fuel flap

  1. B

    Stealth hook up for barn door owners?

    Hi all. Fairly new to this. Working on electrics for my T6 conversion. I've completed my seat base battery and Renogy DC-DC battery charger. install. Now I'm thinking about hookup wiring. I see that lucky tailgate owners have the option of hinging the panel below the rear lights and installing...
  2. G

    Emergency Manual Fuel Door Open -- How We Done It --

    I've got an issue with electrics. I've found one fuse for the alarm/horns abd replaced but still no joy.
  3. Steve1978

    Does anyone know what this is called ? Fuel filler spring?

    Hi. I need this mechanism from the fuel cap. Anyone know what it’s called?
  4. Steve1978

    Fuel cap cover closing mechanism

    Hi all, I am after a new fuel cap filler cover and the spring mechanism that controls the opening and closing of the fuel cap cover. Does anyone know a part number for this or know of anyone breaking a T6 where i might be able to buy one? its the T6 Euro 5 thanks
  5. J

    T6.1 fuel filler flap and hinge assembly

    just out of curiosity would anyone one have the part number kicking around for the fuel filler flap and hinge assembly t6.1 t30 slight forgetful moment after filling up in the yard, realising the fkin tank had run out of diesel, phoning the office to kick off then driving away with said...
  6. J88arv

    Fuel Flap Delete by Paintworx Loughborough

    Hi all Most know I’ve had issues with the paint on my van being 50 shades of silver! Well I saved and booked it into Paintworx in Loughborough whilst it was there I had the petrol flap delete and can safely say it looks epic Will let the pics do the talking but super recommend them
  7. RyanGerry

    What’s This?

    While cleaning the van today I came across this, can anyone tell me what it’s for? The small flap under the fuel flap
  8. MikeMc88

    Fuel Flap Cover No Longer Sitting Flush

    I filled up my tank a few days ago and stupidly left the flap open when I drove off. My brother got out of the passenger side and walked straight into the flap. This is what it looks like now. I lost the spring so I purchased a new 1 thinking that would solve the problem, but I fitted it and...