front styling

  1. D

    THQ Front Spoiler affecting PDC

    Anyone had problems with the two front parking sensors constantly showing red after fitting the front lower pooled from thq? Are there any tips as I assume it’s an adjustment ? Thanks
  2. Mianch

    Front splitter T6.1 by California Chris...

    I'm looking for the front splitter in this video from Cali-fornia Chris. At 1 minute 56 you can see the splitter. I find these other front splitters to much / bulky but this one is really nice. I wrote an e-mail to Chris his company Volkswagen Van Centre in Liverpool, UK but no luck so far. Is...
  3. richierockdog

    For Sale SPLITTER FOR FRONT BUMPER £60 open to offers.

    Splitter for front bumper recently taken off my low mileage 2019 T6 kombi. Finished in black but would need small amount of prepping for any colour. Good quality fibreglass front splitter in good condition. Collection only. £60.00 but open to offers.
  4. Dino

    Sold Free maxton splitter.

    Free splitter if you can pick up from East Yorkshire HU15. No fittings. Will wash it if tap thaws out. please don’t take it just to sell it on that’s not in the spirit of things.
  5. Roberts83

    Help with identifying T6.1 front splitter

    Hi All, I lost my front splitter today (thanks to the great floods of 2024). Long shot I know, but does anyone know who made the splitter's the black part which I've sadly lost..
  6. SymeT6

    Found T6 Splitter

    Hi All Is anyone selling a front splitter to fit the standard T6 front bumper? Ideally looking for gloss black, maybe a Maxton Design or World of Carbon. Thanks Syme
  7. D

    Distinctive Dubs formerly Crafted Automotive Ltd Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  8. Texxaco

    My custom front bumper

    it’s been a while since I posted and there is a reason why… 6 weeks I have been without my van but I am now blown away by the transformation carried out by Alan at Crafted Automotive What do you think? Oh and can you guess what bumper its from.
  9. C

    Best T6.1 Front-End?

    Hello, So I’ve got a basic T6.1 van and was wondering what people have done with their front end to make them a little less standard. So please, show me your T fronts I’m Looking for inspiration. Thank you
  10. Lightrofit

    T5.1 to T6 front end change - A Quest!

    Hiya folks! I have searched the site (albeit probably not enough) and I'm looking for the differences in parts to completely change a T5.1 front end to T6. So far, I've got the obvious: Bumper, wings, headlight, bonnet plus some fitting parts... But looking at pics and ETKA, parts such as...
  11. S

    Sold T6.1 front grille

    Front Grille removed from a 2022 VW Transporter T6.1 Highline £30 HD97AG Call or message 07736471428
  12. j4ckal

    Found Wtd: T6 splitter or bumper add on of some sort, what have you got? Maybe VW carbon, Sportline, ABT etc...

    I'm thinking of going back to a front splitter (for t6), unsure of what style I want yet so just wondering if anyone had one, unfitted and unloved, in the garage going spare? I'd consider any style, even full bumper add ons such as the sportline and ABT etc. Previously had a sportline and vw...
  13. Gareth Edmondson

    Styling - Something missing

    Afternoon all, We’ve just had our conversion and are happy with it. Really works as we tour the NC500 this Easter. But…. Something is missing that makes it stand out. I don’t know what it is - bit we always seem to think that other vans look better. Has anyone else gone through this? I say...
  14. Bav

    Front-end styling confusion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm probably overthinking things (it has been known :rolleyes:), but, as per the title, I've got myself confused regarding front-end styling options. Firstly, terminology - what's the difference between a spoiler, a splitter and a chin? Add "splitter spoilers" and "spoiler splitters" into the...
  15. Bazaboy66

    New Vee-Dub Transporters 6.1 Front Lower Spoiler

    Very Pleased with the New Look Front End
  16. P

    Van-Tech T6.1 V-Line front splitter - Anyone fitted it?

    Hey guys Tempted to fit a front splitter to our van. Like the look of the Leighton LV-S and may hold out for a sale but the Van-Tech V-Line splitter has caught my eye. Anyone fitted one and have any favourable comments or warnings? Cheers
  17. Pewt

    Sold Leighton Vans front splitter

    Looking to move on the LV front splitter now i have gone Sportline. There is some slight damage but nothing major that a body shop could not sort out easily. Looking for £280 .......i could post as i have the box the Sportline came in but collection would be ideal.
  18. BiTurbo

    For those who were asking at Busfest about Steve’s bumper kit

    Had a few questions about the bumper extensions fitted to Steve’s van Here are the links
  19. F2JON

    Sold T6 front end

    august the 9th my van is going in for a full re paint and T6.1 front end facelift (excluding bonnet ) so if anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs a t6 front end, wings , bumper, h4 headlights , gloss black painted grills etc then let me know, I also have a travelinlite sportline front...
  20. Stevio

    Front Grille Red and Black Trim Inserts

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get some red trim and black inserts for the OEM grille. I managed to remove the chrome original inserts and wrap them in vinyl but over the past year, The vinyl is not looking so nice. I have checked sites like vanstyle and transporter HQ but I am struggling to...