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  1. P

    Van-Tech T6.1 V-Line front splitter - Anyone fitted it?

    Hey guys Tempted to fit a front splitter to our van. Like the look of the Leighton LV-S and may hold out for a sale but the Van-Tech V-Line splitter has caught my eye. Anyone fitted one and have any favourable comments or warnings? Cheers
  2. Pewt

    Sold Leighton Vans front splitter

    Looking to move on the LV front splitter now i have gone Sportline. There is some slight damage but nothing major that a body shop could not sort out easily. Looking for £280 .......i could post as i have the box the Sportline came in but collection would be ideal.
  3. BiTurbo

    For those who were asking at Busfest about Steve’s bumper kit

    Had a few questions about the bumper extensions fitted to Steve’s van Here are the links
  4. F2JON

    Sold T6 front end

    august the 9th my van is going in for a full re paint and T6.1 front end facelift (excluding bonnet ) so if anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs a t6 front end, wings , bumper, h4 headlights , gloss black painted grills etc then let me know, I also have a travelinlite sportline front...
  5. Stevio

    Front Grille Red and Black Trim Inserts

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get some red trim and black inserts for the OEM grille. I managed to remove the chrome original inserts and wrap them in vinyl but over the past year, The vinyl is not looking so nice. I have checked sites like vanstyle and transporter HQ but I am struggling to...
  6. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 front splitter

    Ok i am on the hunt for a 6.1 front splitter - i chocked on my coffee at the price of LV..... these look ok from any other suggestions? my T6 one was a 'world of carbon' and i see they do one for 6.1 now
  7. LT2019

    Sold Gloss trim

  8. A

    Sold SwissVans front spoiler Indium Grey

    Swiss Vans Wasp front splitter/spoiler - used - has a number of chips but no cracks. Collection only M25 J18. Open to offers
  9. M

    Cheap front hot-ups

    Added the extra lower grill chrome strip and Vanstyle Splitter to my T6. Pretty cheap and easy to fit. Luckily both sanctioned by the domestic management, I think she secretly likes bling more than I do!
  10. P

    T6.1 front ABT bumper spoiler

    can anyone tell me where i can buy the front bumper spoiler add on for T6.1 - The one that GTE campers fit on there vehicles (Im not after the lower splitter) thanks
  11. S

    T6 to T5.1 front end: Will it or won’t it fit?

    I love my new van but am I the only one that thinks the 5.1 has a better looking front end. o_O
  12. j4ckal

    Ditching the splitter... Maybe panamericana instead?

    I've already ditched the sportline front splitter last year sometime. Ended up going for a vw carbon front gloss black splitter. Its a lovely thing, but lately I've been thinking about taking it off as it looks a bit too stuck on sometimes? Anyone reverted back to standard oem look sans...
  13. O

    T6.1 splitter options

    Hello Anyone know where I can get a splitter for the new T6. 1 front? I would like one like this ; VW T6.1 RACELINE GT LWB 199ps DSG HIGHLINE PANEL VAN | Raceline Bespoke Design I have tried e-mailing them but got no response so far Olav
  14. Skroob

    New Front Splitter - Triple R Composites

    Sorry, a shameless plug, but my mates that run Triple R Composites ( have just produced this splitter for my van if anyone is interested? It's great quality, and I'm really happy with the look. They're working on some other styling upgrades, which I'll post about when...
  15. A

    6.1 Front splitter options

    Looking for options, but there doesn’t seem to be much about.
  16. J

    Anyone got an RGM front splitter for a ‘standard’ T6 which looks decent?

    I’ve just clicked buy on one of these. I wanted something subtle for my ‘Velle Exec. I like the shape of this one and the matte black dimpled finish. I hope it matches the other plastic bits in the bumper. keen to see other pics if anyone has any? my van is Indium Grey. It looks good on the...
  17. Kips

    New van delivery charge?

    Hi everyone. Long term transporter owner, never purchased a brand new van, however thought I’d take the plunge this time and order a new T6.1 from VW Sheffield. The colour and spec I fancied was luckily already in the UK. York to be precise. Due to collect early September. Received documents...
  18. Billybz

    Bumper addition ideas?

    Hi I am a newbie Can anyone help I want to buy a bumper add on to make my black T6 look sporty and advice on the back bumper or lip can anyone help point me in the right direction Many thanks
  19. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  20. Dino

    T6.1 by Urban Automotive

    Probably won’t be cheap.