system installed by another installer and just shows the lack of care and attention they have when it comes to 1000s of pounds of customers equipment. Be interesting to know...
  2. D

    Cost of speaker upgrades

    How much is it to upgrade the front speaker, an under seat sub woofer and two rear speakers?
  3. Gavinsky23

    Help - wiring up sub woofer to amp

    Hi all looking for a bit of help. My kombi had a hertz amp, sub and rear speakers fitted when I viewed it. After purchasing and converting, the converter removed the sub as it was under the now swivelling passsenger seat. I’ve now found a place for it and thought I could just connect it up to...
  4. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  5. K

    T6.1 speaker & tweeter upgrade

    After 2 days of surprisingly little swearing, I have all the wiring done inside my t6.1 for an Amp in the near future ( big job got canceled! ). Absolut5 Jason has recommended the hertz mille pro 2 way speakers for the doors but I'm seeing if anybody has any other speakers to check out...
  6. K

    Getting my head around fitting an amp / sub etc

    So after a long drive back from Scotland I realised the stock speakers are pony. I was about to hit the button on the plug and play eton speakers then I saw a fit video to see that the t6.1 has 6.5" speakers! Well I'm up to speed now on those and those are easy to get hold of.. now the amp...
  7. Skyliner33

    CEN, Nottingham

    If you have read my threads about the install of my ICE equipment then you will have realised that I have had quite a few issues. Today Jason of CEN Automotive in Nottingham contacted me through the Audison facebook page. This evening over the telephone he solved my problem, as well as...
  8. VanBlanc

    AbsoluT5 Audio

    I see no one has actually left a recommendation here for @Absolut5 . Jason is famed for his knowledge about ICE and other things T5/6. His deals are always good, his install work is the best and customer service and follow up second to non. Always worth the drive to Amesbury :thumbsup: Absolute...
  9. Ed Webb

    TV Locations and Setups.

    Looking and weighing up the best options for tv in the van. Ideally looking for the standard freeview channels. There are the 12v TVs or some laptops/tablets with apps. Use this thread to show us what exactly you use and where/how it's set up. I'm talking flipdown, swing bracket, tablets on...
  10. Steve Hales

    T6.1 Sound System Speakers

    I’m waiting delivery of my T6.1 highline panel van and just looking at mods, anyone know what the sound is like on the new system? Looking at a speaker upgrade if it’s average so anyone got any recommendations for decent sound?
  11. M

    Car Audio, Using Processor With Origional Head Unit

    Hi guys, just got a new stereo , id like to use my original head unit. so using a signal processor to retime all the delays JL audio fix 82,The processor has 8 channels to input. I was advised the t6 origional head unit has 2 channels? is this correct ? also what colours are the speakers wires...
  12. Littleblackflash

    Front doors sound deadening

    I’ve dynomatted my van and now I’m adding a dodo acoustic thermal liner. Where’s best to add it to the door and tailgate? I’ve dynomatted both the inner and outer skins. Do you add the thermal liner under the door trim or direct to the door outer skin!
  13. low_on_wheels

    Belgium Caravelle

    Hi i am Tom from belgium. and this is my first T6. its a 2017 lwb 150ps manual gearbox. so far i fitted the vanx dash and black inserts, tinted the rear windows, and worked on the sound upgrades, so i bought an hi lo convertor lc2i, installed my helix b one amp and made a enclosure for my...
  14. Alan Croft

    Sound Upgrade On A Budget

    Hey guys, So would like a bit more from the vans sound system. Mine is a 2016 Kombi with the standard satnav headunit. I want to keep this as it does what I want but I would like a little bit more sound quality. Without spending £££’s is there a route that people have done? I’ve been keeping an...
  15. gmaster

    Hertz, Audison Or Something Else?

    Hi All, soon I’ll be starting a few overdue upgrades. One is the audio system. I already have an unopened Audison SR5 Amp, some hertz Mille pro 165.3 2way speakers and an 8” hertz sub ready to install. However, my question is should I go with this set-up, or sell it and upgrade / change it? I...
  16. 4ndy

    Ice Upgrade To The T6

    Hi all, Busy upgrading the standard T6 Audio at the moment. I've massively upgraded the door sound deadening by adding 15 sheets per door plus foam backing behind the new rainbow speakers which included new tweeker upgrades via crossovers. Also. I've discreetly retro fitted into tmy comfort...
  17. 20190429_153949


    installation behind glove box
  18. R

    Stereo Installation

    Hi All, This is my first post on the site. I've had my T6 for a couple of months now and have just spent my first 4 nights away in the van wild camping. It has been brilliant! Anyway, my question is that I would like to upgrade my stereo to a Kenwood and the only places I've seen mentioned are...
  19. Jimbobadini

    Door Speaker Has Gone Tinny

    Hi, had a search and can’t find anything. My driver side door speaker has gone very tinny and quiet originally thought the mid had failed but this is actually playing but sounds like a tweeter!? Tried a different stereo and it’s the same. Had the door card off and accessible connections...
  20. I

    T6 Audio Upgrade

    Hey, Been lurking the forums for quite some time now in search for the perfect answer however still struggling to find the solution. The goal is to upgrade my sound system in my t6 adding more speakers to the rear (hopefully 4 more but two will do), amp and sub. I want to do all this keeping...