1. Greyanglia

    T6.1 Folding Door Mirrors as standard on a Highline?

    I have a brand new Campervan based on a T28 Highline. Are folding door mirrors standard? I've ticked the box on settings and turned the door mirror switch to folding too but they don't move on locking. On the same settings page I've ticked engage wiper on reverse and that works. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. t6blo

    Sold 2016 Transporter T6 T30 Highline 140 DSG SWB Twin Slider with only 17k miles - yes SEVENTEEN / Air Con, Cruise, Heated Screen etc. £21k

    2016 Transporter T6 T30 140 DSG SWB Twin Slider with Barn Doors on a '16' plate Stunning Reflex Silver and in very, very good condition inside and out - you'll struggle to find a nicer one. This hasn't been a builders van and has led a pampered life. Low mileage of 17,000 miles (Edit - mileage...
  3. T

    What is the Highline spec?

    Good morning I am going to be purchasing a T28 102 highline,can anyone tell me if the sat nav comes as standard on this model,its a 2018,many thanks
  4. Thunderwulf

    Sold T6 T6.1 CLAYTON ALLOY WHEELS (HANKOOK TYRES 105) 205/65/16 £280

    VW TRANSPORTER T6 T6.1 16" CLAYTON ALLOY WHEELS (Highline) WITH HANKOOK 105 TYRES. Immaculate. Fully balanced and ready to fit. Also include wheel nuts and caps. Four wheels available. Just come off a 2017 VW T6 Transporter T28 Highline 150PS. Wheels are in excellent condition. No chips...
  5. Bobbych

    Finally. Here She Is.

    My long awaited T6.1 PV is finally in my possession. Let the conversion begin. T30 Highline 150 DSG.
  6. Rob 79

    Factory fitted alarm question

    Hey Guys and Gals, Picking up my 2016 T6 Highline on Wednesday which has been converted. Just going through the process of getting insurance (caravan guard) and they have said that I need a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm to be insured . My question is, does anyone know if these are standard on the...
  7. Lukavell

    Potential New Purchase Ramblings...

    Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back on the forum again now... I've been looking at trading in my Caravelle, currently waiting for a Part Ex quote. I'm thinking about a Highline Kombi base van for a stealth swamper camper build and I'm currently spending far too much time on the...
  8. Sabre

    It's Arrived....

    And I hate you all! :D Before joining this forum I was going to be happy with having my Startline bumpers colour-coded... This is waaaaaay cooler tho! :inlove: Now to talk to the painters... Can't get to my front door at the mo tho.
  9. Captain Backfire

    Sold Steering Wheel

    MFSW, Leather Highline, from my 2018 van, Has only been used for 900 miles as I have now got a new wheel with flappy paddles (Hence why the buttons have been removed) which I had retrimmed to match my leather stitching. Perfect condition £100 Collection or postage offered.
  10. g4jsg

    Drive off - door locking, how to enable it?

    I have a 2016 highline lwb 150 with the DAB & BT head unit, no nav :(, and I can't find any settings to control the door locking, driver unlock and auto lock as you drive away. So is there anything I am missing? What I would like is; . Set all doors to lock as you drive off. . Set only the...
  11. Gingercoastie

    Sold Front Bumper

    Blackberry front bumper from highline. Done 7000 miles. £400. Buyer to arrange a courier if not local.