1. T

    Reverse and brake lights not working after camera install

    Hi - just been fitting a reversing camera (Autovox V5 Pro) to my 2018 T6. While doing this I've removed part of the roof paneling and disconnected one of the rear interior lights (not sure if this is relevant). When I've tried to find the reverse cable to connect the reversing camera, I've found...
  2. S

    engine won't start

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 converted camper. I have decommissioned the dashcam but since then the engine won't start (no power at all!). I have back tracked and everything appears to be where it should be. Could my immobiliser have stopped the engine? Thanks in advance.
  3. Steve1978

    OBD fuse location

    Hi all. I’m getting no power at my obd socket. I can’t seem to find which fuse it runs off. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Loz

    Useful Fuse guide

  5. Kramsdog

    Red wire under passenger seat - fuse?

    I’m about to start on the transition from van to camper. I had a quick look at the current state of electrics and found the under the passenger the following cables, see picture, any advice? Could these be used or is it not worth attempting as it will upset rest of the vans electrics? Planned...
  6. Shanz

    Aircon/heat director control panel

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the fuse is for the Aircon/heat director control panel (the one below the stereo)? Mine has stopped working as follows: - There is no LED backlight - The left hand knob (temperature control) doesnt do anything - The middle knob (heater fan speed control) works...
  7. A

    OEM leisure battery not charging [Resolved]

    Hi All, I recently wired an aftermarket stereo and power amp (nothing huge) to the OEM leisure battery, in the case of the stereo to stop it power cycling on stop-start. The devices all work fine but the battery doesn't seem to be charging, I'm pretty sure all the wiring has gone back correctly...
  8. K

    T6.1 Cigarette-lighter fuse location

    Hi to everybody I'm Kable, I've been a veedub guy for over 30years but never got round to being a clubman until now!! Currently got a new T6.1 lwb high-top, but with lock-down and my age it's been stationary more than used, since it arrived in March. Today I have caused myself a little problem...
  9. C

    Blown fuses and van won’t run [Resolved]

    Bit of a head scratcher this one..... I initially blew the fuse for the overhead interior lights whilst wiring up a feed for a rear view camera. Found the 7.5a fuse that had blown replaced it all lights back on,but now several functions of the dash are dead including ignition lights,fan etc The...
  10. T

    front fog lights not working [Resolved]

    Can somebody suggest why my 2018 Highline front foglights have packed up. They have been retrofitted with cheap LED type with resistor but no longer work. I fitted Osram H11 LED but did not work and then checked there was no 12v at lamp. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a fuse blown, and if there...
  11. Rich Smifff

    brake light fuse?

    Hi - can anyone help me locate which fuse is for the brake lights? T6 high line 2019.
  12. H

    Heater fuse keeps blowing

    Hi guys. The heater controls on my van have stopped working and have blown the fuse, I’ve tried replacing the fuse but within 2 miles it had gone again. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem? thanks in advance
  13. smilie121

    blown fuse running from radio [Resolved]

    Hoping someone can help Whilst installing a tracker today i blew a fuse! I ran its power from the red radio wire which was live. I identified it to be the top most 15amp blue fuse in the photo below (my fusebox) and replaced. But still have no power to the radio. I checked the lower blue box...
  14. A

    Circuit Breaker to isolate leisure components?

    Hello, I was considering using one of these instead of a MIDI fuse coming from my Leisure battery to the main fusebox for the leisure circuit, my thinking being that I can manually open the breaker and remove the need for a separate isolator switch if I want to disengage my camper electrics...
  15. P

    Help with courtesy light botch please

    Hello all, I've just had my austops put in by 8ball campers (Pro job) They left the connectors for the courtesy light dangling so I could reinstall. Like a true beginner/idiot, I cut the connector off. the bulb fault light has come on and I’ve got no rear red lights now when the lights are on...
  16. H

    Resolved: Cab Interior Lights not working

    Help. I have a 67 plate Highline panel van which has been converted to a camper. a few weeks back i removed the front map lights/reading lights to swap the original bulbs to LEDs. I took the light unit out and have only got round to putting it back. Having re-connected it I now have no cab...
  17. D

    Interior light fuse

    Hi All I think I might have blown the interior light fuse. Does anyone know where it is?
  18. Nuttymike

    Front wipers on my t6

    Hi..anyone know where the fuse is for the front wipers?? It seems to be top secret
  19. JordanGT

    Interior Light Fuse

    So removed my headlining today to replace it, disconnected the 6 leds that where installed. Afterwards I found that my interior lights and taillights now don’t work, replaced the 7.5amp fuse, lamp failure light up on dash. new fuses blows when switching on lights. Any pointers?
  20. 8

    Near-Side Side-Lights Out

    Guys I have front and rear near side side lights out and bulb warning light on dash, I have no feed to front or rear , any one know which fuse it is many thanks