1. M

    Audio Upgrade Fitter recommendations (South East England)

    Hi, I have a T6.1 camper. Am looking to upgrade the audio system (not the head unit). Any recommendations for very competent fitters in the south east area please (preferably first hand experience)? Cheers!
  2. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Sub-Woofer Enclosures

    Hi all, just to let you know that we have been developing SUB WOOFER enclosures over the past few months and they are now ready to release. We have a renowned trade customer, @Bognor Motors using these and they are very happy. We have options for, near side, offside, in 10" and 12". If you r...
  3. tommycj

    Audio and Electrical Engineer - Southwest - London & Oxford

    I recently bought a VW T6 and I'm looking for a recommendation for someone based near London or Oxfordshire to install some audio upgrades, electrical & a roof rack. Thank you very much!
  4. E

    Audio upgrade in Midlands.

    I'd like to have the Alpine audio upgrade installed in my T6.1. Looking for recommendations to have it done in the Midlands please. Thanks.
  5. Marantz2

    Parking brake wire for Alpine Halo 11

    Hi guys I've got an Alpine Halo 11 and I have just got round to installing a Fire stick into it. I cannot get the picture on the screen as it says its turned off for my safety. I guess it's the parking brake wire. I've traced the yellow and blue wire from the back of the head unit this goes...
  6. 8ruffs

    North West area with decent audio system

    Hi Does anyone in the North West area have a decent audio system set up that I could listen to in a bid to guage and review systems before I commit to certain brands. Had great information/ discussion with Chris from Dav_tec who will be completing the DSP build once I've decided. I'm currently...
  7. phil_n

    Insulation, lining and audio . . North West

    I'm after a recommendation for a one stop option for sound insulation, lining, leisure battery and rear speaker fitting to my new Kombi. I'm in Manchester, so the nearer to that the better. Thanks, Phil
  8. CJW

    Apple’s CarPlay brief to Manufacturers

    It’s a few years old now but, still, I found it interesting to see how Apple brief head unit manufacturers. If anyone knows of a newer PowerPoint (eg iOS 16), please let me know...
  9. Paynewright

    Ice removal

    Bit of an odd question from someone that has been driving for nearly 40 years - how do you remove ice from the windows before driving off in the morning? Recently, I noticed on SWMBOs car, in low autumn/winter sun, it has several deep scratches in the glass I assume from scraping ice that has...
  10. Buildrightmatt

    Alpine Halo 11 fitting

    Hi, im fitting the alpine Halo 11 to my T6 highline, the quad lock for the van has a green and blue block that don't seem to connecting anything. Are they needed?
  11. P

    Everything Alpine - Help from someone cleverer than me

    Hi all. Purchased the Alpine ILX -905DT6 and ready to install. I want to upgrade the speakers too and have decided on Alpine SPC10_T6’s. Now then, my question, do I go for the 106’s or the 108’s? I‘ve done some research at my knowledge level and have read that the 106’s would sound great with...
  12. Bazaboy66

    Audiofile incar limited Bishops Stortford

    Audison Speaker Upgrade with Custom Rear Speakers along with JL Audio Amp and Sub What a great audio upgrade supplied and fitted by Audiofile incar limited Bishops Stortford. Excellent service and customer care and they really know their game! Sounds Awsome!
  13. milner993

    Full interior upgrade cost?

    Thought I would show the quote I received today and hoped to get your views on the pricing, does the quote seem reasonable? I'm going for a day van build, is there anything else I should be considering? I haven't added a diesel heater due to costs at the moment. I only added a 12 volt...
  14. ma77y

    Pssound audio fix

    If any of you are really into sound quality in cars, YouTube channel Pssound has video on a T6.1. The owner had the system installed by another installer and just shows the lack of care and attention they have when it comes to 1000s of pounds of customers equipment. Be interesting to know...
  15. Cubist

    Upgrading ICE / Sound System - Scotland

    Hi Guys, Needing some help to find a decent company in Scotland to carry out some audio upgrades in my van. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  16. cairdo

    T6.1 audio upgrade

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, picked up my 6.1 Caravelle last week! As I think is widely agreed, the default audio leaves a little to be desired, especially as I have come from a daily 6 series with the Harman Kardon upgrade. From what I can see, the Signature Audio package from Absolut5 is likely...
  17. Gavinsky23

    Help - wiring up sub woofer to amp

    Hi all looking for a bit of help. My kombi had a hertz amp, sub and rear speakers fitted when I viewed it. After purchasing and converting, the converter removed the sub as it was under the now swivelling passsenger seat. I’ve now found a place for it and thought I could just connect it up to...
  18. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  19. K

    T6.1 speaker & tweeter upgrade

    After 2 days of surprisingly little swearing, I have all the wiring done inside my t6.1 for an Amp in the near future ( big job got canceled! ). Absolut5 Jason has recommended the hertz mille pro 2 way speakers for the doors but I'm seeing if anybody has any other speakers to check out...
  20. Absolut5

    Speaker / Headunit Upgrade packages.

    We have been manufacturing underseat enclosure for Transporters for years, based on a JL Audio 10" sub We are also about to do a active one Many on here are running one...