1. K

    Replace heater fan on t6 /t32 with climate control

    In middle of removing t6 /t32 front heater fan . Does dash need to come out ? few bolts screws left as usual had to drill a 13 mm hole to get at last bolt then it just fell out seems to work ok now I drilled the hole where the cable clip was . Hope this helps anyone else who has to change...
  2. D

    Heater motor runs but no air comes out of vents

    I have a 2016 VWT6.1 combi van. When I turn the blower on the motor runs but sometimes no air comes out of the vents. This happens both with either heat or aircon selected. Bizarrely, on a longer journey the fan note can change and air either starts or stops coming out of the vents. The...
  3. Pauly

    T6 Supplementary Heater Wiring Diagram 2016

    Supplementary Heater Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  4. F

    Climatronic user guide/tech info available?

    Hi all, Not sure if I have a problem or its way the system is... ?? Noticed I can't always set the fan speed to the speed I want and appears to depend on the outside temp/ requested interior temp setting so suspect its just way system is. Often I can't select fan speed 2 or speed 3, the...
  5. M

    Climate Control Not Working Driver Side But Fine Passenger Side And In The Back

    Just noted our T6 Caravelle isn't changing the temp of the climate control on the drivers side (ie the display shows 26 but blows almost as cold as 18). I've tried multiple settings to see if whatever gubbins are controlling the direction of the air can be 'nudged' back to working. So far...
  6. Shanz

    Aircon/heat director control panel

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the fuse is for the Aircon/heat director control panel (the one below the stereo)? Mine has stopped working as follows: - There is no LED backlight - The left hand knob (temperature control) doesnt do anything - The middle knob (heater fan speed control) works...
  7. Andrew Wilkinson

    Heater only working at maximum

    Hi, Having left the van unloved and unused for a few weeks, I have driven it today. I noticed that the fans on the heater are not working properly. They are only working if turned up to the top setting and blasting the air out. Has anyone come across this before? Are the lower fan settings...
  8. Bobbych

    Chinese Diesel Heater installation Video

    I Made a video of my Chinese heater installation and put it on YouTube. Here is the link. hopefully it will be of use to someone.
  9. H

    Heater fuse keeps blowing

    Hi guys. The heater controls on my van have stopped working and have blown the fuse, I’ve tried replacing the fuse but within 2 miles it had gone again. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem? thanks in advance
  10. Forrest4799

    Cab heater only blowing cold air

    Any help on what I should be checking, tomorrow I will check coolant levels after that I’m a bit lost!....thanks for any help
  11. andy greenwood

    Dashboard Heater blowing luke warm

    my dashboard heater started blowing luke warm yesterday, i took the trim off and pulled the unit out as far as it could. The plastic gear for the hot and cold dial has broken somehow. Does anyone know if i can buy this part separately and if so , whats the easiest way to replace it please ? @Pauly
  12. C

    Bad smell from blower

    Hi all, I originally had some bad smells coming through the blower when I tried out the air con on our relatively new )to us) 17 plate van. Squirted the foaming anti bac/fungal stuff in the vents and on the evaporator. This totally cured the bad smells from the air con. The funny thing is, is...
  13. Valgas ltd

    Heater blowing hot-air only

    Heater blowing only hot or warm... A bit cooler after air con, but then goes back to warm again. Is anubody had this?
  14. cbrblade

    Heater Only Blows Warm

    Hi all had my t6 for about 2 weeks and I've noticed no matter where dial is it only blows warmish ,also aircon not cold anybody any ideas
  15. B

    Auto Electrics North West??

    Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that can do all three of stereo speaker upgrade - dc / dc battery install and Webasto. Does this type of magician even exist or will I have to just put the van into different places for the different pieces of work?
  16. Thegee6

    Heater Is Cooking!

    In my old T5.1 I used to keep the heater temp at the mid point, which was 22 degrees. I’ve done 250 miles in my new T6 and I’ve noticed the van gets red hot when I set it at that temperature. I have to turn it virtually down to get it to cool down. It seems worse(hotter)when the heater is set to...
  17. bullracing

    Stereo Overheating, Feet Cold

    Whenever I put the heating down to my feet, after 10-20minutes i get a warning on the stereo that its overheating. My feet at this point are still cold and theres not much coming from the air outlet at the feet. I've never had the dash off or anything so I have no idea what could be going on...
  18. Robert

    Oem Webasto Auxiliary Heater To Parking Heater "retrofit"

    All required components are already purchased, tested and ready for the installation. Well invested €58=£49 :thumbsup: My ODIS-E is also ready to upload new(better) firmware ;)
  19. T

    Vw T6 Aux Heater Unlock - Please Help !

    Good evening all, Trying to unlock my Webasto Auxillary Heater via VCDS but struggling. I've tried clearing the failed start codes but unsuccessful. I have gone into adaptions and I believe I need to change a 0 to a 1 in a specific channel. But I have drop down options instead of channels...
  20. Dundrummin

    Blower Resister - How To Get To It?

    Hi Folks Newbie here, just got myself a 2016 T6 Kombi and I have noticed it's got the old blower only works on #4 issue, I know this has been done several times as I've done a search but the one thing I can't find the answer to is how do you get to it, I know it's behind the glove box somewhere...