gear knob

  1. Berger

    Dsg gear knob

    Hi everyone does anyone know if the t6 dsg gear knob can be changed for the smaller golf style? I’m updating my interior and would like to upgrade the gear knob, thanks in advance Adam
  2. Kips

    T6.1 gear knob

    Hi. Quick question, definitely need to sort the gear knob out on the new van. Does anybody know if a black gloss with chrome surround cap T5/T6 will straight swap for what I have? Many thanks
  3. B

    Noisy Gear Stick

    The gearstick in my manual 150ps Transporter is a bit notchy and noisy. It sort of creaks and squeaks like it needs some sort of lubrication. I’ve popped the cover off the gear selector, how can I lubricate it? It looks like there is already some Vaseline type stuff in there. Can I use that to...
  4. JaySal

    Anybody Else Think Their Knob Is Too Small?

    Before some get excited...GEAR KNOBS! I've got the cheap plastic gear knob with the black embeded clip, I've asked Pauly about a leather one but the ones I've seen are still small. In my local dealership there is a kombi with a 'Gucci' leather one but when I've asked the parts department he's...
  5. K

    T6, Auto Gear Shift

    Hi guys, I am new to this site, so please be gentle, I have been looking at purchasing a used Caravelle Auto going to see it, I see one minor/potential big problem for me, and searching and youtubing for answers I haven't been able to find a resolution. It relates to the Gear Change. I notice...
  6. Loz

    T6 Removing the Gear lever gaiter 2017-11-23

    Removing the Gear lever gaiter.
  7. Chrisfraser05

    Leather Gaiter DSG???

    Guys, Can anyone tell me where you can buy a replacement leather gaiter for the DSG T6? I have seen some for manual on Ebay etc with Orange Stitching (to match my seats) but can't see anything for DSG. Or....... does the manual one fit? Cheers
  8. ehuplad

    Photos of highline steering wheel and DSG Gear stick pls

    Hi All I am thinking of getting my steering wheel and gear shift gator recovered to match the seat re-trim. I will need to send pics to Transcal, could somebody please post phots of them, many thanks EhUpLad