1. Skyliner33

    CEN, Nottingham

    If you have read my threads about the install of my ICE equipment then you will have realised that I have had quite a few issues. Today Jason of CEN Automotive in Nottingham contacted me through the Audison facebook page. This evening over the telephone he solved my problem, as well as...
  2. Village


    Yet another heap of praise for @Absolut5! Went over to Salisbury yesterday to have the Signature audio fitted with rear fill speakers. It is incredible! I don’t have any recent experience of aftermarket audio, but absolutely shits all over any “high end” factory audio upgrade I have encountered...
  3. M

    Drop Down Screen Ignition Live & Perminant Live

    Hi. Please accept my apologies if posted before but I cannot seem to Seek the answer I need. I’ve wired a drop down screen requiring an ACC (ignition live), a B+ (permanent live) and an earth (I’ve earthed to the top seat belt bolt on drivers side) I understand the difference between ignition...
  4. M

    Car Audio, Using Processor With Origional Head Unit

    Hi guys, just got a new stereo , id like to use my original head unit. so using a signal processor to retime all the delays JL audio fix 82,The processor has 8 channels to input. I was advised the t6 origional head unit has 2 channels? is this correct ? also what colours are the speakers wires...
  5. Shaun Witts

    Is It Worth Lining The Inner Skin Of The Doors?

    I am about to install new door speakers (from Skipton Car Radio) and was planning on lining the inside of the door skin as well as the metal carrier assembly. I was thinking that it should be fairly easy to remove the carrier assembly to gain good access to the door skin, but reading the manual...
  6. low_on_wheels

    Belgium Caravelle

    Hi i am Tom from belgium. and this is my first T6. its a 2017 lwb 150ps manual gearbox. so far i fitted the vanx dash and black inserts, tinted the rear windows, and worked on the sound upgrades, so i bought an hi lo convertor lc2i, installed my helix b one amp and made a enclosure for my...
  7. Alan Croft

    Sound Upgrade On A Budget

    Hey guys, So would like a bit more from the vans sound system. Mine is a 2016 Kombi with the standard satnav headunit. I want to keep this as it does what I want but I would like a little bit more sound quality. Without spending £££’s is there a route that people have done? I’ve been keeping an...
  8. gmaster

    Hertz, Audison Or Something Else?

    Hi All, soon I’ll be starting a few overdue upgrades. One is the audio system. I already have an unopened Audison SR5 Amp, some hertz Mille pro 165.3 2way speakers and an 8” hertz sub ready to install. However, my question is should I go with this set-up, or sell it and upgrade / change it? I...
  9. 4ndy

    Ice Upgrade To The T6

    Hi all, Busy upgrading the standard T6 Audio at the moment. I've massively upgraded the door sound deadening by adding 15 sheets per door plus foam backing behind the new rainbow speakers which included new tweeker upgrades via crossovers. Also. I've discreetly retro fitted into tmy comfort...
  10. 20190429_153949


    installation behind glove box
  11. R

    Stereo Installation

    Hi All, This is my first post on the site. I've had my T6 for a couple of months now and have just spent my first 4 nights away in the van wild camping. It has been brilliant! Anyway, my question is that I would like to upgrade my stereo to a Kenwood and the only places I've seen mentioned are...
  12. Jimbobadini

    Door Speaker Has Gone Tinny

    Hi, had a search and can’t find anything. My driver side door speaker has gone very tinny and quiet originally thought the mid had failed but this is actually playing but sounds like a tweeter!? Tried a different stereo and it’s the same. Had the door card off and accessible connections...
  13. I

    T6 Audio Upgrade

    Hey, Been lurking the forums for quite some time now in search for the perfect answer however still struggling to find the solution. The goal is to upgrade my sound system in my t6 adding more speakers to the rear (hopefully 4 more but two will do), amp and sub. I want to do all this keeping...
  14. Absolut5

    Absolut5 Active Underseat Subwoofer

    We have been asked over the last 2 years to come up with a active sub enclosure based on our hugely popular passive enclosure, It comes in 2 power outputs, 300w and 500w and with a dash board bass remote. It can run off factory and aftermarket head units Complete with all power cables and...
  15. Strange Al

    New Speakers?

    Looking for advice on upgrading my speakers as part of my conversion adventure. Now I love a good tune, but won't be heading down to Tesco's on a Friday night anytime soon to see if I can drown out the boy racers with my excellent (read 'eclectic') song choices. Aiming for a budget of £200 -...
  16. Lorksalordy

    4 Pin Connector For Rear Speaker?

    Hello. I have fitted some factor rear speakers into my Kombi, and need to wire them in. I need the wire (obviously) but the bit I'm stuck on is the male 4 pin connector that connects to the speaker - can anyone suggest where I can get these or even know the part number? Thanks!
  17. Absolut5

    Audio Upgrades

    Just a reminder We have been installing Audio upgrades since the T4 day’s We only supply specialist brands to give you the very best performance and reliability, From headunit, speaker upgrades to fully amp setups. All headunit and speakers supplied by us are designed for easy diy plug and...
  18. Jimmi

    Rear Speakers And In Line Amp

    Sorry if all this has been asked before but I’ve had a search about and I’m still a bit confused. I want to add rear speakers in my Kombi and an in-line amp to drive them, I’m not sure which is the best way to route the speakers, also I have a leisure battery under the passenger seat so I’m...
  19. dubdub

    Sub Position

    Hi all, I've recently had a very nice audio upgrade and as part of the package I have a large 10" sub under the passenger seat which is a great neat solution vibrates passengers to bits and I'm not sure sonically it's the best spot because you have the seat cushion right on top. So...
  20. A Brown

    Ice Install, Wiring Routes And Oe Connections

    Hi all, I'm about to install a half decent ICE set up but after a lot of searches I can't find some information that may help speed things up, so if anyone can help me out that would be very much appreciated, I'll list the questions I have below! I've spent quite a while gathering some good...