1. JFWerkstatt

    VW Transporter heater issues, heater control panel, control cables. YouTube link inside

    Hi everyone. I’ve recently reignited my YouTube channel. Part of which is going to include some videos on some common issues. This is more suited to the non digital control panels however, gives a little insight into the system. Very unprofessional at the moment but with time they’ll get...
  2. kjohnr2001

    Cab heater only blowing hot or cold air

    Hi - having an issue with the heater in our T6, the blower and directional switches all operate correctly, however the heater control will only blow out hot or cold air - there is no variation in temperature regardless of the switch position. I have tried searching the he forum but can’t find...
  3. J

    Undertray MIA!

    Hi all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has allowed the Undertray to be liberated from the underside of the van during the floods this last year. The last of it finally gave up today and had to remove the sad looking bits that were left! Does anybody happen to have the part number for the...
  4. H

    Fan speed only working on 4

    Hi all, 2017 T6, Interior fan doesn't appear to work on 1-3 but is great on setting 4......What could the issue be??
  5. A

    T6.1 heater fuse location

    Does anyone know where the location of the heater fuse for a Transporter 6.1 (2020) - any help greatly appreciated.
  6. A

    T6.1 heater stopped working

    The heater on my Transporter 6.1 has stopped working - a/c is ok. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
  7. L

    Noisy interior blower fan

    Hi all, after a bit of advice regarding a noisy fan - the hot/cold air blower for the cab interior. When turning the fan on it is normal volume for about three or four minutes but then I get a constant and fairly loud noise, almost as if there are a load of dried leaves in the ducts. If I...
  8. vegt

    (Manual) dash vents don’t blow air

    Hi, I checked other threads but didn't come across one covering this scenario. My dashboard vents don’t blow on this setting: When in this setting, air comes out the windscreen vents and the side vents on the dash, but nothing comes out of the vents facing driver and passengers. The other...
  9. R

    Part number for heating controls wiring

    Hi Folks I would like to move this from its standard place, to here As there is a tonne of wires, it strikes me that the easiest way to move it is to buy the wiring loom that plugs into the controls, run it to the new position and put matching plugs onto the other end so that it can connect to...
  10. U

    Smart van automation remotely running fan

    I've been doing smart home automation for a while now, mainly using MQTT, Tasmota, and Home Assistant. My van is now about to get the same treatment - I've got a Teltonika RUT955 4g router which is the brains of the operation, providing an MQTT broker and VPN to my home assistant server back at...
  11. P

    Hot air coming out from under the steering

    Buongiorno a tutti, ho un fastidioso problema che in vw non risolvono.. dopo circa due ore che viaggio con il mio trasporter T6 esce aria calda da sotto lo sterzo all'altezza delle ginocchia e ultimamente si scalda anche la plancia all'altezza dello stereo. Qualcheduno sa aiutarmi? Good morning...
  12. S

    Heater Blowing Hot until dial at coldest point then blows cold [Resolved]

    Hi, my 2016 VW transporter T6 seems to only blow cold air when the dial is set to the coldest setting. Soon as you move off the coldest setting it blows hot air. Anyone else seen this before and can help?
  13. C

    T6.1 Heater blowing Hot-Air only

    Just got in my t6.1 and drove back from the coast where I'm working. Nice sunny day so I turned the temperature dial down probably the first time this year. Within minutes I realized the AC wasn't working then for the rest of the 100 mile trip I had to have the window open as the heating was on...
  14. T

    T6 2016 Dual Climate Control working on one side

    So temperature doesn’t change on the drivers side of my T6. Dual climate control system 2016 Caravelle Executive. Video (photo as I can’t upload video) shows heater unit left hand passenger side arm moving when you turn dial from hot to cold (maybe cold to hot) drivers side doesn’t move. Anyone...
  15. Y

    Heated Seats and Blower not working

    Hi All, I'm a new member on here so bear with me. I have been trying to install front parking sensors and was picking up my live supply from the heated seat circuit. I have managed to blow the circuit somehow but having searched all the fuses down, cannot find the right one (I have looked in...
  16. L

    Heating dial not working properly

    The heat dial on my T6 isnt working properly. Its starts cold but after about a quarter round still on the cooler side, the temp is really hot. Any clues?
  17. veearrsix

    Cold feet, well foot

    Does anyone else have an issue with the footwell heating. The heater works fine, blows on all speeds, but when set to warm the footwell, there seems to be more hit or coming out of the dash vents than the footwell vents. Also, I only seem to be able to warm up my right foot, as a cold draught...
  18. A

    Heater issues any ideas?

    Evening all new to the group searching for a resolution to my heater issue of anyone has any ideas. The issues. My heater has no intermediate heat its cold or hot that's my lot on the dial. Dials are the digital type. Also strangely when dial is set to blow air into the cabin all the outlets...
  19. chunkp

    Blower/fan fuse keeps failing resistor replaced

    Hi, hope someone can offer some words of wisdom. Long time forum lurker and researcher. I believe I’ve read the thread(s)and watched the videos on this, but I’m none the wiser. My blowers stopped working in my 2017 t6. I went ahead and replaced the 40a maxi fuse. As experienced by many, once...
  20. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...