1. L

    Side Electric Doors Fire

    The electric slidding door terminal box went on fire it's a mess any body else had this problem ..
  2. N58amx

    M25 Kombi On Fire

    Bit of a worry. Just spotted on the m25 junction 6 blackberry combi, completely on fire. I hope everyones okay.
  3. G

    Regeneration Cause Fire.

    Is there any chance of a regeneration causing a grass fire when parking on long dry grass. Smells extremely hot when fan is cooling on ignition turn off. Have avoided parking on the longer grass at moment just in case but where is the filter is there any risk?
  4. Matt bremner

    So The T6 Caught Fire

    So yesterday my T6 caught fire, luckily for me I was quick and managed to find it and pull the fuse quick, rip trim out faster than that, and then cut the wire, turns out that when my van was built, who ever put the van-x light steps in decided to wire it in used normal speaker wire!!!! Amazing...
  5. ei-aprilia

    Van Fire! Parts Needed.

    Ok so I accidentally set my van on fire today, yep not the cleverest thing to do that's for sure, I'm going to need at least the following. Rear triple in simora Cab roof lining and cubby surround Sun visors B pillar trims Trims for sliding window. I've scoured ebay and the only things I can...
  6. B

    So the van caught fire today

    Hi Guys I am new to this , and wanted to now if anybody has had any issues with electrical faults on there T6 ? My T6 I purchased brand new back in January 2017 , suddenly caught fire today , and was completely burnt out within 10 mins! Total right off! Anybody had any problems? Cheers