1. Paulstewart20

    Local experts - Gloucestershire

    Where can I find local experts regarding unlocking discovery media functions like enabling rear speakers and parking sensors alterations? I think I read in the forum somewhere that there is a map of installets but I can't find it, I'm fom Gloucestershire so I'm ideally after someone local.
  2. Deaky

    T6F Oktoberfest 2022

    Oktoberfest is back :mexican wave: Join us for the last forum camp of the year. A good chance to test the heaters out. It's a nice relaxed site, clean showers and loo's. Plenty of EHU and Grass plots. Onsite Cafe and shop Book with the site direct T6 Forum Oktoberfest ----- Book Direct...
  3. W

    Furniture board suppliers Bristol/Somerset

    Does anyone know of any suppliers in the Bristol or Somerset area that sell lightweight 15mm furniture board? Only need two sheets and don’t really want to pay the £115 delivery charge that Moreland have quoted.
  4. Y

    Servicing - anyone used PSC Autocentre in Cheltenham?

    As per the title - looking for user experience. And also any other recommendations for a major service.
  5. vegt

    Cirencester Tyre & Exhaust Centre Ltd

    After having new suspension fitted, I took my van here for a Hunter 4 wheel alignment. Cirencester Tyre & Exhaust Centre Ltd :thumbsup: Very happy with their service. I chose them based on @Dilbert’s recommendation in another thread:
  6. nikster

    Conversion recommendations - south-west.

    Hi all I think we’re in the market now to move on from our lovely Beryl T6 Velle and go all out camper, starting to look around but thought I’d reach out to you guys to get the thoughts on who’s top notch nowadays. Have seen a lot of ‘we will source the van for you and convert‘ which obviously...
  7. G

    Sold Delivery Mile Devonports £600

    Hi, first post from me! I've recently re-joined the VW club (having previously owned a '76 Type 2 a few years back) with a '21 T6.1 Highline Camper. Really pleased so far and thanks for all the posts and info on here I feel I know where to go for advice! When the van was delivered by VW to...
  8. VwT6Wanderlust

    Garage recommendation South Wales

    Does anyone have any garage recommendations around the Neath Swansea area please ?
  9. Y

    Audi Technik, Gloucester

    An overdue review... After much deliberation I decided to use Audi Technik for my 4 year cam belt and water pump change. They were the cheapest quote I had and online reviews looked good. Their premises aren't much to write home about but the standard of care and work were very good IMHO. VW...
  10. Y

    KW Variant 1 - anyone in Glos area with this?

    As per the title, hoping that there is someone in the Glos area that has the KW Variant 1 suspension set up on their van and would be willing to let me be a passenger. I just want to get a feel for how the set up suits the van. Ideally I'm looking for someone with a T32. I currently have the...
  11. Ayjay

    VW Van Centre Tewkesbury

    Has anybody used this lot yet and, if so, what's the opinion. Looking online, they seem to also operate as Arthur Spriggs Transport and are a service centre only (ie. rather than also selling vans). With the closure of Cheltenham, they are the closest to me and the next closest (Bristol) seems...
  12. Y

    Looking for wheel alignment recommendation - Glos. area

    As per the title, need to get my wheel alignment adjusted. I live in Cheltenham. Have used a place in Bristol some time ago and can't remember the name. Would rather not have to travel to Bristol so does anyone have a recommendation for a good wheel alignment capability in the Glos/Chelt area...
  13. Mark Howkins

    VCDS - Bristol/west England area

    Hi, I'd like to switch on the 'Power Folding Windows on Vehicle Lock' option. I have 180 Euro 6 model. Can anyone in the Bristol/Windsor/Leicester areas help? it would be much appreciated.
  14. Y

    VW Cheltenham now gone - who to use?

    My van is now calling for a service. With VW Cheltenham now gone the question is who to use? My options seems to be: VW Van Centre Swindon Listers Droitwich Vertu Hereford Cordwallis Eynsham I'm looking for recommendations as which of these is better than the rest. I've clearly got to...
  15. Rob Bates

    Hi From Gloucestershire!

    Hi All, my name is Rob and I've been a T5 owner for years and I've just upgraded to a T6. I bought a set of wheels from the T6 forum shop and Paul asked me to post some pictures. I've done a few mods already and its now just the re-trimmed steering wheel I'm waiting on. I've already taken a lot of...
  16. Loz

    Autolec Gloucester

    Finally got around to putting up a review of my Autowatch Ghost and the installer Autolec. The Ghost gives me peace of mind knowing that even if my keys a taken, it cannot be started and driven away. The great thing about this is it is very difficult to defeat and immune to ODB hacks etc. To...
  17. gmaster

    Garage recommendation in Bristol?

    Hi All, Where would you recommend I go for my vans first service? Ideally in, or near Bristol (12,000 miles)? I have previously used Heritage Automotive, Bristol but they can be terrible!! Am I being silly not going back to them? After all it's just a service? I had an Ad Blue error code pop...