1. VioletVW

    Recall - fuse for electric slider on my May 2022 kombi.

    My van was in with VW Swansea earlier today for a front assist fault. When I arrived they mentioned that there is a new recall on vans made at the certain time. The recall is due to the wrong size fuse being used. I can't quite remember exactly but the fuse is linked to the sliding door...
  2. alter

    BM2 - adding a fuse

    Good evening, has anyone placed a fuse on the BM2 for safety?... and for how many Ah... thanks
  3. Euge

    Passenger seat (SH) fuses

    Can anyone identify this fuse under the passenger seat and also point me to the fuses diagram in VIP downloads. The fuse appears to have yellow/red wires.
  4. Droneshadow

    DRL issue

    I mentioned this in another post but I’m tearing my hair out with it now, so I’ll ask directly in case anyone can shed any more light on it. (Pardon the pun) 2019 T6 Changed the headlights to the factory H7 ones, and fitted Twenty20 DRLs All worked fine fine for a couple of weeks, then bulb...
  5. C

    T6.1 heated mirror fuse no.

    Hi all. I've recently bought a 2020 t28 startling and the heated mirrors don't work. But I'm struggling to find which 1 to check. It's still warrentied but I live 100 miles away. I was hoping to save the drive if its only a fuse. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Samfisher

    Fuse blown, engine died!

    Hi All, everything has been going well with the T6 for months now but this morning it just died when I ca up to a junction. The radio, hazard, interior lights and central locking but no ignition lights??? have tried every fuse in the centre dash all the engine bay fuses, under the seat and all...
  7. C

    T6.1 Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Hi all, I have the BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus which I want to hardwire into my 2022 T6.1 transporter. I need to find a suitable permanent supply and a switched supply in the fuse box. I will earth it somewhere on the body. VW don’t supply a diagram so I am struggling. Here is a pic of my fuse...
  8. ginkster

    [T6] 12V Dash Sockets both not working

    Both of my 12V sockets on the dash (top one and the centre one by gear stick) have stopped working for some reason. I’ve checked the fuses in the central fuse box under the gear lever and these are ok. I changed the 20A one (SF11) for an LED fuse but this does not light and have checked the 15A...
  9. jordanL

    Under passenger seat fuse for 12 cig lighter

    Hi, my 12v cig lighter doesn't work and I believe there's a fuse box for this under the passenger seat. I can see some wiring and blocks and they seem fixed to under the seat. Are there fuses in there and how do I access them? I've checked other locations for the fuses and they seem fine. Thanks.
  10. G

    [Resolved] Carista fault codes

    The ESP warning light came on so did a quick scan with Carista and the following codes came up. 00778 steering angle sensor no signal 25809 power steering control module no communication 2516 invalid data received from dynamic control module 00166 Steering angle sensor no signal Also stop start...
  11. Rioja John

    What size fuses 200ah lithium

    I’ve installed a pair of 100ah eco-worthy leisure batteries and would like to know what size inline fuses to fit to the positive wires connecting the batteries please, as I’ve tried the search button but can’t find the information that I need. John.
  12. C

    T6.1 2023 fuse box locations

    I have a 2023 T6.1 transporter, the sliding door and tailgate will open from the outside but no from the inside. It is although the deadlocks are stuck. I am trying to locate all the fuse boxes but can only find the one on the right had side of the steering wheel, does anyone know where the...
  13. Pino_5

    High beam and blinker error on california ocean T6 2022 (150hp)

    Hi, new here with a stupid problem. Currently on vacation with the california T6 ocean (bully) 2022 and we have an error on the high beam and front blinkers. Normal headlights are working. In attachment a layout of the fuses. Does anyone know the fuse location for the high beam? Maybe the...
  14. Bav

    Blade Fuses

    Prompted by a blown fuse in the van, I'm looking to buy an assortment of blade fuses. Question is - are all blade fuses made equal or do I need to be more selective than just ordering the cheapest set on Amazon? If I need to be more selective, any advice on where to order from? Apologies if...
  15. M

    Dead ignition

    omg I think I’ve killed my t6. I suspect that I may have put a fuse back in the wrong slot whilst trying to sort a lack of brake lights and indicators,now I have no ignition… please help
  16. A

    Fuse keeps blowing

    Hi everyone, can someone help me please? Done.a emergency stop since then have no side lights. Backlights and interior light are not working. Found blown fuse but keeps blowing every time I put a new one in how do I fix this. The bulb light came on – after emergency stop.
  17. Drew75

    Interior light fuse

    Hi I’m new to this so bear with me I’ve fitted some foot well lighting and for some reason when I was putting all the dash back when I plugged the glove box light in it blew the fuse to the interior lighting , not so bad but I have no ignition it it’s all dead the only things that work are the...
  18. L

    T6.1 Interior lights out - not fixed with fuse nor battery reset.

    Hi All, With the thoughts of exploring the idea of putting some additional LED lights in the load bay of my 70 plate T6.1 Kombi I stuck a multi meter into the detached plug of the original rear LED ceiling light. I successful read the voltage, and then tried to get the current. I've now done...
  19. MrD

    T6.1 fuse for 12V socket near gearshift

    Being a complete moron I plugged a 300W inverter into my 12v socket next to gear shift to test if my wife could use her hair straightener, all seemed ok on first setting until we put it on second setting (assume higher heat etc) the inverter turned off so me being a plum turned it back on and it...
  20. S

    T6.1 Heated Seats fuse

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know which fuse powers the seat heating Ona T6.1. I cant seem to find this info anywhere. Thanks