1. H

    Heater fuse keeps blowing

    Hi guys. The heater controls on my van have stopped working and have blown the fuse, I’ve tried replacing the fuse but within 2 miles it had gone again. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem? thanks in advance
  2. A

    Circuit Breaker to isolate leisure components?

    Hello, I was considering using one of these instead of a MIDI fuse coming from my Leisure battery to the main fusebox for the leisure circuit, my thinking being that I can manually open the breaker and remove the need for a separate isolator switch if I want to disengage my camper electrics...
  3. P

    Help with courtesy light botch please

    Hello all, I've just had my austops put in by 8ball campers (Pro job) They left the connectors for the courtesy light dangling so I could reinstall. Like a true beginner/idiot, I cut the connector off. the bulb fault light has come on and I’ve got no rear red lights now when the lights are on...
  4. H

    Resolved: Cab Interior Lights not working

    Help. I have a 67 plate Highline panel van which has been converted to a camper. a few weeks back i removed the front map lights/reading lights to swap the original bulbs to LEDs. I took the light unit out and have only got round to putting it back. Having re-connected it I now have no cab...
  5. D

    Interior light fuse

    Hi All I think I might have blown the interior light fuse. Does anyone know where it is?
  6. Nuttymike

    Front wipers on my t6

    Hi..anyone know where the fuse is for the front wipers?? It seems to be top secret
  7. JordanGT

    Interior Light Fuse

    So removed my headlining today to replace it, disconnected the 6 leds that where installed. Afterwards I found that my interior lights and taillights now don’t work, replaced the 7.5amp fuse, lamp failure light up on dash. new fuses blows when switching on lights. Any pointers?
  8. 8

    Near-Side Side-Lights Out

    Guys I have front and rear near side side lights out and bulb warning light on dash, I have no feed to front or rear , any one know which fuse it is many thanks
  9. Big.mac

    Fuse Help Please

    So I managed to blow the fuse to the 12v socket in the dash using my tyre inflator today. Can anyone help me out and tell me which fuse it is please. I have a comfort dash with the 12v socket in the small pocket next to the gear stick if that makes any difference. First vehicle I’ve ever had...
  10. MelKno

    Help With Fuse Location Kenwood Dnx518vdabs

    Hi, our Kenwood has lost all power. Thought we’d try to change the fuse in first instance but struggling to locate on the panel. Can anyone help? Thank you
  11. S

    Found A Little Green30 Fuse Popped Out In Bottle Holder Area

    Help found a little green fuse that must have popped out while checking heated seat fuse ? Never took it out it was just laying there any ideas got 6 green one in should there be 7 ? Any photos of fuse layout ?
  12. Ann3x

    2 Devices Off 1 Fuse...

    Run out of space in my DS fuse box in my camper conversion. The fuse box is properly supplied with thick cable. Is there any reason I shouldn't run 2 outputs from 1 fuse? It's the last one I need and I'm loathe to change the fuse box as it's already a tight fit. It'll probably just be 2x...
  13. A

    No Side Lights Or Interior Lights

    Chaps, Hope someone can help with this. About 2 years ago I got a detachable tow-bar fitted with 7-pin electrics socket. Tested it out with a light board at the time of purchase and everything was sweet. I didn't actually end up using a trailer until the other day. Last Weds I went to purchase a...
  14. osman

    Interior Light Fuse

    Think I’ve blown this today messing with the rear interior lights whilst trying to look at the horrible ceiling panel the previous owner has thrown up (held together with self tappers and gaffa tape and god knows what else ) I’m going to rip it out and start again anyhow can’t easily find...
  15. O

    Full Beam Flash Fuse

    I’ve had a nightmare my beacon lights have stopped working after I installed my dash cam, so yesterday I stupidly decided to pull fuses and check if they have blown... stupid me forgot to remember where I took it out from now I can’t flash my full beams. Anyone know where the fuse goes in the...
  16. Vinci

    Fuses Fumin’!

    Easy enough....van in for service, along with water jet adjustment and fixing top of dash power socket. In main dealer for a day. They rang to say all done. Whilst stuck in traffic, I went to reorganise various cables, annnnd no power. Irate call to poor girl in reception, resulting in dropping...
  17. N

    Heater Blower Not Working

    hi guys, my heater blower has stopped working. i have checked and there is no live feed at the back of the heater control switch at the dash. checked all wiring from switch to heater resistor and motor all ok, but cannot locate the fuse or relay for the supply feed to the switch. has anyone...
  18. Littleblackflash

    Central Locking Help

    Ok, it's something I've done wrong. I've converted my van from barn doors to a tailgate and for the last few months I've had wires going from the BCM, across the floor and up to the tailgate. Yesterday I removed all the trim and ran the wire behind the dash, up the A-pillar and along the roof...
  19. P

    Usb Fuse Location

    My 2018 150HP dsg Cali has lost power to the two sockets on the dash, one in the glovebox and one in the little ashtray thingy under the gear selector. Does any one know where the fuse that feeds these is located exactly? My vehicle has the comfort dash if this makes a difference. I assume it...
  20. AlexPL

    Help Needed, Rear Lights Not Working

    Help needed, rear lights not working. After installing the new seats and swivel my rear lights do not work. I have a few cables left and not sure what they are.. Turn signals work. Stop and rear fog light work.. In the meantime I was installing a pop up roof so not quite sure when they stopped...